Lighty Rebounding From Injury, Thinking Visits

Things are certainly looking up for OSU men's basketball recruiting. One reason is because of the interest of David Lighty, a five-star prospect out of Cleveland VA-SJ who is rated as one of America's top 20 overall prospects. Lighty suffered a tough end to his junior season when he tore his ACL, but he is starting to bounce back. He also is narrowing down his list of schools and is figuring out which ones will make the cut as far as official visits. Click the link for an update from Kyle Lamb.

With Daequan Cook already committed to Ohio State, there's one name left in the 2006 class in the state of Ohio that many of the top programs would still love to land. The chances for them to do just that are starting to shrink.

On Wednesday evening, Bucknuts spoke with 6-5 junior David Lighty of Cleveland Villa Angela-St. Joseph and got the latest on the talented wing's knee as well as recruitment.

Lighty, who is ranked as's 16th-best prospect in the class of 2006 and third-best small forward, averaged 24 points a game this season before tearing his ACL in his team's Division III district championship game.

Apparently, Lighty is ready to begin making his visits, and as of now there are only two schools that he's certain of giving a visit to.

Bucknuts: So how's the knee doing David?

David Lighty: "It's still a little swollen but I'm walking around on it and it's doing a lot better."

BN: Have you been able to start your rehab yet?

DL: "I started it like two weeks ago. In fact, I go back in tomorrow for my next session."

BN: What are you doing with it right now?

DL: "I've just been extending it with my hamstring and my quad right now because it's just gotten so weak without using it so I've had to work it out and stretch it a little for a couple of weeks until I've used it a little more."

BN: Your team has had to back out of a couple of tournaments they were originally going to be in. Is everyone getting hurt now?

DL: "Well Dallas (Lauderdale), he twisted his ankle so he's been out for a little bit. He still isn't practicing yet. So I guess a couple of people have got hurt."

BN: How long is Dallas supposed to be out for?

DL: "Probably like two weeks, maybe three weeks."

BN: Was your team, the Titans, supposed to be down at the Great Eight tournament here in a few weeks down in Columbus? I remember you were in it last year.

DL: "I don't know, but I don't think so."

BN: So what about you? I hear that you're probably pretty close to starting to go on your visits.

DL: "Yes, probably in May I'll start to."

BN: Do you have any scheduled so far?

DL: "No, not yet."

BN: What visits do you plan to take as of now?

DL: "Right now, probably Ohio State and Syracuse. Probably just those two right now."

BN: What other schools are you considering taking visits to?

DL: "Arizona and Michigan."

BN: Do you feel like you're probably in the home stretch right now where you feel like maybe you want to just get it over with and make your decision?

DL: "Not really, right now. I should have my decision by the summertime, early summer probably."

BN: What do you think of what Coach (Thad) Matta is doing down at Ohio State as they are trying to sell a Fab Five type of recruiting class to you?

DL: "I think he's doing a great job. They got 20 wins with the team that they had this year. They couldn't go to the tournament or whatever, but they did a great job this year. He's just going to keep getting better and better."

BN: He was out taking visits to a few schools this week from what I hear, has he been up to your school yet to visit?

DL: "Yeah, actually he was just here yesterday."

BN: How do you think that went?

DL: "It went real well. Him and (assistant) Coach (John) Groce came up to talk to us."

BN: How long did they stay for?

DL: "Probably an hour or hour and a half, something like that."

BN: Did they talk much to you about the other guys they are trying to recruit in your class and bring in with you if you go to Ohio State?

DL: "They did a little bit, and how excited they are about it, but not too much."

BN: Tell me about some of your teams. I know you mentioned Michigan, Syracuse, Ohio State and Arizona as teams you were thinking about visiting, but kind of talk about each one and give me the plusses or minuses about each one.

DL: "Well, Arizona they might be a little far for me. But, they have a nice team with a lot of athletes that get up and down and play the game I like a lot.

Syracuse: It's a nice environment; 30,000 fans coming to see you play—you can't really beat that.

Ohio State: They are a program on the rise that keeps getting better and better each year and has a great coach.

Michigan: Has a nice program with a nice coaching staff there."

BN: Based on what you've told me in the past, basically are distance and playing time the big issues for you?

DL: "Yeah I think you can say that."

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