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This week, we have one post and one set of posts for you. The first is from Ohio High Magazine scout/contributor Bill Greene, who shared his thoughts on the spring game.

The second is a sampling of fan opinions on the booing that was going on at the Horseshoe on Saturday. 

Take a look at this week's Post of the Week:

Poster: BillGreene
Thread: Spring Game Review

Post: Tough game to analyze due to the split squads. My main area of praise is the continued addition of team speed. This is a Tressel staple that goes unnoticed. JT has recruited speed across the board and it shows, especially compared to past OSU teams. This will be the fastest Buckeye team ever. 

Buckeyes who stood out to me were all the run blockers. All the RB's produced and that is so hard to do without your #1 unit playing together. People up front moved people around creating space for Pittman, Haw and Schnittker. Anybody agree with me that Haw got better with each carry? This is common for redshirts. You cannot simulate live action on the scout team. 

I like Haw a lot and I liked him at 4:00 better than I did at 2:00. Haw caught the ball better than I thought he would. The QB's were awful, but the QB derby is over. Troy is the Man. Justin doesn't look comfortable or confident, and he should after the Alamo Bowl. He just might be better as the backup than the starter, and we're going to find out after Miami. Defensively I'm excited about the backups. The depth is impressive and some of these guys are ready to play now, but are backing up All Big-10 players. I'm referring to Terry-Hoobler-Freeman-Curt Lukens-Cotton. I don't want to find out, but I think we can withstand injuries to the stars. Tyler Everett looked really good in limited action. He's the starting CB opposite Youboty, as I've said for months. 

Special teams weren't special, but Skeete stepped up under pressure and kicked well. The snappers and punters need work.
The spring game is a show for the fans. It's tough to evaluate individual performances, but I'm excited for the season to start. This team will be tough to beat, as all Tressel teams are. This team will be better in November than September, as all Tressel teams are. Can this team win it all? I'll let you know after fall camp breaks.


Poster: Various
Thread: Zwick struggling, bringing out the boo birds


  • (SFBuck): Booing at a spring game is really poor taste. Incredible really. Here is a kid (Zwick) who has done nothing but try his best to help OSU - from the day he committed he helped build the recruiting class. He has NEVER complained. He played with a lot of heart in the bowl game. And it isn't like Smith looks great either.

    Buckeye fans are unfairly blaming Zwick for all of the 2004 woes. I didn't see Zwick cause the NW loss - that was a team breakdown. I didn't see Zwick cause the Wisconsin loss either - I saw a team that could neither run the ball nor stop the run.

    Is Zwick a great QB at this juncture? No. Does he merit booing at a Spring game. I think not. 

  • (Boz93) Anyone that booed today is a jack-ass. That said I see what is happening to Zwick is very similar to what happened with Bellisari and to Tim Couch in Cleveland-where some fans will start to boo after ANY bad play. The problem is it's almost irreversible - even if it's just a small amount of fans. Zwick can say it doesn't bother him but one senses in watching him it does. A five yard out begins to have the pressure of 5 with the game on the line vs. um. In my opinion it will be very tough for Zwick to get/keep the job. That said I love the QB situation overall-I think OSU is deep and talented at QB. Boeckman and Smith may have NFL-type talent and Zwick just needs his confidence back. The QB's didn't play that well today but I liked what I saw of Boeckman and I believe Smith will make the offense roll this fall.

  • (BaltimoreBuck) I'll admit that booing is wrong and immature, but then again so is name calling if you think about it. That said this all goes back to the mind set that a 5 star recruit/top draft pick is treated like a savior and if he doesn't live up to those lofty levels (which very very few do), then some fans start booing the player and I'll bet that most of the booing is done by those that wanted that recruit/player in the worst way before he arrived. Some feel let down, but off the field, if they would stop and think about, Zwick has done a great deal for the buckeyes, more than Smith, when he verballed early, he then relentlessly tried to help the staff in recruiting (who knows who would be here or not if Zwick had verballed late or not at all). He also hasn't embarrassed the school or team with his off the field problems, but when it is all said and done the only real thing that counts is performance on the field and Zwick is falling short there compared to Smith. Then again if Smith starts and loses a few games with poor performances, those booing Zwick will start booing Smith and be screaming for Zwick/Boeckman.

  • (marksgforce) I'm sure the booing was good for the recruits who were there. I'd love to hear JT's answer to a recruit's parent who says, "I've visited the message boards and read some incredibly harsh stuff on the coaches and players. Sounds like Bollman doesn't know how to coach. Some of the coaches from other schools, even a few that have coached for OSU, have said to us that Buckeye fans sometimes 'eat their own' ... "

    Buckeye fans' strength is their unbridled passion. Buckeye fans' weakness is their unbridled passion.

    At least, to my knowledge, our fans haven't thrown bricks through the head coach's window, ala Bill Curry at Alabama.

  • (nevadabuck) It just amazes me that "fans" would boo a kid that has tried so hard to be a great representative of tOSU....

    I guess some of us give lip service to the fact that there is more to being an OSU football player than just "on field performance"---but I guess we don't all mean it...

    here is a kid who is clearly struggling with his confidence (that is exactly why he has done so well in the "2 minute drill--he doesn't have time to "over think") what do fans do??? they boo him and further shake his confidence...absolutely amazing...

    I wish I had been around some of those idiots.. I assure you the booing would have stopped in my section...

  • (BuckeyeBeliever72) One person who deserved to get booed was the guy who sold me that $5 poncho that was really worth about $1.25.

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