Davis Has Yet To Decide Between Football, Hoops

Before he decides on what school he will eventually attend, Nate Davis of Bellaire High School will have to decide on what sport between football and basketball that he will participate in at the next level. Davis, who admits to liking basketball a bit more right now, has a cannon for an arm and considers himself to be a pocket passer. Any interested school should consider itself lucky if he should decide that he wants to pass from the pocket for them.

It's the middle of June before his senior year and Nate Davis of Bellaire High School is busy spending his time practicing for football and basketball.

He still hasn't been able to decide which sport he will participate in at the next level.

"I'm busy going through football workouts with our team and coaches and I'm playing basketball," Davis said. "I might go play in an AAU tournament in Vegas in July but I'm doing football drills with our football team now."

Davis has plans to participate in some 7-on-7 passing drills this summer in Cincinnati and Canton and he'll also play in a few basketball tournaments this summer in Canton.

"I'm really undecided right now. I still don't know what I'm going to do yet," Davis said. "I like basketball and everything and I like football, but I like basketball more. But I just don't know yet."

If the actual recruiting process is any indication for Davis, then it's clear which sport is the better option for him between the two.

"A lot of schools want me in football and that's why I don't know yet," he said. "I'm still weighing my options to see how this summer goes for basketball because in football everybody wants me. If I had to choose right now and I had to sign with someone, I'd have to sign in football because there ain't no one really after me for basketball."

Right now Davis has scholarship offers in football from Indiana, Toledo and Bowling Green while schools like Marshall, Cincinnati, Kent State, West Virginia, Penn State, Virginia, Ohio University and Ohio State have all shown a strong interest in his services.

Davis has frequently been referred to as being one of the ‘Big Three' quarterbacks in Ohio this year along with Mike Hartline and Miles Schlichter, who are all right at the top of an above average quarterback crop in the Buckeye state this year. But it's guys like Davis and Hartline that lend some star potential to the overall class of signal callers in Ohio this year.

"See I didn't know that. I really didn't know that," said Davis who genuinely seemed unaware of his value as a quarterback recruit, especially if he would make a commitment to the gridiron sport. "I really don't have any positive plan yet but I'm just weighing my options to see if someone else should offer."

In a way, Davis seems to be involved in a proverbial ‘Catch-22' situation. Some of the bigger programs might actually be waiting for him to make a commitment to football before they're willing to offer while Davis is waiting for more offers to justify his worth as a football player.

"I'm really interested in Toledo and Indiana right now because they've shown me the most interest," he said. "I'm not limiting other schools at all but I haven't gotten the bigger offers yet."

Davis will do his best to possibly coax a scholarship offer from Ohio State when he attends their senior camp this summer, one of the many that he intends to participate in.

"I hope to put on a good show (at Ohio State)," he said. "I've been working hard on my football skills."

And at 6-3 and 220 pounds, Davis has all the requisite skills you would look for in a pocket passer and more.

"Yeah I'm a pocket quarterback. I like to stay in the pocket, I don't like to run," he said. "If I have to run I'll get you a couple of yards but the one thing that I think I'm the best at is that I can really throw the ball. I have a strong arm."

Many in Bellaire consider Davis to be an upgrade from his talented brother, Jose, who himself was a versatile athlete and quarterback at the school nearly a decade ago before going on to play college football at Kent State.

"He's been a big influence on my career," Davis said. "All of the camps that I'll be going to, he'll be going with me."

Eventually Davis plans to make his decision on which sport he will pursue before seriously considering any offers from whatever schools.

"I'll make that decision on what sport by the end of summer," he said. "And if it's football I'll decide sometime before the signing date. But I want to see how I compete against these other guys (at football camps) and that will tell me what I want to do."

And once he decides which sport it will be, he doesn't plan on playing the other sport at the next level.

"I will not play two sports in college," Davis said. "I'll have my final decision before the end of summer and that's it."

Davis, who has recorded a 16 on the ACT to go with his 2.7 GPA, has some big dreams beyond college but knows that he first needs to have an education to fall back on.

"I want to move on to the next level after college, whether it's football or basketball," he said. "And if I don't then I want to be come a teacher."

His baseball career is a thing of the past now but Davis will give track a try in his senior year.

"I want to throw the discus," he said. "I've been practicing with it but I have no technique. I'm just doing it with pure strength."

And with a cannon for arm like Davis has, that's a good thing.

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