Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

We had another evening chat this week as Gary Housteau stopped in to chat with fans from across the country in club chat. Read on for a transcript of the chat.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:07:39 PM)
Good evening everyone and welcome to another Thursday evening chat session. The chat is being moderated so send in your questions and I'll get to them as soon as I can. Let's hope that we can have another lively session like Steve had last week. Fire away!

BuckInIll (Jun 9, 2005 9:11:28 PM)
Good evening Gary. Thanks for holding a chat. Any Youngstown area guys coming up new on our radar?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:11:28 PM)
Good evening to you 2 BuckInIll...thanks for providing the first question of the evening to break the ice. Nothing really new happening with the Youngstown area guys. Jerome Jones from Ursuline is probably one of the bigger names being looked at along with Derrell Johnson from Cardinal Mooney. Johnson could really be a big impact guy coming over from Cardinal Mooney. Lance Smith from Howland is ready to issue a verbal soon. I talked to some of his people today and Wisc and Iowa have offered but TSUN might have some interest as well. Nothing going on with Elzy yet from Warren Kennedy and I haven't looked into Tony Reed's situation real good yet from Harding.

ImAllinPocketQueens (Jun 9, 2005 9:15:38 PM)
hey Gary, how good is Donte Whitner's brother going to be? Its kind of weird how he weighs so much more than him.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:15:38 PM)
I'm not even going to attempt that hellacious screen name but thanks for the question. I've met Dewawn (sp?) a couple of times now and he seems to be a wonderful young man...similar characteristics to his older brother. I have the utmost respect for Donte Whitner as a person and a leader then as a football player. He's a great role model for all the Glenville kids and especially his younger brother. Dewawn is much bigger and thicker than Donte but he's not very tall yet. He may end up being a fireplug in the middle of the defensive line. Very quiet and unassuming young man with a tremendous football upside. He will be a sophomore next year. The staff there is very high on him.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:17:41 PM)
The Glenville camp tour begins tomorrow with stops planned for Ball State, Cincy, Illinois, Indiana, ND, Wiscky, OSU on the 21st and Northwestern. I may have missed one or two but they are starting out on a charter bus tomorrow headed for Ball State I believe. I'll have updates provided from Ginn Sr. and Bryant Browning along the way. There are 12 Glenville kids going and then many others from other schools.

victor64 (Jun 9, 2005 9:20:10 PM)
Good evening Gary. Thanks for doing this tonight. Sounds like Haw will get very little suspension time. Do you think that he now plays against Texas?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:20:10 PM)
Hi victor 64...he'll have to earn his way out of the doghouse first. He's lucky that Mike Cochran is at Marshall now...don't know who will take over those punitive duties. I've heard a lot of good things about Wells from the people that have seen him work out this week. So Haw has his work cut out for him regardless. I look for Pittman to have a big season from the outset.

Guest (Jun 9, 2005 9:21:03 PM)
ha ha, I never lose with Pocket queens, nice one gary.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:21:03 PM)
I know many guys who have lost with pocket aces! Smile.

FLnut (Jun 9, 2005 9:22:27 PM)
Hi Gary! Any word on Conner Smith?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:22:27 PM)
I have nothing new on Smith to report other than I detect a lean to OSU from people that I've spoken to. I can't wait to see Colerain against that Texas team, especially if Smith is an OSU verbal by that time.

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 9:24:08 PM)
Gary, do you think Teddy G could experience a type of "soph. jinx" simply because coaches will scheme for him and certainly not punt directly at him? Are we too excited and is it possible his numbers will not be as impressive this year?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:24:08 PM)
Hi Dingbuck...I've seen TGII in football and track since his sophomore season and he is immune to any jinx. The bigger the stage, the better the performance. He has yet to disappoint. He is truly special. OSU fans haven't even seen full capacity from TGII.

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 9:26:48 PM)
The ace in the hole vs. TX is that it is a night game in the 'shoe. Been to three such games. Having said that, going to PSU for a night game really scares me for the upcoming season. Thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:26:48 PM)
Can't wait to experience that. I've been doing the Penn State road game since 1999 and I'm really looking forward going into that contest. Should be electrifying especially if Penn State lives up to their end of the matchup. As Helwagen pointed out however, night games on the road, haven't been good to OSU of late. The Buckeyes have their work cut out for them no question.

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 9:27:48 PM)
Any news on Irrazary and were he will end up?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:27:48 PM)
Good question Dingbuck...I'll have to check with him on that for an update.

osumack (Jun 9, 2005 9:31:40 PM)
hey gary, what are your thoughts on fred davis' possible return to Ohio? What are the chances of it happening?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:31:40 PM)
Hi's not fair to Fred to comment on the speculation of him transferring, whether that is the case or not. I've had dialogue with Coach Rios for some time now on that issue and all that I will say is that ... I don't know what to say.

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 9:32:58 PM)
NevedaBuck talks of a surprise commitment at some point. Any clue as to who?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:32:58 PM)
No but I can try to give him a phone call while during the chat to see what he can tell me. I'm afraid I'll get kicked off...I had a bad experience this past week using AOL on the road. I'll try to reach him and see what he says.

FLnut (Jun 9, 2005 9:36:49 PM)
Gary I know that it seems that coach T has become more and more selective in recruiting each year. Any chance he does not get his 20 this year?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:36:49 PM)
Hi FLnut...selective is a good word. I wish we could stop with all this pretense and let football players major in football and not try to make rocket scientists out of them. Who is kidding whom? I know that's not a popular thing to say but I don't want to become the ND of the Big Ten...I have to hear enough about academics and recruiting from those! Fact is OSU cannot and will not offer certain borderline guys that they may have been able to in the past. I think OSU needs 20 or more to balance out the classes. We shall see how things look after camp.

osumack (Jun 9, 2005 9:40:05 PM)
With EJ Underwood, Reggie Arden, and Brandon Maupin supposedly not coming back to the football program next year, how does that change the recruiting priorities this year, if it all?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:40:05 PM)
All three are on defense. I think we have all been expecting the worse for Underwood for some time now. Maupin improved enough to become eligible for spring ball but it looks like they can't save him any longer. Arden is news to me from the message boards tonight. I'll have to confirm him. And I've also heard of another name that keeps teetering into dangerous academic territory. Let's hope these guys get it sooner rather than later going forward.

skeelo (Jun 9, 2005 9:43:01 PM)
gary is robert rose a strong buckeye lean ......... he is a very hard recruit to read

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:43:01 PM)
Hi skeelo...I have to tread gingerly on my strong lean comments because some of you guys have a cow when any of us, especially me, give any strong indication like that...but to answer your question...yes... and you are right he is hard to read. But guys like Small and Rose know that I know what they don't want anybody to know right now so it's kind of comical when the topic comes up. They are sincere in looking at what other schools have to offer but in the end...well...what do you think?

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 9:47:19 PM)
Having played intercollegiate athletics, I am quite familiar with the power of team chemistry and establishing a sense of community within a team. This seems to be something Tressel really goes after that makes him somewhat unique in the industry. Your thoughts on that and the possibility of an article sometime on all that transpires in that sense behind the scenes and even thoughts from JT.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:47:19 PM)
Guys I have been fortunate to be in YSU's locker room after big wins for many years, when they're singing their postgame fight song, and I know that team chemistry is a huge building block for any JT coached teams. At YSU he was very big into bible study and fellowship of Christian athletes and more guys than you think are involved in that aspect as well. Senior leadership and fellowship is very important with JT. I have spoken candidly with many of his former YSU players on that particular topic and most of his former players think the world of JT.

osumack (Jun 9, 2005 9:51:23 PM)
Gary, do you think Ray Small projects more as a corner or wr? What about Rob or dt? And i'm assuming both of them will be buckeyes, correct? ;)

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:51:23 PM)
Ray Small can make good things happen with a football in his hand and Glenville has been showcasing him almost exclusively on that side of the ball and probably will this year as well. Glenville had two strong corners last year in Andre Evans and Derek McBryde and both are gone to graduation but the cupboard isn't bare with talent by any means. Small will play offense this year and project as an offensive receiver most likely at the next level. I really think Rose could be a load at DT but he envisions himself as a DE. He'll get a strong look there at the next level but he certainly has the potential to move inside this coming year or at the next level. And about your last're correct!

osumack (Jun 9, 2005 9:53:57 PM)
What are your thoughts on Joel Penton? He's my pick for breakout player of the year on defense.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:53:57 PM)
Penton would definitely be a bonus if he were the breakout player of the year but I've heard so many good things about David Patterson from some of the people that have to block him...I see him as the breakout player of the year. David Patterson and Quinn Pitcock are the two guys on the line that give the offensive linemen the most fits according to the people that I talk to.

Guest (Jun 9, 2005 9:58:11 PM)
Gary, Do you know where things are with TG running track for OSU. Is he still planning on doing it down the road? Do you think not running this year could have any kind of negative impact on him?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 9:58:11 PM)
Irb asked about TGII running track in the future. Ginn Sr. thought that his son really needed this offseason to focus on all aspects of his football career be it training properly, eating properly, etc. and track just did not fit into the equation. I think you will see TGII running track next year if all goes well on the gridiron and in the classroom for him. Track is definitely a secondary sport for him right now but when you're as talented as he is, it's like riding a bike...except the hurdles are higher on the new bike! Smile! It's a positive situation for him this year not running track.

osubuckfan (Jun 9, 2005 10:01:48 PM)
hi gary........sorry if its been asked....i just jogged on but how much impact do you think the hiring of butch reynolds will have on recruiting?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:01:48 PM)
Hi osubuckfan...not a tremendous amount. We discussed that before Chris Wells committed to OSU. His position on that is that he will provide information when requested but he ultimately feels that the decision is up to the kid. The kids know who he is so that is an influence in itself but he's not outwardly using his position with the kids to promote OSU and I don't think it will change much in the future.

fairbornlawyer (Jun 9, 2005 10:05:47 PM)
What is the summer schedule for the Buckeye Football squad before they open up camp? How much can incoming freshmen participate in the "voluntary" workouts at the WHAC?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:05:47 PM)
Hi's nice to see some of these new names that we don't see in the day. I don't have the technical answer for that question but guys are pretty much welcomed to work out at the facility prior to camp on a "voluntary" basis as much as they care to I believe. Some even before they commit to a university. Steve can give you the company answer to that but I believe if it's not a supervised workout with the regular staff then they can have carte blanche privileges in the facility. But I do know you're likely to run into current or former players working out in there all the time so they can take you under their wing...such is the case with Maurice Wells.

TheWarden (Jun 9, 2005 10:08:01 PM)
This may have already been asked but what's your take on Ausberry and give me a percentage chance, seems 50 - 50 between who else but OSU and USC.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:08:01 PM)
That's what it seems like but I haven't spoken to him like I had with Ryan Williams in the past and knew there was a genuine family interest there. I hear OSU is in good shape with Reuland or they were before Ballard committed because of his love for the Buckeyes. I don't know if Ausberry has that same passion because I haven't spoken to him yet. I tend to think someone with his immense potential will not be allowed to get away from USC but that's pure speculation on my part.

Guest (Jun 9, 2005 10:12:50 PM)
Gary, Is there anything the average fan (or a group of average fans) could do to change the pro-michigan feeling in the Warren area?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:12:50 PM)
Hi not really. And it's really sad. I think those kids need to understand better that if Michigan recruits them they will end up back in Warren recruiting other kids to Michigan, but if they go to OSU they will end up with a postfootball career and comfortable life in Columbus. I don't have any data on this but I have to say that most out of state football players at Michigan don't live any where near Ann Arbor when their playing days are done. That's what is what is sad about the Boren situation. His dad moved back to Columbus and Justin will do the same thing. I really hate to lose Manningham and now Boren...those are top level Ohio kids!

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 10:19:45 PM)
Sorry if I accidently sent half a question earlier. I am pro-Zwick simply because of following his recruitment for so long and the comparisons to Art Schlicter who I loved. I am not anti-Smith but I am just not sold on him yet. His early career so parallels Steve Bellisari who blew up vs. UCLA and made us think we all had the next great QB but then we endured so many ups and downs. Smith seems like he could be prone to the same thing, almost too athletic for his own good. Thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:19:45 PM)
I've always been a believer in JZ as well and I really think he got a raw deal overall last year. Let's look at the time line. He won the job out of spring and then summer camp. He was stuck in a pathetic pre TGII offense and I believe he set some kind of sophomore passing record against Marshall...didn't he?? Granted Troy is more charismatic and is the genuine leader of the team because he became the leader. Sure he has talent and you can't argue with the success he had against Michigan. But TGII made everyone better on offense including the person calling the plays...all of a sudden. I think he would have made Zwick better equally as well. I still believe Zwick is an improvement on anything Krenzel gave to the offense in his tenure. And Zwick can pull it down and take off when the pocket collapses. And I thought after everything he endured, he still acquitted himself immensely with his performance in the Alamo Bowl. I'm just glad OSU has two solid QBs to count on. As long as JT continues to trust the talent he has at his disposal.

Guest (Jun 9, 2005 10:22:50 PM)
Do you have any updates on any of the kids from Pennsy that you are tracking ?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:22:50 PM)
Mulder asks about any of the Pennsylvania kids that I've been tracking and really I've only been in communication with Wesley Lyons to this point. I really think he'd seriously like to go to Miami but in the end will end up at OSU. He likes OSU too much and it's too convenient for the family...bottom line. And if Devon has a large year, it will cement a commitment to OSU. I liked a few PA kids that I saw for the first time at the Akron combine put on by scout but I've yet to really pursue any of those guys to this point.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:24:10 PM)
If there is nothing else...I guess I don't have the magic that Helwagen had last week...but that's just Steve being Steve! Any last questions before I call it a night?

MtBuck (Jun 9, 2005 10:27:17 PM)
What are the chances ESPN gets turned down for the Texas game?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:27:18 PM)
Hi MtBuck...I'm not sure I understand the question but if ESPN wants to have their gameday at OSU for the Texas game then I say bring it on. It's time to move on. Clarett has. You can't condemn the entire network for that actions of a few at their magazine! I say come on down!

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 10:30:26 PM)
Who are the leaders of this team that one might not hear as much about, say, like a Thomas Matthews?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:30:26 PM)
I know that Donte Whitner is a tremendous leader to the younger kids...he might be one guy. I know Troy Smith is very much a leader on the team. D'Andrea is a leader by example and work ethic.

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 10:32:19 PM)
hey, Gary, what's transpired between your brother Ray and Deanna, was it?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:32:19 PM)
Thanks for asking Dingbuck...they actually got married a couple of weekends ago and I got to bash with Rob and Amber. They were in the wedding party. A few of the other Racers were there as well. And let me tell you...Kelly was smokin' and she didn't even have a cigarette in her hand. Smile! The show didn't do her justice?

Guest (Jun 9, 2005 10:34:56 PM)
Gary- What is the latest on Coleman?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:34:56 PM)
neohiobuck is asking about Coleman I assume from Claymont...Kurt Coleman... I like Coleman and Williams and think we're in there solid on both guys.

TheWarden (Jun 9, 2005 10:38:08 PM)
How much PT will Maurice Wells get this year, it sure seems like they're going to need him a lot. Also, I'm of the opinion that as good as this year's team is, OSU's better chance at a national title and better team will be next years, your thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:38:08 PM)
Hi Warden...again...people that saw him recently can't say enough about him. He will be in the mix game one...he has to be. I agree with the second part but I surely would like to see A.J.Hawk and Bobby Carpenter and Nate Salley and Santonio Holmes make a solid run at it this year. I think the offensive line is only going to get better and better every year going forward so that makes the Buckeyes solid for years to come. You know the defensive talent will continue to be there.

MtBuck (Jun 9, 2005 10:39:25 PM)
The fact that OSU is waiting til August to make a decision says a lot.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:39:25 PM)
If you're talking about Coleman MtBuck...I think they're just taking their time with him and Williams and making sure they're solid in all aspects on and off the field.

TheWarden (Jun 9, 2005 10:41:20 PM)
Marcus Freeman needs to play this year, and play a lot. Do you see OSU going to a 3-4 sometimes to get all those stud linebackers on the field at the same time?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:41:20 PM)
Freeman has to play Warden, he's a beast. I see them doing whatever they have to to get Freeman some playing time...maybe even move Carpenter inside on occasion. But I like Carpenter where he's at. Freeman can and will play.

Dingbuck (Jun 9, 2005 10:42:50 PM)
For clarification, Coleman is actually from a school called Northmont, which goes by Clayton Northmont. I attended that school in my early educational days. Just a few miles due north of Dayton.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:42:50 PM)
I stand looks like I consolidated Clayton and Northmont by accident....Claymont! Smile. That's what happens when you don't think before you type.

Steve-O (Jun 9, 2005 10:44:55 PM)
Thaddeus Gibson, Steve Brown and David Ausberry...where do they end up?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:44:55 PM)
Hi Steve-O...Gibson Ohio State is in good shape...Steve Brown?? can you help me with him...not registering you mean Aaron Brown??... OSU is in good shape with Aaron Brown...Ausberry...I really don't know but it sounds like the Bucks are in decent shape with him.

JT (Jun 9, 2005 10:46:41 PM)
Care to comment on Gene Smith's plans for the Athletic Dept?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:46:41 PM)
Hi JT...that's a Steve Helwagen question. I like the fact that he seems to be checking with the other JT guy when it comes to scheduling in the future. I think JT just might be the new associate AD! Smile! Rember he was the AD/Head Football Coach at YSU. Bring on the 'Guins!

Steve-O (Jun 9, 2005 10:47:20 PM)
Steve Brown...defensive back from Indianapolis.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:47:20 PM)
Sorry can't help you with him at this time.

rtfld23 (Jun 9, 2005 10:50:42 PM)
Hi Gary, what are you hearing about any improvements Zwick may have made during the offseason so far?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:50:42 PM)
Nothing physically that I know of...I just know that he is going to put his nose to the grindstone and make a run at it. Don't count him out. Again I like both of these guys I just don't think Zwick should be discounted as much as he seems to be by everyone. I haven't spoken with Rick Shepas lately, who has moved on to the D-III coaching ranks, and he usually gives me an update on Zwick's mindset and physical status when I ask.

Guest (Jun 9, 2005 10:52:30 PM)
No. I'm talking about the OSU announcement that came out recently concerning the decision whether to allow ESPN to come on campus for the OSU v. Texas game. To me, making ESPN wait til August sends a powerful message.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:52:30 PM)
Sorry about that...I got my questions mixed up...I'm still trying to find Claymont on! I say they get the message and it's time to bury the hatchet and move on. I know that's a simple answer but you can't buy that type of game day publicity that game day brings to town.

Steve-O (Jun 9, 2005 10:54:57 PM)
If you had to pick one linebacker...Ross Homan or Thaddeus Gibson.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:54:57 PM)
wow...good question...I have to go with the upside of Gibson but I love everything about Homan...if he was 6-3 he would be everybody's All-American. The fact that he will get an early jump at OSU gives him the early edge over Gibson if Gibson should ink a letter with OSU in due time. I think if his academics are in order..Gibson will be a Buckeye.

rtfld23 (Jun 9, 2005 10:56:52 PM)
Gary, how are Lenix's grades doing?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 10:56:52 PM)
Hi rtfld23...whos in right field that's number 23? Lenix has some work to do academically no question. It obviously has more to do with his core GPA and even class ranking situation. Technically he has passed muster with the clearinghouse. He will work hard on what he needs to get done. He understands the ramifications better now than he ever has.

labuck (Jun 9, 2005 11:00:25 PM)
7:45 out here in LA. I love theses early evening chats. I don't mean to continue the anti ESPN rant that has been going on but being out here where USC is the ultimate f-ball power, we hear so many things that never get out about the team. Last year a lineman was waving a gun around and suspended for the year. Players were accused of cheating on schoolwork. This year the rumor is that 1/3 of the team has grades issues. While I'm not sure of the accuracy of that number, two players are leaving for a supplimental draft. The latest is a strarting defensive back whose is now leaving the school after being accused of rape and the police finding over 200 ex pills in he and his roommate's (another USC player) room. I have not seen Bob Lee and ESPN's "Outside the Lines" out here yet. Would love to hear your opinion, if you have one, on this selective reporting that is frustrating to us Buckeyes on the west coast

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 11:00:25 PM)
Welcome've said a mouthful..God bless you! I don't know what it is about Ohio State getting their proper respect from any of the media outlets. Just the fact that OSU is so disrepected in the preseason rankings, IMO, is disgusting. It is what it is. What more can I say. Some of this self-inflicted stuff the OSU players keep doing to themselves, no matter how it pales in comparison to what you've alluded to doesn't help the cause. That should all give this team an even firmer resolve next season.

VirginiaBuck (Jun 9, 2005 11:04:37 PM)
Gary, A lot of talk about which Ohio Qb is going to get offered. Do you think they even need to take one this year? It appears they could get away without one if there is a stud available the following yr. If they do take one, there could be a log jam at Qb at some point and someone will transfer and ultimately be in the same boat as if we didn't take one this yr. Thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 11:04:37 PM)
Hi VirginiaBuck and welcome to the chat tonight...I think OSU needs to take one QB be it in state or not. I think Demitrius Jones is a name that can't be ignored at this time but I have a gut feeling that Hartline will get an offer. I don't know why but he has such a tremendous upside at 6-6 with a strong arm and a football mentality. He can be an absolute monster in three or four years. And he's a great athlete, like his big brother, and he even has a nasty disposition to him, unlike his brother. Both of them are the ultimate competitors. I just feel it coming. He knows the staff too well and they him the same. It's a matter of time...that's my thinking. And he'll surely commit...maybe on the spot.

labuck (Jun 9, 2005 11:06:30 PM)
Does the hiring of Butch Reynolds help us with Devon Torrance (I hope I got the name correct)? I thought I remembered reading that they work together. Or were we in good shape with him anyways?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 11:06:30 PM)
No because Ohio State doesn't need any help with Devon Torrence. He's a fine young man and he loves Ohio State as Duane and Bill have told us all so many times. I can only concur those sentiments. He's a great looking athlete but I haven't seen him in person on the gridiron yet. I hope to this year and have to reserve my ultimate judgment till then.

Steve-O (Jun 9, 2005 11:07:34 PM)
What do you know about Kenny Lamendola (St. Edward's LB)?

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 11:07:35 PM)
To be honest with you he's not on my radar at this time...if he played last year then I've seen him but he wasn't the main LB for them last year if I'm not mistaken.

GaryHousteau (Jun 9, 2005 11:10:23 PM)
Guys, thanks for the strong second half...we kind of died out in the middle but finished strong. It's hard to follow a legend like Helwagen on these night chats. I appreciate everyone who took the time to as a question or review the chat. We hope to offer these night time sessions periodically in the future. I'll catch you at a later time. Have a great weekend. And send in your entry to the North South contest if you haven't done that already. It's getting close to the time where we pick the winners. Hope to see you at that game. Go Bucks!

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