Ten Questions With Mike Hartline & Ryan Palmer

Their names have been known in recruiting circles for quite some time, and now they are both starting to see more offers come in. Quarterback Mike Hartline and offensive lineman Ryan Palmer of Canton GlenOak will be two names to follow this month as camps get started as their offer lists will be sure to rise. Bill Greene caught up with the two prospects for a Q&A. Click the link for more.

Canton (Oh.) GlenOak high school has produced some of the top football talent in Northeast Ohio in recent years, including Ohio State cornerback Dustin Fox, Ohio State wide receiver Brian Hartline, Michigan State lineman Nick Smith, and Michigan State linebacker Brandon Long. Two more Division I-A prospects are coming out of GlenOak this year -- quarterback Mike Hartline and offensive lineman Ryan Palmer -- and they already have an impressive list of suitors. We had a chance to speak with them recently for a Q&A session.

What are your current offers?

Mike Hartline: Right now, I have offers from Kent State,Marshall, Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan State and Wisconsin.

Ryan Palmer: Vanderbilt, Marshall, Minnesota and Wisconsin are what I have today.

What offers are you hoping for?

MH: There are only 3 schools that haven't offered that I would consider. Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State would be it for me.

RP: I'm happy with my offer list, but I'm hoping for Ohio State and Michigan.

If you don't receive another offer, who leads and why?

MH: I would say Wisconsin. I think that's the best offer so far. It's a place and a system I could do real well in.

RP: Wisconsin would be my choice because it's the Big 10 and because they've given me the most attention. They've called the most and they've seen me a lot.

What's next up in your schedule?

MH: I'll be going to Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame for one day camps.

RP: I'll be going to Ohio State and Michigan for one day. I've done a lot so far and it's been a lot of fun.

What are your thoughts on Ohio State's recruitment of you?

MH: I feel pretty good about it. I've heard from them that they're interested, but it seems they're being real careful on who they take. They tell me camp will tell them a lot.

RP: It's been great. I know they've offered some offensive linemen, and they're all good players. Hopefully, they'll offer me. They're good people.

Ryan Palmer

How do you look at recruiting now compared to when you were a freshman?

MH: Totally different. I used to think this would be so much fun, but it's turned out to be really stressful. I've grown up so much this past year, because I have to make a decision very soon that will stay with me the rest of my life.

RP: I've had a blast. It's been really hectic and busy, but this is a once in a lifetime experience. Joe Paterno called me one night. I still find that hard to believe. I'm hearing from people I've watched on television and that's fun.

Who is the best player you've seen at your position at the camps?

MH: No doubt, Tim Tebow. He is amazing. He's so calm and has so much fun at everything. His skills are freakish. He's really good.

RP: I'd have to say Marvin Austin from Washington D.C. He's only a sophomore and he's like 6' 4" and 280 pounds. I've seen him twice and he's amazing.

Have you set up any official visits yet?

MH: No, not right now. After all the camps, I'll see who has offered and make my decisions. I know I'll go to Wisconsin, but that's the only for sure right now.

RP: I'll wait until I see what offers I have by the end of the summer. I'm pretty sure I'll visit Minnesota and Wisconsin, but I'll know more by the time school starts.

Where will you be visiting on your own this fall?

MH: I want to see the Ohio State-Texas game. I'll probably go see Brian as much as I can. I'd like to go to the Notre Dame-Michigan game too.

RP: I'll be going to Michigan, Ohio State and probably Notre Dame on my own, unless I've made my decision before fall.

How long will you wait on the schools that haven't offered?

MH: Wow, that's a tough one to answer. Probably as long as it takes to make the right decision. I'd like to get it over with before our season starts, but it's hard to say right now. Maybe I'll take some official visits if I'm not committed by the time the games start.

RP: I'm prepared to wait a while. I'll take it slow and make sure I make the right choice.

These two GlenOak stars are great people in addition to being great players. I've had the pleasure of knowing both of them for a few years and whichever school is fortunate to land either of these guys will be quite happy.

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