Small Is Ohio High No. 6, With Video Update

Cleveland Glenville is home to one of the state's most exciting players in ATH Ray Small. Small can play any number of positions well and is electrifying on the field. He's the complete package, which is what we have for you today as we continue with our Ohio High Top 100 countdown -- Duane Long's capsule on Small, a new article on Small, and a video interview conducted this past weekend in which Small talks about his favorite schools.

Over the past several weeks, we have unveiled Ohio High's top 105 football prospects for the Class of 2006. Today, we are up to the No. 9 spot on the list. Here is Duane Long's capsule on this prospect:

6. ***** Ray Small     6-0     170     WR/CB     Cleveland Glenville
In the first three steps, Ray Small is as fast as Ted Ginn Jr. I will wait for a minute while you compose yourself and wrap your mind around that statement. After seeing some of the things "Teddy Ballgame" did last year for the Buckeyes, I know that it is hard to grasp. I don't know if Ray Small has Ted's 40 speed or his 100 speed, but those first three steps and his quickness remind me a lot of Ted as a high school player.
    Small shows outstanding vision and explosive speed as a runner. That is where I think he is at his best, but he may not have the size for the position, so I say he will be a receiver. He has that game breaking ability. I thought the same thing about Ted Ginn. I had many conversations with big Ted about it. Big Ted thought Ted Jr. was a corner. As a corner, if Ted touched the ball 20 times in a year he would be an All-American. As a receiver, he could touch the ball that many times in two games.
    That is the same way I see it with Ray Small. You have to take the opportunity to put the ball in the hands of a player that can change games as much as possible. Ray wants to be a receiver, and that could impact his decision on where he plays his college ball. Coach Ginn thinks he is a corner. It just shows what kind of athlete Small is. As I write this, Small had already received early offers from Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Iowa.

At the recent photo shoot ceremony for the Tremendous 26 for the Ohio High School Football Guide, which provides capsules for football teams all over the state (To order your copy of the guide, check out, Dave Biddle caught up with Small for the latest on his recruiting situation:   

Cleveland Glenville WR/CB Ray Small says he will be attending a lot of football camps this summer.

"Last year was about seven," Small said. "Indiana, Ohio State, Ball State and a few others. This year, I think we're going to go on a week and a half field trip and go to a whole bunch of camps. Not really sure which ones. I know we're going to the ones from last year, but we'll probably go to a few more."

Small already has an impressive list of scholarship offers.

"Ohio State, Akron, Ball State, USC, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State and a couple others," he said. "Right now, it's between Ohio State and USC."

He was asked what stands out about OSU.

"First of all, my (former Glenville) teammates," he said. "Second of all, I love (head coach Jim) Tressel. Coach Tressel's my dude. And it's my hometown."

And what does he like about USC?

"USC, I mean, just the speed," he said. "Since I was little, I always loved USC. And now it's like I have a chance to live my dream, so it's a tough decision."

Don't expect an early decision from Small. Like most Glenville players, he will wait it out and take all of his visits.

"Yeah, I think I'll wait pretty much until signing day, or maybe a little earlier if I make it to the (Army) All-American game," Small said.

Small says he does not have a preference between offense and defense.

"Nah, wherever coach feels I can play," he said. "If he says I'm better on the defensive side, I go defense. If he says I'm better on the offensive side, I go offense. But I think I'll probably end up playing offense."

We also have a video interview of Small, conducted at that same photo shoot. Small gives us his favorites and talks about what he likes about those schools. You will need Windows Media Player to check out the interview. Click Below:

Ray Small Interview

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