Captain's Corner Audio - Recruiting Visits

These days, many recruits have their minds made up before going on official visits. But the official visit remains one of the most important parts of the recruiting process. A great visit can win over a recruit, while anything less than a great visit could result in losing the recruit to another school. In today's Captain's Corner Audio, 1998 OSU captain Jerry Rudzinski discusses recruiting visits, what goes on during one, and some of the more important factors in a good visit.

In recruiting, the official visit can make or break a team's chances at landing a star prospect they want to sign. Much goes into a recruiting visit, and what goes on can either sway or turn away a recruit.

In today's Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry Rudzinski discusses recruiting visits and what are some of the more important aspects of making a visit a success. Jerry talks about an overlooked part of visits that are so important -- getting along with the players. Click below to hear the latest version of Captain's Corner Audio.

Captain's Corner Audio (Windows Media file)

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