Offense Cruises To Easy Win In Scrimmage

The offense retained possession of the coveted scarlet practice jerseys with a commanding 93-39 win over the defense in Sunday's jersey scrimmage at Ohio Stadium. Ted Ginn Jr. had a 30-yard touchdown catch in the win. (NOTE: This story was updated at 6:45 p.m. with more notes and quotes from Jim Tressel and several players.)

Ohio State held its jersey scrimmage Sunday at Ohio Stadium and the offense retained the coveted scarlet jerseys with a 93-39 victory over the defense.

"The highlight was we got so many reps and nobody got injured," said OSU coach Jim Tressel. "Guys hung in there and got banged around. I think we went 170-some plays, which is probably more than a normal spring (jersey scrimmage). I hope we have some guys left over for next Saturday."

The scrimmage was conducted with the offense getting the regular points for touchdowns and field goals as well as extra points for big plays and first downs. The defense gets points for stopping the offense on three downs and also for turnovers, negative plays and touchdowns and safeties on defense.

Tressel was glad to see the offense perform well.

"There weren't enough turnovers from a defensive standpoint and not enough sacks," Tressel said. "The way they can earn points is on negative plays, sacks and turnovers. They didn't cause enough of those. There were a lot of things that contributed to that. We held them to a lot of things defensively just to look at them. We kept some guys out of some series to look at some other guys.

"The only way you can win that scrimmage if you're on defense is you have to force some sacks and some turnovers and get some big plays and not allow any big plays. One time before the score was out of hand, the defense had them on a third down. The quarterback made a play to Teddy (Ginn), and all of a sudden Teddy turned it into a touchdown. It was probably an eight- or nine-point swing there.

"We held some defensive guys out at times and limited some of what they could do. I'm not sure it's quite the measuring stick it appears."

Tressel was asked if he was seeing progress from the offensive line.

"I'd like to think that's the case," he said. "We'll tell when we watch the film, but it seemed like there were a few less times the quarterbacks were under duress than in other jersey scrimmages."

The offense had wrested control of the jerseys away from the defense last fall with a 72-53 win.

Sunday's scrimmage was closed except for players' families, high school coaches and invited guests.

Even after interviews late this afternoon, no statistics were available. However, we have learned:

* QB Justin Zwick threw two touchdown passes against one interception.

* QB Troy Smith had neither a touchdown nor a pick, but did run for a touchdown.

* QB Todd Boeckman may have thrown two interceptions and had a fumble. It was unclear how many touchdowns he might have thrown.

* Flanker Ted Ginn Jr. caught a 30-yard touchdown from Zwick, operating across the middle and making several would-be tacklers miss on his way to the end zone.

* Split end Devon Lyons caught the other Zwick TD on a 10-yard grab.

* Linebacker Curt Lukens had two interceptions and defensive end Jay Richardson logged one when he dropped into coverage on a zone blitz.

* Safety Donte Whitner had the hit of the day on Lyons, breaking up a crossing route.

* The offense capped the scrimmage by coming off its own goal line and driving 98 yards for a score. Erik Haw had a nice run on a stretch play to get that drive started.

* Kicker Josh Huston was 2 of 3 on field goals, making a 45-yarder and missing a 50-yarder that hit high on the uprights and bounced away no good. He also made a 38-yard PAT kick after a penalty.

Generally Speaking

* Tressel on the offense -- "A lot of guys got a lot of work. There's nobody out there who you would say is perfect. A guy like (Antonio) Pittman showed that he is progressing. I was pleased with all the quarterbacks. They all did some good things. I felt good about the effort. I think they made some plays, some big plays. I think we got some people on the field with some speed who can hurt you if we execute. We didn't have very many negative plays. We had some penalties that were disappointing. On defense, we have to cause more havoc."

* Tressel on the quarterbacks -- "All of them got the same amount of drive starts. Then, it was dependent on how long they held the ball."

* Wide receivers Santonio Holmes and Roy Hall were sidelined – Tressel said they would likely be conservative with Holmes for next Saturday's Scarlet and Gray Game. Regarding Hall, he said, "We're looking to get guys who can make plays on the field. We've had Roy some at tailback and he can play the inside receiver stuff and the outside receiver stuff. We'd like to get as much speed on the field as well. I thought Roy had a great spring and then he got dinged on Thursday. Nothing serious. I don't know if he'll be ready on Saturday or not."

* Tressel on what he was looking for at quarterback -- "Number one is taking care of the football. Guys did a good job of throwing it away when nothing was there. They did a good job of pulling it down and running and making some yards. Then, they delivered it where it needed to be."

* Tressel on some play makers in the scrimmage -- "Pittman, because he had the ball in his hands, did some good things. Teddy Ginn had a very good Teddy Ginn-type play. Albert Dukes and Devon Lyons showed that they are going to be helpful. Tony Gonzalez also did well. Defensively, Donte Whitner had a couple good hits, Nate Salley, A.J. (Hawk) was all over the place."

* Tressel on Haw -- "Early on his unit did not run it as much so he didn't get that many carries. But the last two series he was in, he probably had 15 carries and really looked good, I thought."

* Tressel on the situation at the boundary corner -- "They were limited some by some of the coverages we had. But Sirjo Welch, Michael Roberts and Shaun Lane all got in there and did some good things. We are hoping on Tuesday that Tyler Everett can get in there a little bit and also Saturday at corner."

* Lyons in being victimized by Whitner – "He caught me slipping. It was a nice play. It was not cheap or nothing. That's just part of the game and you have to be used to it."

* Smith on the play of the offense – "We have a good defense and to do that against them, I think that shows the sky is the limit as to what we might do against anybody else. We will look at things internally for any changes we need to make and just try and make the offense better."

* Center Nick Mangold on the situation at quarterback – "I think we know we've got three guys who can play quarterback. It is kind of interesting to see them mix it around. It is nice to know the coaches feel we can put any of the three in there and not miss a beat. I have full confidence in all three of them."

* Hawk on the play of the defense – "There were some good things that happened today. We have to give the defense credit. They played pretty well. They took advantage of some situations. They took advantage of some match-ups with Teddy and with Troy running the ball. We didn't really tackle as well as we should have. If you don't do that, you will give them extra yards, and that's what we did today."

* Haw on getting a chance to play – "It was beautiful to get out there in the groove, but afterwards you feel those bumps and bruises. It's always a source of pride to win the jerseys. I had some good runs here and there. No long runs, but some 10's and sevens. No turnovers, so that was a key for me."

* Defensive tackle Marcus Green on the defense's effort – "For us, it's disappointing. We are all competitors, but I don't think the defensive line, the linebackers and secondary went out there and competed today – not as much as the offense did, obviously. Any time, no matter where it is, you want to do as well as you can."

* Defensive coordinator Mark Snyder, who is leaving to become the head coach at Marshall, returned to observe the scrimmage. He stayed to watch the film of the scrimmage and was then headed back to Marshall to begin his work there.

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