Your Spring Game Primer, Rosters

We provide our comprehensive primer for Saturday's Scarlet and Gray Game (1:30 p.m., ONN and WBNS-TV). We have comments from OSU coach Jim Tressel as well as players Bobby Carpenter and Devon Lyons. Plus, we share numerical rosters for each side and our look at how this spring-ending intrasquad scrimmage could go. Click this free link for more.

Ohio State will wrap up spring football with the Scarlet and Gray Game Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Saturday's game will kickoff at 1:30 p.m. and will be televised by WBNS-TV (Ch. 10) in Columbus and statewide on Ohio News Network. It will also be broadcast by WBNS-AM (1460). The game will also be tape delayed on CSTV.

Tickets currently are on sale at the Athletics Ticket Office in the Jerome Schottenstein Center and are $5 each. Tickets can also be purchased by phone at (800) GO BUCKS or by going on line at On Saturday, tickets will only be available at the Stadium, beginning at 9 a.m. at the north end of the Stadium. Gates to the Stadium will open at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The game will be played with four 12-minute quarters with a regulation clock and a 25-second play clock.

Those attending should be forewarned: The forecast for Saturday in Columbus is a high of 45 degrees with a 90 percent chance of rain.

But OSU coach Jim Tressel said following the draft Wednesday that the game would be on rain or shine.

"It's going to be nicer – no matter what it is – than some day next fall," Tressel said. "We're on schedule."

When asked about his goals for the game, Tressel said, "We are looking for no injuries and a little bit more experience."

Tressel expects the two sides to put on a competitive game.

"They don't like to lose at anything," he said of his players. "The moment they get in the game, they want to win. Even if it's two hours after the game, they don't want to hear from anybody that they beat them."

Tressel talked about what the coaches get out of a game like this.

"You find out a little more," he said. "It's one more piece of data. And you add one more thing to learn from."

Senior linebacker Bobby Carpenter, who helped select the Scarlet team, discussed what is at stake in this annual intrasquad game.

"Nobody likes to lose, but your competitiveness dies out a little bit when some guys can only play so much," he said. "You get fired up and everything and then they take you up. If you start getting competitive about it, you start getting mad on the sidelines. There's only so much you can do. We'll be playing hard when we're in there."

The weather could put a damper on the crowd, meaning it likely will not threaten the record of over 56,000 coming off the national championship season two years ago.

"People in Ohio can't get enough of football," Carpenter said. "It's been five months since the Alamo Bowl, so people are excited to come out and see what we'll be like this season. If we can get the meterorologist to give us a good forecast, that would help us out a little bit.

"For our young guys who didn't get to play as much last year, this is a great opportunity for them to go out and play on a large stage in front of 50,000 people. We keep the packages simple. We only have 10 defenses and the offenses probably only have 15 or 16 different plays. This lets guys clear their minds and go out there and show what they can do."

Split end Devon Lyons, wrapping up his freshman year and going through his first spring, is looking forward to the game.

"The fan base here at Ohio State," said Lyons, a Pennsylvania native who will be on the Gray squad. "That's one of the big reasons I came here. I liked the whole atmosphere. It makes you feel like putting on a show."

On Wednesday, the team's seniors were split into two groups and they, along with members of the coaching staff, drafted teams for the Scarlet and Gray Game. For those headed to the game or those watching on television, here are rosters for the game:

Scarlet Team

Head Coach: Jim Heacock. Assistants: Joe Daniels, Paul Haynes, John Peterson, Dick Tressel. Support Staff: Todd Goebbel, Jared Smith, Mike Cochran, Bernardo Ammerson, Bob Tucker, Tom Campbell.

2 Erik Haw TB

4 Santonio Holmes# FL

5 Albert Dukes FL

7 Ted Ginn Jr. FL

8 Roy Hall SE

12 Justin Zwick QB

16 Trever Robinson LB

17 Todd Boeckman* QB

18 David Lisko WR

19 Derek Harden WR

19 Brandon Underwood# CB

21 Nate Salley S

21 Tyson Gentry P

23 Josh Huston K

29 Shaun Lane CB

30 Sirjo Welch CB

32 Brandon Mitchell S

33 John Kerr# MLB

35 Ryan Franzinger FB

35 Nick Patterson S

36 Matt Daniels FB

39 Michael Dougherty S

42 Bobby Carpenter OLB

46 Chad Hoobler MLB

50 Vernon Gholston DE

51 Anthony Schlegel# MLB

52 Ryan Lukens LB

54 Tyler Whaley OL

56 Dimitrios Makridis LS

61 Matt Drummelsmith LS-LB

67 Kyle Mitchum# OG

69 Andree Tyree OG

70 Brandon Maupin DT

72 T.J. Downing OG

73 Steve Winner C

74 Kirk Barton OT

77 Rob Sims OT

78 Daniel Dye OL

79 Jon Skinner OT

80 Ryan Hamby# TE

81 R.J. Coleman# TE

83 Redgie Arden DE

85 Ryan Pretorius K

88 Rory Nicol TE

89 Stan White Jr. FB

90 Quinn Pitcock DT

95 Sian Cotton DT

99 Jay Richardson DE

?? Garnier DL

?? Oliver TB

*-Will play for both teams

#-Not expected to play due to injury

Gray Team

Head Coach: Jim Bollman. Assistants: Darrell Hazell, Luke Fickell. Support Staff: Paul Nichols, Al Johnson, Joe Rudolph, John Hill, Stan Jefferson, Mark Quisenberry, Mike LaFlamme.

1 Marcus Freeman OLB

5 Mike D'Andrea# MLB

6 Tyler Everett CB

9 Donte Whitner S

10 Troy Smith QB

11 Tony Gonzalez WR

13 Ben Kacsandi WR-QB

14 Antonio Smith S

14 Matthew Ciepiela P

15 A.J. Trapasso P

17 Todd Boeckman* QB

18 Devon Lyons SE

24 Michael Roberts CB

25 Antonio Pittman TB

26 Ashton Youboty CB

34 Brent Ullery SE

34 Rob Harley# S

36 Curt Lukens S

39 Steve Fender# FB

41 De'Angelo Haslam CB

41 Jonathan Skeete K

43 Brandon Schnittker FB

44 Curtis Terry LB

47 A.J. Hawk OLB

49 Dionte Johnson FB

50 Doug Datish OG

54 Brandon Smith MLB

55 Nick Mangold C

57 Mike Kudla# DE

58 Drew Norman LS

59 John Conroy OG

63 Ben Person OG

64 Jimmy Cordle OL

68 Tim Schafer# OT

71 Steve Rehring OT

76 Drew Parry OL

78 Alex Barrow DE

82 Devin Jordan# SE

87 Kyle Ruhl WR

90 Marcel Frost TE

92 Brett Daly DL

93 Nader Abdallah DT

94 Marcus Green DT

96 Jordan Hoewischer TE

97 David Patterson DL

98 Joel Penton DE

?? Curry CB

?? Hebner OL

?? Matt Johnson RB

*-Will play for both teams

#-Not expected to play due to injury

How We See It

* When the Scarlet has the ball -- The focus will obviously be on Justin Zwick and Erik Haw. With the weather as bad as it could be, Haw could be in line for a lot of work. He will be running behind a strong O-line, so this is his window to state his case. Zwick has Ted Ginn Jr. and Albert Dukes to throw to, so he will obviously be looking for them early and often. The Ginn-Ashton Youboty match-up will be interesting to watch. Also key on how Tyler Everett, limited to two quarters, does as a corner for the Gray. A.J. Hawk and Marcus Freeman will also be in featured roles at LB for the Gray.

* When the Gray has the ball -- The focus will obviously be on Troy Smith and Antonio Pittman. The Gray only has two starting O-linemen (Nick Mangold and Doug Datish), so it could fall to Smith to create something out of nothing. Unlike last year, he will be full-go and will be allowed to run the ball as needed. Plus, he will have Anthony Gonzalez, Devon Lyons and pass catching TE Marcel Frost at his disposal. The Scarlet only has one starting DB in safety Nate Salley, so Smith should be able to do some business downfield if he can stay alive in the pocket. The Scarlet will counter with DL Jay Richardson and Quinn Pitcock and LB Bobby Carpenter.

* How it could go -- Remember, Todd Boeckman will spell both quarterbacks, so his impact on this game can't be understated, either. I will stick with my pick from Thursday's Buckeye Grove column: You can never discount Ginn's impact on a game, but Smith will have four times as many touches. I think he'll guide the Gray to a 31-26 win.

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