Nagy Is Legitimate Two-Way Talent For Hudson High

He might not be the first offensive lineman that you think of in Ohio but Bill Nagy is a pretty good one in his own right. And he does double duty as a ferocious defensive tackle. Although he says that he'll play on either side of the ball when he gets to college, Nagy would prefer to play defense but he thinks he'll be better as an offensive player.

The name is starting to become more and more familiar to football fans who follow high school recruiting in Ohio.

Bill Nagy of Hudson High School is slowly but surely attracting the interest of recruiters from all over the Midwest and more than a few of them have been to his school inquiring about him recently.

"Recruiting is going real well. The month has been going very well," Nagy said. "I've had a lot people come in (to school) and I've gotten a lot of phone calls. I have about 10 offers right now and I'm hoping to build on that over the summer by going to some camps."

Those offers have come from schools from the Big East, the Big Ten and a few MAC schools.

"I'm definitely going to camps over the summer and I'm hoping to earn scholarships from some of the camps," Nagy said. "I'm going to camps at Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame and if everything is pretty much set by the end of the summer then I'm hoping to make my decision before next season. But if not, I can wait until I feel comfortable in making a decision."

Being from Ohio, Nagy admitted to growing up as a fan of the Buckeyes.

"I like Ohio State but it's not set in stone. I'm really open to anything," said Nagy who attended OSU's spring game in April. "I still am a Buckeye fan."

At 6-4 ½ and 290 pounds, Nagy is versatile and adept enough to play on either side of the ball in college.

"It's 50-50 right now as far as the way I'm being recruited. Some schools are looking at me for defense and then offense," he said. "Personally I think I'd be a better offensive player in college but I still like defense better."

For the Explorers, Nagy plays offensive guard and defensive tackle and he has started both ways since his sophomore season.

"I play quick guard because our offense is based on a lot of pulling so I get to move and get to the second level," he said. "We're mainly a running offense. We have a bunch of different running sets but it's mostly power running. And then I play defensive tackle."

Nagy was the first freshman that 10-year head coach Tom Narducci brought up to play with the varsity.

"I played a lot of special teams in my freshman year," Nagy said. "I was actually a running back and a linebacker in my freshman year. I had pretty good speed."

And he can still move pretty well for a big man.

"I've not been to any combine or have any numbers from a combine but during baseball season I ran a 4.9 (second) forty," Nagy said. "And I can bench press 340 or 345 (pounds). I haven't really done the rep thing with 225 or 185."

On the baseball diamond, Nagy pitched and played first base for his high school. And he has played basketball through his sophomore campaign.

"I sat out this past year playing basketball but I'm definitely thinking about playing next year. I just wanted to train more and weight lift and get stronger and concentrate more on football," Nagy said. "Baseball is just fun for me. I'm a pretty good baseball player. I had a 3-1 record pitching."

Education is certainly a key factor for Nagy as he considers which universities he might choose to attend after high school.

"I want to get a good education first of all. I know that an education will take me farther than football will," he said. "And I definitely have goals of playing in the league and stuff like that but I just want to take it one step at a time right now."

Nagy carries a 3.4 GPA and is still waiting on the results of his first official entrance test score.

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