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As part of our site design, we are unveiling a new feature - the Post of the Week.

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Our first Post of the Week selection is from one of our own staff members - Kyle Lamb. Kyle checks in about once a month with his "A Schott In The Arm" basketball column, and this week's column was especially insightful and informative. Today, we have an excerpt from that column. In this post, Kyle discusses the possibility of Oklahoma point guard Drew Lavender transferring to Ohio State.

**The biggest thing on peoples' minds recently has been the reported possible transfer of Oklahoma point guard, Andrew Lavender. Lavender is a 5-7 sophomore from Columbus Brookhaven, who, after sitting out next season, would have two years of eligibility remaining with his new team.

As a sophomore, Lavender averaged 9.7 points and 3.1 assist a game this year for Oklahoma. He shot 34 percent from 3-point range, and shot just under 80 (79.5) percent from the free throw line, averaging just over two attempts a game.

Lavender's game is penetration and quickness with the ability to dish to an open man. He would give Ohio State a lot of quickness and someone who can bring the ball up against a lot of pressure. His weaknesses right now are defending and he still is not very consistent from the outside.

As a senior, Lavender was considering Ohio State very seriously as he grew up a Buckeye fan, but he opted for Oklahoma because Ohio State already had Brandon Fuss-Cheatham, and more importantly, he wanted to attend college with his high school teammate, Brandon Foust, and Ohio State would not offer Foust a scholarship—Oklahoma did.

It has been recently reported that Lavender is seeking a possible transfer back to Ohio State, especially since Foust is no longer with Oklahoma following some personal and legal issues. Lavender is also reportedly a little upset that he was not starting consistently late in the season, although the final couple of weeks he did get his job back.

We hear that Lavender was to have met with the Oklahoma coaching staff Sunday or on Monday to give a final decision as to whether or not he would like to transfer.

We hear from sources close to the Ohio State program that as of Monday afternoon, there has been no release from scholarship for Lavender that Ohio State is aware of, and there has been no contact as of yet between the two parties.

However, I did surmise last week that given Ohio State's confidence in their ability to possibly land Lawrence (Ind.) North point guard, Mike Conley for the 2006 recruiting class, that Ohio State might shy away from Lavender if given the opportunity to accept his transfer.

As of today, however, the latest information we hear is that Ohio State would be very receptive to Lavender, and if he chooses to transfer, Ohio State would be willing to accept him at this moment in time.

Should Lavender choose to transfer to Ohio State, he would be joining his former high school teammate, Ronald Lewis, who will be eligible this season for the Buckeyes after sitting out one season when he transferred back from Bowling Green State University.

Lewis was a senior at Brookhaven High School when Lavender was a junior. Unlike Lavender, however, Lewis was not as highly recruited and blossomed in the MAC, where he averaged 17 points a game as a sophomore.


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