Try Bucknuts For Father's Day Gift Ideas

Trying to figure out what to get dad for Father's Day? We might have some ideas at Bucknuts that might help you out. Read on for more.

Still trying to find a present for Father's Day? Maybe we have some things that dad might like. From subscriptions to shirts to all sorts of strange trickets, check out our store to see what may be in store for dad:

Bucknuts Total Access Pass/Bucknuts The Magazine  The Total Access Pass is a great deal for Buckeye fans. For one price, you will get ten issues of Bucknuts the Magazine in addition to access to members-only content, members-only message boards, chats, access to network recruiting information, premium articles at other sites, and more! For $99.95, you will get one year of the online access as well as ten issues of the Magazine. 

If you are not interested in taking a one-year plunge, you can purchase access to the online content at a 3-month rate for $29.95 or a one month rate for $9.95. Or, you can purchase a single subscription to the magazine for $39.95 a year. Bucknuts the Magazine is an 80-page, full-color monthly magazine published ten times a year that brings you special features and stories from the Bucknuts staff that you can't find anywhere else. Click here to subscribe! (Issue pictured will not be included in new subscriptions. You must order by July 15 to get the next issue)

Ohio High Magazine  Ohio High Magazine brings you coverage of high school sports from around the state of Ohio, with a focus on football and football recruiting. In Ohio High, you'll find Duane Long's high school football prospect rankings and analysis, updates on the top basketball recruits across the state, our players of the year in each OHSAA sport, in-depth features on teams and players from different sports, and more! Ohio High is currently produced five times a year, with 80-page issues coming in the summer, winter, and spring and 48-page interim issues in the autumn and between the winter and spring sports. A subscription costs $29.95. Click here to subscribe!  (You must order by July 9 to get the August football preview issue; orders after will start with November interim issue)

Note -- for both Bucknuts the Magazine and Ohio High, subscriptions will start with a future issue. You must order before the listed deadline to get the next issue, or the subscription will begin with the issue following that.

The Store


If you're looking for neat Buckeye gifts to get for dad, we have some stuff for you. You can find clothes, hats, DVDs, books, jerseys and much more inside the store. Click below to check out some of the goodies in our store:

Click Here For Bucknuts Store | Members-Only Entrance (Discounts for premium members!)

For some of our feature items, read on:

Buckeye Glory Days  A new book/CD combo from Eric Kaelin, Buckeye Glory Days takes you back through the great moments in Buckeye history and has an accompanying CD with some of the great radio calls and interviews of the past so you can hear what it was like when it happened. For more on the book, click here. $29.95

The Ten Year War  The Ten Year War: The 225 pages (approximately) of ten Classic Games Between Bo and Woody is a blow-by-blow account of those fantastic clashes. Book will not be arrive until August $23.99


Golf Shirt  Dads like golf. Dads like the Buckeyes. Dads would love to golf while thinking about the Buckeyes. Golf/polo shirts are available in the store for $32.99 (pictured right) or an all-white one for $34.50. 

Buckeye Banner  Display your OSU pride for the world (or at least whoever is nearby) to see. Banner is 3' x 5'. Let it fly wherever you want people to know you are a Buckeye.   $32.00


Beyond the Gridiron: The Life and Times of Woody Hayes  If you are a fan of OSU history, this program is definitely a must. This presentation of WOSU-TV chronicles Woody's rise at OSU and also documents the times that shaped him, from World War II to the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. This is available on VHS ($14.95) and DVD ($19.95).

Buckeye Classics  You can now get each volume of the award-winning Buckeye Classics series on DVD. ($119.94 for the whole set, $19.99 per individual DVD)


The Rest of the Iceberg  Ex-OSU running back Robert Smith takes a look inside the world of sports and celebrity in this new book. Smith provides insight on what it's really like for celebrity athletes and discusses the relationship between athletes and fans. Available in paperback ($19.95) and hardback ($35.95).


Friday Nights In America  A look inside some of the most well-known programs and hardest-hitting high school football games in the United States. This DVD looks at the rivalries, the games, and the teams as it provides you with the pageantry and passion that boiled under so many big games. DVD ($19.95).



1968 National Championship DVD -- Ohio State vs. USC  What a unique product for Buckeye fans -- the 1969 Rose Bowl game telecast between Ohio State and USC in its entirety. This DVD contains the complete 1969 Rose Bowl game, with coverage from NBC Sports, without commercial interruption, presented in fullscreen (1.33:1) digital video  This is available on DVD ($19.95).


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