Ohio High Top 100 Countdown: 51-100

Who's the top football prospect in the state of Ohio? After that, who are the next 99? It's a tough question to answer and a tough task to try and answer it, but each year, Duane Long of Ohio High magazine rounds up piles of videotape, scouting reports, feedback from coaches, and more, in an attempt to come up with a list of the state's top 100 prospects. We are going to be counting down his first top 100 of 2005 over the next several days, starting today with the second half of the list.

The May edition of Ohio High magazine will be on newsstands and in mailboxes any day.

This issue is always the one where recruiting editor Duane Long unveils his top 100 prospects in the state of Ohio.

This year, Duane outdid himself in more ways than one. For starters, he took his rankings all the way down to 105. Secondly, his biographical sketches on the players include his assessment after watching all but a handful of these players on videotape. Plus, he includes statistical information and input from high school coaches.

Over the next several weeks, we will be unveiling Duane's top 105 Ohio prospects here on Bucknuts.com and JJHuddle.com.

Before we get into his list of players ranked from No. 51-105, we will share some of his general comments on this class.

"Overall, this is the best class since the 2002 class that featured – among many others – Bobby Carpenter, A.J. Hawk, E.J. Underwood, Quinn Pitcock, DeShawn Wynn, Justin Zwick, and Maurice Clarett," Long said. "This is one of those years when I am really going to enjoy my job."

We already revealed weeks ago that Akron Garfield running back Chris Wells was Long's pick for the state's No. 1 prospect.

"Speaking of Clarett, I have been saying for a couple of years that Chris Wells of Akron Garfield is the best back from Ohio since Maurice Clarett," Long said. "If he improves as much from his junior year to his senior year as he did from his sophomore year to his junior year, I will be saying he is better than Clarett."

Another area where Long has been impressed is with the offensive linemen in this class.

"We have seen the emergence of an offensive line class for the ages," he said. "I see at least six linemen in this class that are going to get national attention, and that does not include several others that will at least be regional recruits.

"There is no lineman like Alex Boone – the Lakewood St. Edward star who was last year's No. 1 player – but as a group, Aaron Brown, Connor Smith, Justin Boren, Lee Tilley, Ryan Palmer, Jacob Ballard and Bryant Browning make this offensive line class for the year 2006 the best single position class I have ever seen in Ohio. Add Bill Nagy from Hudson to the class as an offensive lineman, although I think he is a better defensive lineman, and you have seven offensive linemen in the top 16."

Today, we will start our countdown of Ohio High's top 105 prospects with a look at players ranked from No. 51 down to No. 105. We will have a few notables from Duane about some of these prospects as well.

Joe Underwood

51. *** Joe Underwood    6-2     230     LB     Youngstown Ursuline
    Underwood plays rush end in a 4-3 defense, but there is no question he is a linebacker in college. I don't know if he will play inside or outside. Underwood has a good motor, and if he runs well in camps, he may be looked at outside, but he is well put together and is a very physical player, so he could end up playing inside. But his team needs him at defensive end right now.
    Be it at inside linebacker or outside linebacker, I think when he gets to college, that is where we will see what kind of player Underwood is. I think he has a great upside. Underwood received early offers from Miami (Ohio) and Akron and plans on visiting Michigan State unofficially and will camp at Ohio State and Michigan. In 2004, he posted 79 tackles, 12 sacks and seven tackles-for-loss. This is a kid I will be watching this summer.

52. *** Scott Weber     6-1     215     FB     Canal Fulton Northwest
Weber rushed for 1,440 yards and 23 touchdowns as a running back but will project as a college fullback. He's a battering ram downhill runner who will not have a problem taking over blocking assignments at the next level. In a one-back offensive set, this is your one back. Weber attended Ohio State's spring game.
    Bill Greene says, "(Weber was) a battering ram for Northwest. I saw him five times in 2004 and could not be more impressed. I see him gaining over 2,000 yards next year. Scott had a great playoff run, including a 200-yard game against Benedictine. I see him as a fullback. He reminds me of Branden Joe.
    "Scott is great in the weightroom. I think he fills out to 235 or so. He also plays linebacker for Northwest. He made the state meet in wrestling. He plays in a great program. Vic Whiting is one of the best coaches in Ohio."

53. *** Drew Kuhn     6-0     180     WR/CB     Louisville
One of the most well-rounded players in Ohio, Kuhn had an outstanding 2004 season, winning first team All-Ohio honors and scoring 11 offensive touchdowns while putting up 1,500 total yards rushing and receiving. He has run a 4.4 40 and has a 285 bench and a 29-inch vertical.

54. *** Shawn Redd     5-11     210     LB     Cincinnati Withrow
Simply put, if we were just looking at football skill, Shawn Redd would be a top-30 player. If he were taller, he would likely be a Big Ten caliber player. He has speed and great instincts and is one of the real hitters in this class. He is not just a big hitter; he is a sure tackler. Coach Gamble believes Redd is the best football player in an outstanding class at Withrow. Syracuse, Cincinnati, Miami (Ohio), Ball State and Kent are all giving Redd serious looks.

55. *** Zack Pridemore     6-6     225     DT/OL/TE     Carrollton
When Carrollton head coach Barry Goettemoeller gets excited about a player, then I get excited too. Pridemore plays tight end in high school, but Coach thinks he is an offensive tackle in college. He may be right, but I think we could see Pridemore at defensive tackle. He is a high school defensive end, where he had 33 tackles, five sacks, four tackles-for-loss and three passes broken up. He does not have the quickness to be a defensive end at the next level but I think he could play tackle.

56. *** Myles Trempe     6-5     195     WR     St. Paris Graham
An impressive receiver, Trempe catches the ball with his hands, not his body, and is very fluid and athletic. He uses his height to his advantage as he has that ability to go up and take the ball away from defenders. Trempe is so smooth that he doesn't look like he has good speed, but he has run a 4.59. If he improves on that number over the summer his stock could really move. Last season, Trempe had 30 catches for 600 yards and six touchdowns. Trempe has won 12 varsity letters and averages 15 points a game in basketball.

57. *** Armand Robinson     6-1     190     WR     Reynoldsburg
Robinson reminds me a great deal of former Wisconsin and current Miami Dolphin receiver Chris Chambers. He has unusually long arms for his body and is quite athletic. He is almost impossible to guard one-on-one. Robinson seems to relish the contact as he is always stronger than the defensive backs he is going up against. Robinson had 42 receptions for 829 yards and eight touchdowns last year with 58 tackles on defense.

58. *** Paul Rice     6-2     215     ATH     University School
Rice rushed for 1,341 yards last season on 156 carries and scored 15 touchdowns. He added 82 tackles and two forced fumbles on defense with one interception. I list him as an athlete, not a linebacker/fullback, because when I when I look at his film, I see a runner. He is not just a big athletic kid; he shows some elusiveness. He makes tacklers miss. He is not the quickest back, but he is not a plodder (4.6 40).

59. *** Aaron Womack     5-11     170     WR/FS     Warren Howland
Put the film in and watch the ball, and eventually you will see Aaron Womack. Like with Withrow's Robert Williams, Womack is one of those kids that always seems to find the ball. I don't know if I would play him as a safety or a receiver. He makes plays on either side of the ball. I have seen him go up against taller players time and time again and somehow he is the one that ends up with the ball.
    Womack has really good hands. He doesn't knock the ball down on defense; he makes interceptions. I didn't ask Coach Angle how many interceptions Womack made on the year, but based on the tape, he had to be pushing into double digits. Most came from just reading the game and being in the right place. Smart football player. Runs a 4.5 40.

60. *** Kris Luschinger     6-4     225     DE     Columbus Watterson
This is the best defensive line prospect you have never heard about. He rang up over 100 tackles last year and 11 sacks. This is an active defender with a great motor. He has a nice frame but may fill out into a tackle by the time he hits a college football field. Luschinger shows good hand fighting technique and plays naturally with good pad level.

61. *** Cobrani Mixon     6-2     210     LB     Cincinnati Colerain
    Mixon tore an ACL early last season but came back late in the year, still managing 49 tackles and nine sacks. Mixon plays inside for coach Kerry Coombs. I don't know if that is to get a talent like this on the field, or if Coombs just wants a player with this kind of speed (4.6 40) in the middle of the field. He looks like an outside linebacker to me.

Allen Price

62. *** Allen V. Price     6-0     190     QB     Tallmadge
I have railed for years now about quarterback recruiting. If I were asked to go back over the last five years or so and list quarterbacks that the top 20 programs passed on that I could not believe they passed on, "Alvey" Price would top that list. This kid throws the most catchable ball. He is not trying to impress. He is trying to make the ball easy for his receivers to catch, so the arm doesn't show up on every play.

63. *** Lamar Mapp     6-3     255     DE/LB     Springfield South
Why Mapp isn't getting more attention has got to be one of the biggest enigmas of the class. He had 118 tackles and deflected an amazing 19 balls last year and runs a 4.71 40. He's a very good athlete as he played tight end on offense, catching 15 balls for 213 yards. Springfield South plays a good schedule. What's not to like?

64. ** Brandon Miller     5-11     190     CB     Cincinnati Withrow
Right now, Miller is at Withrow, but he is likely to have to move to a prep school because of his age. He is fine academically and was never held back or failed a grade; he just started school late. There will be a petition to try and get him to be able to play this year, but history says he will be turned down. Miller would be at least a top 50 player if he were sure to play at Withrow this year instead of a prep school. He is a gifted athlete with good cover skills and has good sized.

65. ** Terrence Sherrer     5-11     190     RB     Cincinnati Colerain
Sherrer was the lightning to Mister Simpson's thunder in the Colerain backfield. He played tailback with Simpson as the fullback when Colerain went into the I-formation but frequently played as a wing in Colerain's dominating option game. With Simpson and quarterback Dominic Goodman headed off to Michigan and Cincinnati respectively, Sherrer should have the opportunity to show his stuff this season. Lance Smith may be the only back in this class faster than Sherrer.

66. ** Carlos Tipton     6-4     245     DE/DT     Cincinnati Winton Woods
I usually put aside the fact sheet most coaches include when they send me tape. Players that belong in the top 100 should not need to be identified. It didn't take me but about three seconds to recognize which player was Tipton on the tape coach Troy Everhart sent to me. Robert Rose is the only player in Ohio that passes the look test any better than Tipton. This is a muscular, well-conditioned athlete that can really run.

67. ** Chris Thomas     5-11     185     CB     Columbus DeSales
Thomas reminds me a lot of former Upper Arlington great Jeff Backes. I don't think Thomas has Backes' top end speed, but he is plenty fast, just as quick, and more put together. Both were tough, but Thomas goes beyond tough. He is physical and plays the run as well as any defensive back in Ohio this year.

68. ** Dustin Winters     6-0     230     FB/LB     Gallia Academy
Winters is a true fullback, not a high school running back that projects as a college fullback. It is so tempting to take big high school running backs that are half a step slow and make them fullbacks. I have seen it work, but if a lead blocker is what you want, I say go with a kid that has been playing the position. But Winters is not just a lead blocker. He can take the belly play and hurt the defense with it, and there are many receivers that would love to have Winters's hands.

69. ** Quentin Paulik     6-3     225     ATH     Massillon Washington
    Paulik was playing out of position at quarterback last year but ended up throwing for 1,250 yards and eight touchdowns, completing 50 percent of his passes. The fact that he was anywhere near effective speaks volumes about what kind of athlete Paulik is. This is a real specimen. He runs a 4.6 40 at 6-3, 225, which is ideal for a linebacker.

70. ** Derrell Johnson     6-2     185     WR     Youngstown Mooney
An excellent athlete, Johnson played last year at Campbell Memorial as a quarterback, where he had 1,400 yards on the ground and in the air. Johnson played quarterback, wide receiver and safety as a junior. Mooney starting quarterback Kyle McCarthy has graduated, but I think Johnson settles in at wide receiver.

71. ** Jerel Leak     5-11     180     ATH     Trotwood-Madison
This is a very good all-around football player. As he was going into his junior year, I thought he would emerge as a receiver, but coach Maurice Douglass feels like Leak really came along as a defensive back. He played safety, often covering the slot, and looks like in time he could develop into a good corner. I know Leak would rather be a receiver; he caught 22 balls for over 200 yards and a couple of touchdowns last year. He played basketball and will run track this spring.

Joe Thomas

72. ** Joe Thomas     6-4     285     OL     Lakewood St. Edward
Thomas is a talented football player in his own right, but he spent the year watching the spotlight focused just to his right as he lined up next to Alex Boone, arguably the number one offensive lineman in the country last year. Thomas plays guard and projects as a guard. He shows good feet and carries that 285 pounds very well. He gets a good initial surge, plays hard and is a real battler. He seems to be at his best when the big uglies start to have issues with another. Thomas is very comfortable pass blocking, and a lot of high school guards aren't.

73. ** Anton Robinson     6-1     205     RB/FB     Gahanna Lincoln
Robinson is a big back with good vision that understands what he needs to do to be effective. He breaks a lot of tackles, gets his shoulders square as quickly as possible and gets upfield. Robinson might be a back that schools look to in a one-back offense or to move to fullback. If he were half a step quicker, Robinson is 20 spots higher on this list.

74. ** Josh Ballard     6-3     225     LB     Springboro
You are going to hear a lot of other names called first when asked about the top linebacker prospects in Ohio for the class of 2006, but Josh Ballard can put his credentials up against any of them. He had nearly 100 solo tackles, eight tackles-for-loss, four sacks and five forced fumbles last year. Others make the headline grabbing plays, but Ballard makes the every down plays that are the basis of good defenses. The MAC is showing early interest, and he is also hearing from Wisconsin, Maryland and Cincinnati. Ballard is just a good football player. He is the brother of national recruit Jacob Ballard.

75. ** Mario Russell     6-2     188     ATH     Columbus Mifflin
Russell is moving back to Mifflin after one year at Independence. He has played quarterback on offense all throughout his high school career and wants to be a college quarterback, but I think he is surely a safety or a receiver at the next level. I don't know where Mifflin needs him to play but I really think he would do himself a favor by moving to receiver. He is used to handling the football and is a playmaker, so a move would likely get more big name schools involved. Russell is an athletic, 6-2 kid with a reported 4.4. I think he runs at least a low 4.5, and nobody is going to ignore that.

76. ** Jordan Gafford     6-1     195     ATH     Worthington Kilbourne
Gafford is a highly effective option quarterback, with 1,232 yards and 18 touchdowns so far, but will be a college safety. Last season on defense, Gafford had 126 tackles at safety with five interceptions, five passes defensed and three blocked punts. He also kicked last year, hitting on 4 of 6 field goals and 41 of 43 extra points. This is one of the best athletes in Ohio high school football this year. He benches 300 pounds, squats 415, power cleans 255 and has a 31-inch vertical. Gafford has also run a 4.62 electronically timed and ran on the Kilbourne regional finalist 4x100 and 4x200 teams. Offers from Miami (Ohio) and Louisiana Tech have come already. His father is Kilbourne coach Jeff Gafford.

77. ** Eric Jones     5-10     175     CB     Cincinnati Winton Woods
Jones plays both receiver and corner but looks like more of a player at corner. He has a really good frame and is well put together. Jones looks like he could add some weight and not impact his speed and athleticism. He can play man or he can play zone, and his ball skills are as good as any defensive back in this class.

78. ** Angelo Babbaro     5-10     180     WR/CB     Canfield
    Babbaro plays cornerback and running back in high school, but I think he could be an outstanding receiver. He had 85 tackles last year and two interceptions with 285 rushing yards on 48 attempts and three touchdowns and also caught six balls for 67 yards and two touchdowns. He has explosive speed as he has been clocked at 4.38 and ran an 11.3 100 meters as a sophomore. He also has posted over 20 feet in the long jump.

79. ** Steve Allen     5-11     170     DB     Trotwood-Madison
If it weren't for bad luck, Steve Allen would have no luck at all. Allen broke a bone in his elbow and missed his entire sophomore year, then tore a knee ligament last year and missed his entire junior year. Coach Maurice Douglass feels like Steve is as good of a cover man as Jovani Chappel. That is a huge statement when you look at Chappel's offer sheet. Douglass says Allen will run a 4.5. That statement is enough reason alone to consider adding Allen to this top 100, but the kid has a glowing pedigree to go with it. He is the younger brother of former Ohio State Buckeye and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer Will Allen and Ball State defensive back Chris Allen. He is also an excellent student, with a 4.1 GPA in honors classes.

80. ** Jarrod Smith     6-5     255     OL     Fairborn
I never thought I would have this many offensive linemen rated two stars or better, but then I never expected to see this many top linemen in a class. In any other year, Smith is a top 50 prospect. He is at least a mighty MAC player, and I would not be surprised to see some Big Ten offers. He has a great body. He will be 300 pounds and it will not hurt his speed and agility. He is a high school tackle but will be a guard. He pulls very well. I love watching line play, and after a short time watching his tape I started to get a little grin on my face every time I saw him pull. Connor Smith is the only lineman I have seen this year that pancaked more defenders than Jarrod Smith. I will not be surprised if he is much higher on this list after camps.

81. ** Marcus Procter     6-2     285     DT     Alliance
Procter is athletic enough to be a defensive end and tight end in high school. Ohio High's eyes and ears in Stark County, Bill Greene, thinks Procter could be a devastating tackle on the next level. He says Procter is the likely the strongest kid in Stark County but also says he runs a 4.75. Coach Ron Kuceyeski says, "He was our big play guy on defense. If he would only learn to go 100 percent on every play, he could be a great one. Great combination of speed and strength."

82. ** Jamar Howard     6-4     195     WR     Cincinnati Withrow
This is the sleeper of sleepers in the class of 2006. Howard is transferring in from Cincinnati Western Hills to Withrow and is also a top basketball prospect. We are seeing a renaissance at Withrow under coach Doc Gamble. There was a gold mine of talent at the school, and there now is a dedicated, tireless, selfless man there to bring out the best in these kids. Gamble is already used to seeing D-I talent and could not be more impressed with this kid. He was on the opposite sideline last year. Coach says he was glad to see Howard at quarterback instead of receiver because he was worried about matching up. When you have two top 100 corners, that is a big statement. Coach Gamble calls him the "real deal." I will be watching this one closely.

Austin Power

83. ** Austin Power     5-10     220     LB     Louisville
I remember bringing up with Bill Greene that there was a kid at Louisville named Austin Power. He said, "Yeah, he's really good." Not being able to get the movie out of my mind, I was waiting on Bill to offer the punch line, but it never came. Bill did tell me about Power: "I saw him play three games this year. He's a great Mike. Against Northwest, he had the most dominating performance I saw all of 2004. He had over 20 tackles. He reminds me a lot of Jay Bednar from GlenOak. If he were four inches taller, he would be a Big Ten recruit. He's a wrecking ball in the middle."
    Coach Farrah added, "Austin is an extremely hard worker. He has a great nose for the football. He had 145 tackles for us – a school record – 12 tackles-for-loss and six sacks."

84. ** Corey Leggett     6-3     190     ATH     Carrollton
I probably watched the Leggett highlights more than any player outside the top 30. I couldn't find a place for him. He is a fine receiver as he had 58 catches and 1,002 yards with 15 touchdowns over the last two years and likely would have made this list anyway as a receiver, but he does not have the speed that most are looking for. He is probably a better linebacker – 118 tackles in the last two years – and has good linebacker speed, but the size is going to be a question. Runs a 4.59 40.

85. ** Zach Haudenschild     6-2     175     QB     Rocky River
The offensive line class is getting all the pub here, but this is one fine quarterback class. Haudenschild put up some really impressive numbers with 105 completions in 185 attempts, a 57 percent completion percentage, for 1,640 yards and 16 touchdowns. I wonder about that height as he looks more like 6-4 on tape. He is an excellent touch passer, especially on long balls. Haudenschild has good mechanics, and while he is not a runner, he does a good job moving around back there. He accounted for 136 points, passing, rushing and kicking. He has Division I-A arm strength. I like his upside.

86. ** Mike Bartos     6-2     270     DT/OG     Youngstown Ursuline
Bartos was ready to anchor the Urusline defense last year but broke a leg before the season opener and never played a game. Coach Reardon believes that injury was the difference between their 6-4 season and a possible 8-2 season. Bartos is a powerhouse; he is coming off a national power lifting championship now that the leg has healed. I think the victory is phenomenal, but what really impresses me about that is coming back to win it after an injury that surely set him back. That kind of work ethic is the basis of success in life as well as sports. His brother is a three-year starter at Youngstown State. Those who have been around long enough to see both say Mike is further along than his brother at a similar stage. Coach Reardon thinks Mike is a better defensive tackle but could play guard.

87. ** Nate Cole     6-3     280     DT     Trotwood-Madison
When I spoke to coach Maurice Douglass, I had yet to watch the junior tape of Nate Cole. Coach Douglas was talking about Cole as a 3-technique player. The kid I remember was a nose tackle all the way. What a difference a year makes. Cole is still a thick, square-built kid and he can hold the point the same way he could last year, but you can see he has put the work in and has made himself a better football player. He is still thick and square, but the weight is in his chest, arms and thighs, not around his waist. He is much quicker and does a really good job of penetrating. He uses his hands really well to get off blockers. He always had a good motor. Another thing is his improved play on offense. He could be a fine guard at the college level, but I think he will be a DT.

88. ** Bryant Milligan     6-1     190     WR/CB     Cleveland Glenville
Milligan is transferring to Glenville from Hunting Valley University School. Glenville is well stocked at receiver with Ray Small, Daven Jones, and Raymond Fisher, but Milligan could still push for playing time.
    It is hard to get the spotlight in such a talent rich area, especially coming from an elite academic school like University School. He has such quickness to go with the good size and is really something after the catch. His 2004 stats have big play receiver written all over them – a 22.9 yards per catch average and 14 touchdowns on 48 receptions with 1,101 yards in 10 regular season games.

89. ** Brett Huffman     6-5     220     TE/DE     Massillon Washington
Huffman caught 24 balls for 300 yards and two touchdowns as a junior after snaring 24 in seven games as a sophomore. He could possibly be a defensive end in college, but I think he is an offensive player. Coach Rick Shepas feels like Huffman will be a tight end in college. He did not play much defense last year, but Coach Shepas is going to give him more time at defensive end this fall. Huffman runs a 4.65 40, and Syracuse, Pitt and West Virginia are showing interest.

90. ** Christian Haywood     5-7     180     RB     Hilliard Davidson
Haywood is one of central Ohio's rushing leaders, with 1,942 yards and 26 touchdowns last season. This is a highly skilled back with explosive speed (4.43). His first three steps are as quick as any back in the class. He is a determined runner that does not shy away from contact despite his size. If he were bigger, I would rate him a little higher. This is the kind of back that makes up for his lack of size with sheer determination.

91. ** Bryan Hartrick     6-2     220     FB     Newark
Talk about passing the look test. If you were building a fullback, he would end up looking like this. Hartrick causes defenses headaches running the belly play in the Newark offense. He took more than one belly play to the house on long runs. He shows a surprising burst of speed but needs to work on his blocking. He gets a body on his man consistently, but needs to show the same pop as when he has the ball in his hands. He has it in him. On a couple of plays, he really went after his man and ended up pancaking them. Enthusiasm for the job is, in my opinion, a key to this most thankless of positions. If Hartrick does that, I would likely rate him the top fullback in Ohio.

92. ** David Lewis     6-2     185     WR     Akron Buchtel
Lewis shows good route running skills and had 29 catches last year, which is all the more impressive because Buchtel ended up using three quarterbacks. Timing is everything in the passing game. Lewis runs a 4.6 right now, but Buchtel coach Claude Brown does a great job of working on his players' speed. This is a potential sleeper in this class.

93. ** Vincent Rivers     6-3     285     OL     Cincinnati Princeton
Rivers played next to superstar Aaron Brown and projects as a guard in college but will play tackle for Princeton this season. Rivers was already getting mail from West Virginia, Maryland and Pitt but has started working with Aaron and his father George. He has learned a lot about hard work and has lost more than 10 pounds. He played last year at close to 300. If he stays with it, that mail is likely to contain an offer once these schools get a look at him again when the season gets underway. Good upside here.

94. ** Brian Whaley     6-1     195     LB     Louisville
Bill Greene is really high on this kid, saying, "I'll look forward to seeing him get more carries at tailback. I like this kid a lot. He could have a big year on a team that should make some noise in Division II." Whaley's numbers show an awfully good defensive player, with 90 tackles, 15 tackles-for-loss, four sacks, two interceptions and seven passes defensed. Louisville coach Paul Farrah says, "He always plays with reckless abandon. He is the one kid who will surprise people this year. He is a real leader."

95. ** Jacob Ramsey     5-11     215     RB     Columbus Independence
I was first told about Ramsey by Ohio State running back Erik Haw. He said Ramsey was the next great one to come out of the City League. That was right after signing day of 2004. I never heard another thing about Ramsey until this past January when he made a real impression with a number of people at the U.S. Army All-American game junior combine. That is when I found out that he missed all of last year with a broken ankle. Haw knows a good back when he sees one. I am not going to be surprised to see Ramsey make the same kind of leap up this list that Haw did.

Jamel Miller

96. ** Jamel Miller     5-10     185     RB     Tallmadge
This is not going to be news to longtime subscribers – I don't like small backs. The reason Miller makes it over so many others is he doesn't run like a small back. He has very quick feet and changes direction like a small back – both positives – but he doesn't spend a lot of time messing around. He gets in the hole and gets his team positive yardage. You just don't see him taking as many negative yardage plays as so many smaller backs do. Miller rushed for over 3,000 yards the last two years, with over 1,700 yards last year. His 305 bench makes him stronger than a lot of linemen. Miami (Ohio) made an early offer to Miller, which he accepted in early April.

97. ** Armani Johnson     6-0     190     WR     Youngstown Boardman
This is a player to watch. He only became a receiver at around midseason. Notice you never hear about backs moving to receiver? That is because they almost never can catch the ball, but this one can. He shows outstanding hands. He really should not be adjusting to badly thrown balls the way he is already. Too many backs have a hard time catching well-thrown balls, let alone badly thrown ones. Johnson finds the ball in the air easily and looks to have an extra gear. He caught 18 balls for 279 yards in just five games. This is a sleeper I intend on keeping an eye on.

98. ** Anthony Barkhurst     5-11     170     CB     Canal Fulton Northwest
Bill Greene says Barkhurst is "the best cover corner in the NBC. Great speed and is a sure tackler. He is someone to watch in 2005. Sparked a great playoff run in 2004."

99. ** Will Armstrong     6-4     225     DE/TE/OL     Toledo Rogers
Armstrong is an interesting prospect because he is a big kid that can run (4.8 range) and is going through a growth spurt. He has added two inches and is not finished growing. Rogers coach Ric Rios has seen a few D-I prospects and feels like Armstrong is a real diamond in the rough.

100. ** Cameron Mobley     5-10     185     RB     Trotwood-Madison
Another player that has bought into Coach Douglass' program. He has slimmed down and the difference is obvious. When I first saw his junior tape, I thought I was looking at Donald Bell from last year. He is lightning quick and can cut on a dime. He is a very determined runner with good balance.

101. ** Seth Price     6-7     235     DE     Grove City
Price is an outstanding basketball player as he was OCC Cardinal player of the year as a junior. But some schools think he can be an even better football player if he were to concentrate on football only. Louisville had him down for junior day, and he will camp at Maryland and Boston College. Wisconsin, Purdue, Northwestern and Indiana all invited Price to junior days. I agree that if he did choose football, he would be much higher on this list.

102. ** John Dvoroznak     6-2     200     ATH     Lakewood St Edward
I put the tape in that I received from St. Edward head coach John Gibbons, and I kept seeing the same kid come flashing by making play after play. I assumed he was a senior since I never heard about a defensive end from St. Ed, but he wasn't. The roster Coach Gibbons sent had his name circled and a star beside it. He may not be big enough to be a defensive end in college, but what a football player John Dvoroznak is. He has great football instincts and a motor that never stops running. He chased quarterbacks, running backs, officials, ball boys ... anyone that had the ball, he chased at top speed. He can play linebacker, safety, somewhere … it doesn't matter. Someone has to give this kid a scholarship.

103. ** Jonathan Clinton     6-2     228     FB/LB     Akron Buchtel
Clinton had five rushing touchdowns as a fullback and four interceptions to go with 48 first hits. He has a good body and shows good instincts. A good summer could cause his stock to rise nicely.

104. *** Clark Crum     6-7     270     OL     Dublin Scioto
Nobody passes the look test like Clark Crum. There is no hedging on that height. He is every bit of 6-7, and that is a lean 270. I seriously doubt he could cut any fat off that frame. Crum is a work in progress. He needs to get in the weight room, and like a lot of these lineman that are so tall, his coordination needs some work but you see the potential. That is what makes this offensive line class so deep – there are so many kids like Crum that three years from now I can see fans asking me why they were not rated up there with Brown, Smith and Boren. Crum attended junior day at Ohio State and has offers from Indiana and Miami (Ohio) already. With a good camp showing, this is one player whose stock could soar.

105. *** C.J. Law     5-9     160     CB     Canal Fulton Northwest
Law was once a top-10 player in this class, and the talent is still there, but he has diabetes and it has taken its toll. I know what impact the disease can have on a person as I am a diabetic. I watched what it did to Youngstown Ursuline running back Terrence Graves, and I saw what it did to Pittsburgh Steeler guard Ed Simmons. Let's hope Law finds the right combination of medication to allow him to return to his former self.

More Ohio Seniors To Watch

Name Ht. Wt. Pos. School

Chad Schofield 6-4 310 OL Strongsville
Eric Ornella 6-2 275 OL Cincinnati Colerain
Levi George 6-2 250 OL Youngstown Boardman
Cory Palmer 6-5 305 OL Wooster
Chris Carter 6-6 330 OL Chillicothe
Chris Meenan 6-7 320 OL Wooster
Jered DeWalt 6-5 300 OL Lyndhurst Brush
Yianni Karvounides 6-3 260 OL Tallmadge
Bob Gulley 6-5 275 OL Berea
Bob Fresch 6-5 270 OL Westerville Central
Eric Gohman 6-4 255 OL Dayton Carroll
Mike Armagno 6-2 272 OL Cleveland St. Ignatius
John Paul Makrai 6-3 260 OL Cleveland St. Ignatius
Derrick Jordan 6-3 285 OL Ashtabula Lakeside
Everett Logan 6-1 300 OL Columbus Walnut Ridge
Colton Shope 6-3 275 OL Chillicothe
Nate Durig 6-4 260 OL Warren Howland
Rick Stanzi 6-5 200 QB Mentor Lake Catholic
Matt Bruggeman 6-2 190 QB Chaminade-Julienne
Josh Cupps 6-0 170 QB St. Paris Graham
Alex Early 6-1 180 QB Huber Heights Wayne
Ryan Kerns 6-5 195 WR Springboro
Clayton Coomer 6-1 180 QB Springboro
Jon Dunn 6-3 165 WR Cleveland Benedictine
Anthony Gallas 6-2 200 WR Strongsville
Christian Livingston 6-3 180 WR Newark
Marc Krauss 6-2 200 WR Hamler Patrick Henry
Dartagnan Mitchell 5-10 175 WR Shaker Heights
Bryon Albonni 5-11 185 WR/DBWarren Howland
Keith Marshall 5-10 180 WR/DBSpringfield South
Sean Redwine 6-3 230 TE Cincinnati Moeller
Dominique Smith 6-0 180 RB Miami Trace
Julian Johnson 5-9 165 RB Cincinnati Winton Woods
Cameron Campeau 5-11 200 RB Kettering Fairmont
Bruce Friesen 5-7 160 RB Cleveland Glenville
Alex Knipp 6-1 185 RB Amherst Steele
Houston Brown 5-9 205 RB Westerville Central
Darius Lewis 5-10 180 RB Ironton
Mike Kundla 6-0 202 RB Columbus Watterson
Ron Jordan 5-7 175 RB Westerville Central
Xylon Purkiss 6-1 260 FB Ravenna
Jamie Frasure 6-1 230 FB Ashtabula Lakeside
Ben Stoper 6-0 230 FB Medina
Chad Pepper 5-9 200 FB Westerville Central
Antonio James 6-4 240 DE Massillon Washington
Toby Boeckman 6-7 230 DE St. Henry
Deitrius Baker 6-1 235 DL Ashtabula Lakeside
Chris Harrison 6-4 270 DL Youngstown Liberty
Ralph Patrella 6-2 255 DT Steubenville
Marty Kern 6-0 260 DT Cleveland St. Ignatius
Brian Neff 6-3 230 DL Cleveland St. Ignatius
John Hokavar 6-5 225 DE/TE Perry
Mike Law 6-3 245 DT/OT Perry 
Mike Palmer 6-0 210 LB Trotwood-Madison
Darius Smith 6-3 200 LB/DE Euclid
Brad Gossett 6-4 220 LB Perry
Andre Porter 6-3 235 LB/DE Lakewood
Jake Myers 6-3 230 LB Clayton Northmont
Karl Finkes 6-1 200 LB Xenia
Demitrious Toombs 6-1 205 LB/SS Cincinnati Roger Bacon
Donald Laster 6-1 215 LB Shaker Heights
Dan Dowd 6-0 215 LB Cleveland St. Ignatius
Brad Stetler 6-1 220 LB Dublin Scioto
Kenneth Lamendola 6-1 225 LB Lakewood St. Edward
A.J. Clair 6-4 210 LB/DE Shaker Heights
Zack Aloisio 6-2 215 LB Mentor
Keith Dillon 6-1 190 LB/SS Newark
Kenny Owens 6-1 210 LB/FB Shaker Heights
Matt Krystofik 6-3 200 LB Kettering Alter
Mike Palmer 6-0 210 LB Trotwood-Madison
Kelvin Primm 5-10 210 LB/SS Cleveland Glenville
Derrick Smith 6-0 205 LB/SS Cleveland Glenville
Ben Kelly 5-10 180 CB Bedford
Akwasi Owusus-Ansah 6-1 180 CB Columbus Whetstone
Anthony Harris 6-2 193 S Columbus Brookhaven
Chaz Jones 6-0 180 CB Cleveland Heights
Cortez Jones 6-0 190 S Akron Garfield
Nick Secue 5-10 185 DB Cleveland St. Ignatius
Chris Lewis 5-10 175 DB Strongsville
Brandon Stephens 5-10 175 DB Strongsville
Derek Beverly 6-0 170 ATH Chillicothe
Jason Ferrell 6-1 200 ATH Columbus Watterson
Ryan Kopina 6-2 220 ATH Wooster
Kevin Bass 5-7 170 ATH Chillicothe
Alex Math 5-10 180 ATH Shaker Heights
Mark Ison 6-0 190 P/ATH Olentangy

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