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Here are excerpts of Monday's Chat session with former OSU assistant coach Bill Conley on

redondo (Mar 28, 2005 2:05:33 PM)
Hi Coach Conley - First, thanks for participating on this site over the past seven months. I have enjoyed your insights and observations and hope your relationship with Bucknuts can continue. If Troy Smith is suspended, can he parctice with the Buckeyes this Spring? If not, what does this do to his chances of starting when he is reinstated? Thank you.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:06:29 PM)
Thanks for the comments. The NCAA has said he can practice, so that's not the issue. The biggest question the coaching staff has to ask itself is how are the repetitions going to be handled in spring practice, especially in relation with who runs with the first unit and second unit and so on.

MFTodd (Mar 28, 2005 2:06:54 PM)
What are your thoughts of Albert Dukes and his potential for this season?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:07:43 PM)
I believe the issue in Belle Glade is pretty much resolved. Albert Dukes is a much needed talent at the wide receiver position. He gives them another weapon.

Oxford (Mar 28, 2005 2:08:03 PM)
Bill, during your tenure as the recruiting on staff who was the best player "hosts" in your opinion? There are legendary stories of Chris Carter and Dee Miller never loosing a recruit they hosted. Just curious who you thought was good.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:09:09 PM)
Mike Nugent, Ben Hartsock, Shawn Springs, Bobby Hoying, Nate Salley. They all did a good job. Jerry Rudzinski, Greg Bellisari, all of those guys stand out in my mind as being exceptional hosts for prospects.

redondo (Mar 28, 2005 2:09:24 PM)
Hi Coach Conley - Do you see any recruits that should have been offered by now but have not? If so, who would they be? Thank you.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:10:55 PM)
There's been over a dozen players offered by OSU already. I think that's a good number at this time. I think the coaching staff is trying to figure out what they want to do philosophically at the quarterback position. That's why you haven't seen a QB offer or commitment yet. By the time the football camp is over in June, things will be pretty well defined in terms of the top recruits going into the fall.

cderekw (Mar 28, 2005 2:11:00 PM)
Hi Coach, What areyour feelings on the Synder situation? Does he stay or go?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:12:52 PM)
First of all, I really don't know if he's going to get offered the job. There's a big push in Huntington for the interim coach to be named the coach. Also, it was interesting to read in the Huntington newspaper the athletic director, Bob Marcum, said there would be some surprise names spring up. I really think that job is very much up in the air at this point. I think they want to get through spring football first. That is the main priority, then May recruiting. They'd want a decision within the next 2-3 weeks.

redondo (Mar 28, 2005 2:12:59 PM)
Hi Coach Conley - Could you compare and contrast what the coaches try to achieve in the jersey scrimmage versus the "Spring Game", please?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:14:38 PM)
The jersey scrimmage is more of a motivational scrimmage for the players. It's simply a way to make it a little more competitive. The spring game is pretty much just a show for the fans. The key thing is to not get anyone hurt, especially at key positions, heading into the fall. The spring game has very little to do with who is going to be the starters as you begin practice in August. Those decisions are made pretty much prior to the game after evaluating all of spring practice.

edbuck51 (Mar 28, 2005 2:14:47 PM)
How would you grade out Coach Peterson in his new role as recruiting coordinator at Ohio State?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:15:17 PM)
First of all, John Peterson is an outstanding football coach and a great person. He'll do a good job in all of his duties as time progresses.

MFTodd (Mar 28, 2005 2:15:21 PM)
What do you think of the impact of Maurice Wells this year?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:16:03 PM)
Maurice Wells has unbelievable quickness and athletic talent. His only negative is his size and he needs to hold on to the ball consistently. But he is an exceptional talent that will play early for the Buckeyes.

redondo (Mar 28, 2005 2:16:18 PM)
Hi Coach Conley - Following up on the earlier question about the player hosts, how are they selected? Do they self-nominate? Do the coaches say 'Oh this guy has some charisma, let's approach him for this task? Thank you.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:17:49 PM)
Several factors were involved in choosing hosts. You try to match up personalities. Also, you would consider where the recruit is from geographically. The third element would be complementary positions, for example if you're recruiting a great WR I would try to match him up with a QB. I never thought it was wise to match players up by position, however, because eventually they are going to be competing for the same job.

buckgrad (Mar 28, 2005 2:17:55 PM)
What is your guess for the 4 captains for the 05 team, thanks.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:18:37 PM)
Offensively, I would look for Nick Mangold and possibly Santonio Holmes. On the defensive side, definitely Nate Salley and probably A.J. Hawk would be my first picks.

cderekw (Mar 28, 2005 2:18:53 PM)
Coach, Freddie Lennix reportedly ran a 10.8 100 meters at a track meet this past weekend. My god, the possibilities are endless. Based on what you know up to this point, where is the best place to develop him at position wise

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:20:10 PM)
Freddie Lenix is one of those talents like Teddy Ginn who could play either side of the ball. It's normally a little easier for a skilled athlete who has such potential to break in on the defensive side. I would venture to guess that Freddie Lenix will see a lot of playing time earlier on the defensive side. Maybe at LB, maybe at defensive back.

Oxford (Mar 28, 2005 2:20:27 PM)
How much "extra" consideration do Legacy Buckeyes get (i.e. Shaun Lane, Dionte Johnson, etc) It is hard to imagine if the staff goes with Hartline at QB that they wouldn't want to find a place for a kid with the last name Schlicter.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:21:21 PM)
I think there is some merit to programs like Ohio State that are largely based on tradition. If it's a toss-up situation between athletes, perhaps. As long as a young man has the talent -- as determined by the coaches' evaluation -- it makes sense.

edbuck51 (Mar 28, 2005 2:21:36 PM)
If Albert Dukes does not attend OSU this spring, will his progress toward graduation be impeded to the point where he will basically be done in Columbus?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:22:08 PM)
It sounds like he will be back this spring. If he does spring and summer quarter, he should be fine. If he doesn't get through those two quarters, it could be hard to get back on track.

buckgrad (Mar 28, 2005 2:22:20 PM)
Clarett ran 4.7 forties at the combine, do you remember what his times were during his freshman season

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:23:11 PM)
As I recall, Clarett was a 4.5 40 guy when he first arrived at Ohio State. I was at the combine in Indianapolis and believe me he did not break 4.8 in the 40, even though it was reported by some sources he ran a 4.72. There is no way.

BuckeyeDave (Mar 28, 2005 2:23:28 PM)
Hi Coach-Thanks for today's caht. I'm a little late, sorry if this has been asked. If you were head coach, how would you rank Zwick and Smith? Who would be your starter and why? What effect did Smith's off-the-field trouble have on your decision? If that had not happened, how would you rank the two?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:25:24 PM)
The key to the quarterback position is who performs the best in the heat of battle. I believe Troy Smith proved to be the better of the two last season. That doesn't mean that Justin Zwick didn't improve. He had a remarkable bowl game. Both quarterbacks should be allowed to compete for the starting nod. It doesn't really matter who is ranked first starting spring practice. It's who is ranked first at the end of spring practice.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:25:36 PM)
Hi Coach, If you had to predict how much playing time Mo Wells, Erik Haw & Pittman were each going to get at starting tb , how would it break down? (i.e, 30%, 40%, 30%, etc....)

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:27:16 PM)
It is strictly a guess at this point. Haw and Pittman both need to see action at the tailback position, being the physical nature of Big Ten football. If I was venturing percentage guesses at this point, it would be 40 percent Pittman, 30 percent Haw and 30 percent a combination of Wells and some single back fullback type players.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 28, 2005 2:27:29 PM)
As the tight end coach, you had a part in the offensive line. Can you tell me what went wrong in the past couple of years? And,do you actually think we are rounding the corner to where we can run the football on a consistent basis.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:28:46 PM)
I think the biggest problem was that the OL just wasn't physical enough. I believe the OL improved tremendously by the end of last season. It should be one of the better offensive lines starting the year off in the Big Ten. The key to a great OL is how they perform in short yardage situations.

redondo (Mar 28, 2005 2:29:02 PM)
Hi Coach Conley - If one of the "hot" QB prospects on OSU's radar decides to not attend the football camp, doesn't that throw a bit of a "monkeywrench" into the coaching staff's ability to evaluate and also impact the staff's "pecking order" of preferred candidates? Thank you.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:30:12 PM)
That very well could be the case. Because the NCAA limits the number of contacts and evaluations, football camp is a key element in the evaluation process. Unless the recruit is from thousands of miles away, you would expect the good ones to come to the Ohio State football camp if they have a genuine interest in the Buckeyes.

MFTodd (Mar 28, 2005 2:30:20 PM)
Who do you see as the top candidates to solidify the vacant DE and CB spot this year?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:31:12 PM)
I think Jay Richardson has the athletic talent and range that you need for that spot at DE. Physically, he is everything you are looking for in a DE. If he goes hard every play, he has the potential to be at least an All-Big Ten player. ...

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:31:54 PM)
At corner, Ashton Youboty has more than proved himself to be an outstanding corner. The other spot will be a heated battle in my opinion between Tyler Everett and Donte Whitner.

Guest (Mar 28, 2005 2:32:02 PM)
How would you evaluate the tight end position as of today, and how many do you think the Buckeyes should recruit?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:32:12 PM)
edbuck asks about the tight end spot ...

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:33:47 PM)
I believe the tight end position is crucial. Currently, with the medical situation with Ryan Hamby, the questions surrounding Marcel Frost, the only healthy tight end is Rory Nicol. It is extremely important that the coaches recruit 2 tight ends this year, one of which needs to be a speed type of tight end, similar to Louis Irizarry.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:34:04 PM)
Coach, Do you see Vernon Gholston getting more playing time this year? He seems to have the speed/athleticism to really get after it. Also, what do you think of Nader Abdallah's chance to see the field?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:34:57 PM)
I like both Vernon and Nader. Gholston is very athletic and should have a good season. Nader is physical with a great work ethic. He is becoming more of a student of the game. He can be an added dimension as an inside player.

alabama buckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:35:12 PM)
Coach, Based on the situation at Marshall and how it is playing out do you feel this is in Mark Snyder's favor or not? Also with spring practice right around the corner would you typically let him coach the players and then leave?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:36:14 PM)
Being that Marshall is his alma mater, I'm sure he will wait till the very end. Ohio State has a basic defense in place. If he was offered the job tomorrow, Jim Heacock and Luke Fickell could handle it at least through spring practice.

MansburgBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:36:25 PM)
Coach, which running back is likely to start the season as the starter, any surprised to be on the look out for?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:37:13 PM)
Antonio Pittman should have the nod as long as he's got everything in order. At the same time, Erik Haw has been waiting in the wings and I can promise you both will give it their best shot this spring.

Oxford (Mar 28, 2005 2:37:24 PM)
How do you think the loss of Mel Tucker will affect the staff and recruiting? Should Haynes be able to fill in the void?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:38:55 PM)
Mel Tucker was an outstanding recruiter as well as a good football coach. He did a great job, especially in the Cleveland area. Paul Haynes has a great personality and will do a good job recruiting. I'm not sure if he will be in the Cleveland area, however. Specific recruiting areas are being discussed.

alabama buckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:39:10 PM)
Coach, In your extensive years of evaluating talent of high school players and rbs where would you rate Clarett?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:40:26 PM)
His two greatest talents were his ability to break tackles and his versatility in relation to certain other skills, especially receiving and blocking. He was not the fastest RB, but extremely quick. The biggest negative, physically, was he had a tendency to be hurt, even in high school.

Guest (Mar 28, 2005 2:40:40 PM)
Do you think the 2005 defense can be as good as the 2002 defense? Who do you see winning the open cornerback position?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:40:52 PM)
edback asks about whether the 2005 defense can match 2002 ...

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:41:28 PM)
Potentially, it can be just as good. As long as the defensive front improves as much in spring and August practice as it did during the season.

wolfbuddy (Mar 28, 2005 2:41:36 PM)
Coach - Who do you see having the best shot at taking over the empty corner position assuming TG2 stays on offense. Does Tyler Everett have the hips/ability to be out on that island? Also, what's missing in Robert's game that has kept him off the field for his first three years?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:43:04 PM)
I believe Everett has proven his athletic ability. He got better as the year went on in terms of coverage and open field tackling. Open field tackling is an area where Michael Roberts needs to show consistency. He needs to also prove himself on special teams. A great kid with athletic ability. I'm cheering for Mike.

buckgrad (Mar 28, 2005 2:43:21 PM)
Bill, on the Housteau chat ( I believe), there was talk that pittman is out of shape and may be an attitude problem. What do you know about this situation, also what is your opinion of AP? Thanks

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:43:44 PM)
I have not heard those things. It will be easy to tell after the first practice his physical conditioning.

GoBucks45 (Mar 28, 2005 2:43:48 PM)
Bill who is your surprise player this spring and next year?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:45:25 PM)
I'm looking for Marcus Freeman to really step forward this spring. He has a lot of physical talent. As long as he has spent the time in the weight room and watching film, he should have a great spring. Offensively, Tony Gonzalez was probably the most improved skill player in the latter half of the season. He could really establish himself this spring.

bucky (Mar 28, 2005 2:45:38 PM)
Huston is listed as the PK on the spring roster. Did he get his 6th year?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:46:16 PM)
It seems like everything is line for Josh. Hopefully, he will show the consistency that is necessary to replace Mike Nugent.

redondo (Mar 28, 2005 2:46:20 PM)
Hi Coach Conley - Would you comment on the incoming AD Gene Smith, please, from the football staff perspective? Is his reputation such that there is enthusiasm, trepidiation or skepticism, or some other feeling? Thank you.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:47:17 PM)
I really don't know him personally. But you always like the fact that you have a football guy as the AD if you're the football coach. Plus, by being from Cleveland, Ohio, he understands the necessity of keeping the great players in the state of Ohio. I would imagine the football staff likes this hiring.

Guest (Mar 28, 2005 2:47:35 PM)
Hello Coach I was wondering if you had any knowledge about wheter or not practices were going to be open this year.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:47:48 PM)
buckeyebarry asks about whether practice will be open ...

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:48:34 PM)
No announcements have been made, Spring practices the last several years have been closed except for coaches and family members. Selected days may be made open to the media and public. Just stay tuned.

buckgrad (Mar 28, 2005 2:48:42 PM)
Do you feel Hamby is due for a big season? He could find himself wideopen often due to Ginn and Holmes. Any guess on his production? Thanks

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:49:27 PM)
As long as he is healthy, Ryan Hamby should have a pretty good year, probably his best year. A lot will depend upon offensive philosophy and who is the quarterback.

Guest (Mar 28, 2005 2:49:40 PM)
Does anyone have a good handle on the impact of the new NCAA regulations?

MansburgBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:49:54 PM)
Coach, do you think Jamario O'neal will emerge as the starter at CB during the course of the season.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:50:29 PM)
Jamario O'Neal is too good of a talent to not be on the field. Even though he may not start his first game, he will definitely see a lot of playing time this fall.

Oxford (Mar 28, 2005 2:50:37 PM)
In your opinion, what Ohio high school football programs have the most tradition, community backing, and so forth.? (Massillon, Steubenville, Elder, etc)

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:52:49 PM)
Historically, if you look back at towns like Massillon, Steubenville, Canton, Sandusky, you normally found good solid football programs. Along with private schools like St. Ignatius, Newark Catholic, Moeller. But here's the interesting thing: The biggest change in the last decade or so has been the emergence of outstanding suburban teams in large metro areas like Colerain, the Westerville and Dublin schools in Cols., Avon Lake, Solon, Berea, etc.

Bucks2510 (Mar 28, 2005 2:53:01 PM)
When D'Andrea is healthy how do you see the Bucks using him, i was less than impressed with Schlegal at the end of last year (in terms of missed tackles) do you see D'Andrea subplanting him in the middle?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:53:30 PM)
As long as Mike stays healthy, he can give Ohio State an extra dimension at LB. He can run sideline to sideline and he's physical.

MFTodd (Mar 28, 2005 2:53:37 PM)
Coach, Do you see Alex Boone getting playing time this year? Maybe into the Big Ten season?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:54:57 PM)
It's almost impossible for a first-year OL to start with the complexity of offensive line assignments, pass protections, etc. There's not many Orlando Paces and Korey Stringers that come around very often. And with this year's depth, Alex could establish himself as an immediate backup for the fall, which would be good for him and the program.

buckgrad (Mar 28, 2005 2:56:49 PM)
Any prospects in the Toledo area and Northwest Ohio that you see as becoming a Buckeye this year?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:57:21 PM)
Ross Homan is not from Toledo, but is from that NW quadrant. I know OSU is excited he will be there. Peris Edwards from Toledo Rogers is a very good athlete. There maybe a player or two at Lima Senior. That may be about it at this point.

teddybg (Mar 28, 2005 2:57:39 PM)
How much faith in running backs Eric Haw and Antonio Pittman should we have comming into this season, and who do you see emerging as the starter?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:58:25 PM)
You better have a lot of faith. They are the only ones they have, with the exception of incoming freshman Maurice Wells. As I said earlier, Pittman should have the inside track if everything is squared away.

teddybg (Mar 28, 2005 2:58:36 PM)
As a high school friend of Tim Schafer I was wondering what you think the liklihood he will regain any significant playing time is? What about moving him back to the defensive line?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 2:59:12 PM)
I really feel OL is his best position due to his athletic ability and personality. He has talent. he just needs consistency.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 2:59:35 PM)
Who do you see handling the kicking chores (punting, long fg's, short fg's, kick offs)

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:00:21 PM)
Field goal and extra points should be Josh Huston and possibly kickoffs. I would think Trapasso may have a leg strong enough to be the kickoff man. I'm sure the staff would like to see A.J. also be the punter.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:00:26 PM)
Realistically, other than injury, do you see any chance of Boeckman getting on the field this year?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:01:36 PM)
It's tough to practice three quarterbacks with the first unit. A lot will be determined by the final NCAA decision on Troy. If Troy is going to miss more than a couple of games in the fall, then Todd Boeckman needs to get a lot of reps.

buckeye1991 (Mar 28, 2005 3:01:55 PM)
Coach - I have read the Roy Hall is going to get a look at TE, but he is listed as WR on the Spring Roster. Do you think he will get a look at TE, and can he be effective at TE?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:02:46 PM)
Roy Hall has no desire to play TE. It's tough to convince a guy to play a position he doesn't want to play. He could, however, be a flexed TE where his running ability and talent will be more important than his blocking inside.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:02:58 PM)
Why didn't OSU recruit Tommy Tamaska (rb) from Centerville? I see he is going to be a preferred walk-on. Any chance he gets on special teams?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:03:42 PM)
Special teams is always an area where a young talent can make their mark. He'll need to really show something early for that to happen. But there is an opportunity.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:04:01 PM)
If you could only sign one qb out of Ohio this year, who would you want and why?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:05:34 PM)
I think it will boil down to three kids -- Miles Schlichter, Mike Hartline and Nate Davis. Once the coaching staff decides philosophically where they want to go in terms of offensive structure and how these players perform at football camp, a decision may be made as early June. If not, it's going to take the fall season evaluation.

BuckDiego (Mar 28, 2005 3:06:00 PM)
I love hearing stories about other programs and the lengths they will go to (i.e. cheating) to land a recruit. Is there one particular story, without necessarily naming names, that sticks out for you where a program/coach totally crossed the line on a guy that you were recruiting as well?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:06:40 PM)
I was recruiting a defensive lineman out of Belle Glade, Fla. that committed to another team without even taking a visit. That stands out to me,

buckgrad (Mar 28, 2005 3:06:52 PM)
How many, and what o-linemen do you see Ohio State realistically landing?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:08:28 PM)
Aaron Brown is a talent from Princeton that, I think, will come to Ohio State. Plus, Justin Boren from Pickerington, he is a kid you definitely want on your team. If the Buckeyes could land those two, it would be huge. Connor Smith and Ryan Palmer are two other good OL. It's a good year in Ohio for offensive linemen.

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:08:32 PM)
Coach, do you see yourself back coaching college football in 2006?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:09:15 PM)
You never know what the future will hold. It was a tough decision to turn down the job at Minnesota with Glen Mason. Once a coach, always a coach. So it's not out of the realm of possibility.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 28, 2005 3:09:30 PM)
Do you think Dionte Johnson will have a major impact I-formation fullback. He looked awful good at the end of last year.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:09:45 PM)
I think Dionte Johnson is a prototype I fullback. He

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:10:13 PM)
He's tough, compact and talented. I also like the versatility of Stan White Jr., who gives you an added dimension.

Oxford (Mar 28, 2005 3:10:27 PM)
Bill did you ever go to a prospects basketball game to get a better gauge on his athleticism? Did you buy much stock in what a prospect did in other sports off the football field?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:11:16 PM)
Yes, athletic talent above all is a key determiner whether to offer a kid or not. Nearly every skilled athlete ever offered a scholarship to Ohio State was a multi-sport athlete, whether it's basketball, track, wrestling, etc.

MFTodd (Mar 28, 2005 3:11:23 PM)
I noticed Ted Ginn and Santonio Holmes are listed on the kickoff return team as well this year. What are you thoughts of those two returning kicks and punts?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:12:00 PM)
Both have the ability to make the big play. I especially like Ted Ginn as a kickoff return man, as proven in last year's Army all-star game.

buckeyes59 (Mar 28, 2005 3:12:03 PM)
Bill whats your predction for 05 plus bowl, thanks

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:12:41 PM)
It wouldn't shock me if the Buckeyes played USC in the Rose Bowl for the national championship. Wouldn't that would be classic?

Guest (Mar 28, 2005 3:13:03 PM)
Who do you see starting on the O-Line by the end of the season as oppsoed to the beginning?

JohnnyBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:13:56 PM)
What are your thoughts on the Albert Dukes situation? If you were head coach, would he be back on the team?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:14:51 PM)
I can't make an intelligent decision in relation to Albert Dukes because I don't know the whole story. I am certain that Coach Tressel does know the whole story, so I'm sure whatever decision has been made is justified in his mind.

Minnesota Buckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:15:16 PM)
Coach...thanks for not taking the Minnesota job with Coach Mase, so you can stick around to answer questions. Besides, you didn't want to come "up North" to the frozen tundra anyway. Wanted to get your thoughts on how there seems to be this interplay between Mase and Tress, since they both worked on Earle's staff, on going into each other states (Ohio and Minnesota) to get some guys under each other's noses. Sort of a one upmanship, if you will. Minnesota's has some good ones this year, is it more of a priority to keep the good ones in Ohio away from Mason or getting a couple from him in Minny? And do you think there is something to their relationship to make it more of a priority?

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:17:06 PM)
First of all, there are many more good players here in Ohio than in Minnesota. That's why Minnesota has recruited so hard in the state. And also why Ohio State must maintain the homestate talent. Minnesota has had success in the Midwest and needs to find one more key out of state area like Florida, Texas or California for it's skilled talent. Glen has done an outstanding job in a state like Minnesota, where the talent is limited.

buckeye1991 (Mar 28, 2005 3:17:23 PM)
Coach - I love your prediction. That would be amazing. Which freshman do you see making the two deep, and which will have the biggest impact? Does Worthington have a shot at starting at DE, or do you think Richardson will hold on to that spot?

AtlantaBuckeye (Mar 28, 2005 3:17:27 PM)
OSU vs. USC in the Rose Bowl. That would take you back to your playin days coach. I'd really like to get your thoughts on the possibility of playing a 3-4 defense. Especially since DE is not one of our strong points this year.

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:17:32 PM)
This will be it ...

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:19:00 PM)
In terms of freshmen, Worthington, O'Neal, Mo Wells, Lennix and Boone all have a shot of playing a lot or being a starter by the end of the season. The teams needs Jay Richardson and a talent like Doug Worthington to come through ...

BillConley (Mar 28, 2005 3:20:07 PM)
The 3-4 defense can be good in certain situations. It's tough,however, for a 3-4 to stand up consistently against the run. The advantage of a four-man front is you are gap sound with the ability of blitzing linebackers out of different looks.

Thanks to everybody for participating!

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