Captain's Corner Audio: Night Games vs. Day Games

The fans are excited that this year's OSU/Texas game will be at night, but what about the players? Don't be so sure, says Jerry Rudzinski. Hear the 1998 Buckeye captain's thoughts on the subject in today's Captain's Corner Audio.

The September 10 non-conference showdown at Ohio Stadium between OSU and Texas has been getting plenty of attention from both fans and media. When it was made into a night game, the anticipation grew even larger than what it had been before. But what do the players think?

In today's version of Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry Rudzinski gives his thoughts on what it's like to be a player and have to play a night game, and it might come as a surprise to hear how he feels about playing at night. Click below to hear this week's audio clip. This clip is 1 min 53 seconds.

Captain's Corner Audio -- April 4

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