Prospect Video - Nate Davis

Who's the best quarterback prospect in the state of Ohio this year? Some would say that it is Nate Davis of Bellaire High School. We have some video clips of Davis today from a couple of his games from last season, and you will be able to see why so many people are high on this three-sport star. Click on the link for the video.

When discussing the best quarterbacks in Ohio this year, one of the names to most commonly come up is Bellaire's Nate Davis. One of the state's top 25 overall prospects, Davis is a true three-sport star (something of a rarity these days) as he is among the best players in the state in football, basketball and baseball. It has been implied before that Davis prefers basketball, but if did decide to choose football in college, he'll have plenty of big-time programs knocking on his door.

Today, we bring you a look at Davis on the field. These clips are a collection of plays from two games from last season. Davis wears No. 8 and is at quarterback in all the plays except one.

Each video is around 5 MB. To watch these videos, you will need Microsoft Media Player. Click here to here download the most recent version of Media Player.

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

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