Captain's Corner Audio: Scholarship Limits

With the NCAA limit of 85 scholarships, college football coaches are always forced to work around numbers and find a way to get the 85 best players on their team that they can. Is 85 too low of a number for that limit? Jerry Rudzinski thinks so. In today's Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry discusses the scholarship limit and why it might be a good idea to increase it.

Division I football programs like Ohio State have to work with a scholarship limit of 85 players imposed by the NCAA. 85 players may seem like a large number to some, but is it truly enough? Some people may think it is actually too many, but others think it should be higher.

In today's Captain's Corner Audio, 1998 OSU captain Jerry Rudzinski discusses the scholarship limit today and why it may not be high enough for programs like Ohio State. Today's version comes in MP3 format and is about 2.5 MB. Click below to listen:

Captain's Corner Audio - 5/16/05

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