Bucknuts Mag Excerpts: "Man Mountain Rehring"

Offensive lineman Steve Rehring had quite an interesting season in 2004. After graduating high school early to go through spring ball, Rehring appeared to be headed for a redshirt as the season progressed. But that plan changed, and Rehring saw some solid playing time during the second half of the season. In today's Bucknuts the Magazine excerpts, we bring you some thoughts from Rehring on his season that were published in the April edition of the magazine. Read on for more.

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This week's excerpt is from a Q&A with offensive lineman Steve Rehring that was published in the April issue. The story was written by Charles Babb. Here are the excerpts:

Headline: Man Mountain Rehring

By Charles Babb

Bucknuts The Magazine: The first couple of weeks, what was it like mentally when you came into OSU?

Steve Rehring: "It was just football. I mean, you have to take your time, practice hard, go to practice every day with a positive attitude and good things happen for you."

BTM: Did you tell the coaches you were ready to play before you debuted or did it just sort of happen for you?

Rehring: "Nah. I was just happy to be out there. Coach Tressel told me I was going to play that week, and I was as happy as can be."

BTM: You didn't approach the year as a redshirt season then?

Rehring: "I just went into practice every day with a positive attitude. Good things happen when you do that. Practice hard and it shows on the field."

BTM: What was the most fun during that first game against Indiana?

Rehring: "Probably Tony Pittman's run at the end of the game when he scored. It was my first touchdown in Ohio Stadium. It was crazy. I wasn't born in Ohio, but I grew up in Ohio, and it's every kid's dream to score a touchdown in Ohio Stadium."

BTM: What exactly did the coaches say to you about possibly playing that week?

Rehring: "They said, ‘Are you ready to go in there and play?' I said, ‘Yeah, I'm ready.' It was kind of shocking, but I had to do what I had to do to make the team better and get a victory."

BTM: Did you call anyone? Your parents?

Rehring: "I called everybody. I called a lot of people from back home, I called my high school coach, I called my parents. I called everybody. I have a lot of people supporting me."

BTM: What happened on the first play for you at OSU?

Rehring: "The first play I think I jumped offsides, but they didn't call it, luckily… I just approached it like it was a game at West Chester back home. After the first play, I was good."

BTM: It is rare for a true freshmen to make much of an impact in college football. But this team had several freshmen, including Ted Ginn Jr., yourself and others. Are you surprised at that impact this year?

Rehring: "It's just a matter of talent. The best player plays and injuries and all that stuff happen. When a freshman gets called on to play, it's time to go."

BTM: Ohio State is one of those big time teams. Were you surprised by how many freshmen do play?

Rehring: "Not really. These older guys just basically have more experience. Once you catch up with that, you get into and start playing – it just comes down to football after that. Once you catch up to the playbook and all that – just football."

BTM: T.J. Downing, what kind of advancement did he make this year?

Rehring: "He's always been there. It's just a matter of getting on the field and doing his thing. When he got out there, he did his thing and earned his place. Going all out every play is the thing he is good for. You saw the play at Purdue where he ran over the defensive back."

BTM: Branden Joe said they called you Baby Huey?

Rehring: "Oh man, that was when I first got here. I get a new nickname every week. They like to joke around and have a good time."

BTM: Has your size ever been a problem for you?

Rehring: "No. I have no problem being big. It's gotten me here. It got me where I wanted to be. The only bad thing is when you walk through doors and hit your head every once in a while."

BTM: When you first came in this spring you were upset if you missed a block. You were one of the few linemen that were visibly angry if you missed a block. Is that part of your success?

Rehring: "That came from high school. My offensive line coach in high school would get on us if we messed up. I hate messing up because I know I know the thing I am going to do. If I mess up, I get mad at myself and then go to the next play after that."

BTM: What's the best thing about your size when playing on the offensive line?

Rehring: "My long arms. It helps in getting separation with the defensive linemen. If I can use my size and get a little bit faster, I could be a pretty good offensive lineman."

BTM: There were questions your junior year in high school that you might not get an offer. But you worked hard to earn an offer.

Rehring: "I did what I had to do to get here. I put in many hours after school and before school in high school doing running in the morning, lifting, and then acceleration training. I did plyometrics every day. I would run for about 30 minutes in the morning with my coach then an hour on a treadmill."

BTM: Where are you at as of today?

Rehring: "I'm right at 340 pounds. I want to be 325."

BTM: How would you describe where you were when you came in against today?

Rehring: "I wasn't ready for it. I came in not knowing what to expect. I came in out of shape. The 6 a.m.'s hit, and that wakes you up pretty quick. You learn to get in that weight room and get on the climber."

BTM: What was your weight when you arrived?

Rehring: "340 or 345. It's a different weight now."

BTM: Where did coming in last spring put you?

Rehring: "I think it was not experience on the field that I got. It was more how to get around school and how to balance it all. I also got the extra 15 days and extra days to learn the playbook, and the freshmen who came in (during the fall) had to learn everything in those quick days (fall practice). It's tough to get out there like that. It helped, but I thought I could play right away. I'm never going to doubt myself."

BTM: Do you encourage recruits to come in early?

Rehring: "I know there are a couple of guys that want to come in early. I told them just get ready for it. You have to be ready to do it and make sure that's what you want to do. I left for more reasons than just football. I want to get my degree. I told them to get ready and do what they have to do to get prepared for it."

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