Aaron Brown: 41 And Counting

The scholarship offers continue to roll in for Cincinnati Princeton offensive tackle Aaron Brown. He says Ohio State is high on his list, but is not sure when he will make a decision. We caught up with Brown for the latest on his situation.

Cincinnati Princeton offensive lineman Aaron Brown currently has 41 scholarship offers.

He worked hard to get them, but admits he is surprised about all the accolades he is receiving.

"I've worked really hard," Brown said. "In the weight room, on the (field), everything. So, I'm just happy to get all this attention. It's coming as a real surprise. I mean, from last year, I didn't really get noticed at all. Now, this year, junior year, it's just amazing."

Brown understands why he didn't receive a lot of attention until after his junior season.

"I think it's because I've grown some," he said. "I worked on my footwork and my strength all of the summer. I really put a lot of effort coming into my junior year; coming into a new school and everything. I tried to do my best and I think that's what I did."

Brown was asked for his thoughts on Ohio State.

"I would say they are really good," he said. "They're still really good and high on my list."

Brown says a good relationship with his position coach is important to him.

"Wherever I go to college, I want to feel good around my offensive line coach, because that's who I'm going to be around all the time," he said. "That's who's going to be coaching me and everything."

Ohio State's entire staff is recruiting Brown, but two coaches in particular are leading the charge.

"I've talked a lot with (offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Jim) Bollman and (defensive coordinator Jim) Heacock, those are the main ones. But, I've talked to all of the staff."

Brown could make a decision prior to his senior season at Princeton.

"I'm really not sure right now, but it will probably be towards the season," he said.

Brown attended OSU's Junior Day on March 6. He was in attendance for the Buckeyes' 65-64 upset victory over No. 1 Illinois.

"It was really amazing how the fans were into the game," Brown said. "Ohio State, they're a pretty big school, but basketball wise, I didn't know they were that crazy. I mean, I knew the fans were crazy about football and everything, but I didn't think it was going to be like that at the basketball game, but they proved me wrong."

Well, Brown was there on the right day. That's all we'll say about that.

The 6-6, 290-pound Brown could play guard in college, but projects as a tackle.

"I think I have a better career at tackle," he said.

The opportunity for playing time as a true freshman will factor into his decision.

"I mean, it's important," he said. "I want to come in and at least have a chance to work into a position on the field."

Brown was asked when it first occurred to him that he would be a Division I college football player.

"Really, it was coming into (the 2004 season)," he said. "My sophomore year, I did pretty good. I started some while I was at Winton Woods and everything. But, coming into this year, I really got dedicated and focused about football and that's when I knew I was going to do something good."

Brown's father – George Brown – is a personal trainer.

"It really helps me out a lot because he's my dad and will push me," Brown said. "He won't stop; he'll keep pushing. And I really think he has my best in mind."

Brown only began working out about 15 months ago. Since then, he's made enormous strides in the weight room and has put on over 70 pounds.

"During last year's basketball season, I had dropped down to 217," Brown said. "Coming into this year, I knew I was going to have to work a lot. So, I got in with my dad and we began to lift and that's how I got to where I am now."

Brown can bench 300, squat 495, and his best 40 time is 5.1.

He was asked to reveal his strengths and weaknesses as an offensive lineman.

"I have real good speed and athleticism," he said. "I'm quick off the ball and quick to get my hands on the defender.

"Weakness? I would have to say strength. You can never get too strong."

Brown did not play basketball this season and will likely not play in 2005-06 either.

"I didn't play this year, because I wanted to get in the weight room more," he said. "This was my first year not playing basketball."

Brown is an easy-going, intelligent young man. You ask him to name his hobbies away from football, and unlike most athletes his age, he doesn't name video games and television.

"I actually spend a lot of time with my brothers," Brown said. "They look up to me and everything. We go out and play basketball with them, and I've got to help them with their work, and I've got to watch them when my parents go out. So, I spend most of my time with them, after school and after workouts."

Brown braved the elements and was in attendance for OSU's spring game last Saturday.

"It was good. It was very intense," Brown said. "There were a lot of people in the stands. It was a real good atmosphere."

As for Princeton, Brown says the Vikings should be a much-improved team in 2005.

"We should be better," Browns said. "Last year, we were 3-7. This year, we've got a quarterback coming in from Middletown, Darius Edwards, and I think that's what we needed for this upcoming year."

Brown was asked what he does not like about the recruiting process.

"There's not too much that I don't like," he said. "I've heard all the callers and stuff, they can get on your nerves and stuff. But my dad really handles all of that, so it really doesn't affect me too much."

Brown is not sure if he will graduate high school early in 2006 and participate in spring practice.

"I really don't know," he said. "I'm conversating with my family now and I don't know what we're going to do."

* For more on Brown, tune in to this week's Bucknuts Radio Hour.

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