Lenix Now Ready For Next Chapter To Begin

Although he's steadfastly held to his intentions of becoming a Buckeye when he gains his eligibility, Freddie Lenix of Glenville High School and a member of the 2005 recruiting class at Ohio State confirmed his plans for yet another time. Shortly after having a stellar performance at linebacker in the North-South Classic, Lenix talked about the game and his future with Gary Housteau.

Despite hearing a lot of recent conjecture and speculation to the contrary, nothing at all has changed in the plans for Freddie Lenix from Cleveland Glenville High School.

He'll likely spend the fall and winter at a community college in Cleveland trying to fulfill the necessary academic requirements that he will need to enroll on scholarship at Ohio State by the spring quarter.

Lenix confirmed as much after the North-South Classic at Crew Stadium in Columbus on Saturday.

"I'm real excited. Just because I have a little delay it's not going to stop me from doing what I'm going to do," Lenix said. "I'm still happy about my choice, I'm still going to be strong, and I'm going to stay up (in Cleveland) this summer, fall and winter and then come back down here in the spring."

He sincerely believes that the time spent alone without football next year will help him develop more as a student and as a football player.

"It's definitely going to help me. It's going to give me more time to mature," Lenix said. "It's going to give me an extra year to mature so that when I get down here I'll be used to the college classes and used to waking up and going to class. And I'll be even more ready to play football. So I'll be good."

It's the only real option for Lenix at this point and his word as a man and a father is riding on the outcome.

"It's so important because, like I told people before, I promised ever since I had my son that I was going to finish college and do all this," Lenix said. "So I'm going to keep to my promise and do all this. And my son is the main person that I promised."

The North-South Classic was just the latest chance for Lenix to showcase his abilities on the gridiron to Ohio State fans who are certainly hoping the Lenix lives up to that solemn promise.

"It felt real good tonight. It gave me a chance to show some more people what I'm going to come down here and do when I finally have my chance," Lenix said. "The crowd turned out nice and they showed us a lot of love and it was real fun. I played with some people that I played against in high school and I got a chance to know them over the week and it was real fun. I loved it."

Academics aside, Lenix has continually proven that he's deserving of receiving a football scholarship to a school of the caliber of Ohio State and the North-South contest was no exception to that.

"A lot of people have doubted me because of my size but week by week, and every chance I get, I prove everybody wrong," Lenix said. "But a game like this shows me what I'll be going up against in the future and I'm ready for it. And I'll really be ready for it in a year from now."

Only time will tell. Lenix is still slated to play in the Big-33 game in July before he begins his orientation into the real life beyond the halls of Glenville High School. It's actually a make-or-break time for Lenix and he seems determined to make it at Ohio State.

"I still think about it a lot. There's still that burn down there," he said. "Even though I ain't going to be playing football this year and I can't train with my team, I'm still going to be lifting just as hard as them - I got my weight book - and running. The only thing that I can't do is hit. I'll be working on my stance, catching balls and all of that. I'll still be acting like I'm down there. Ain't nothing going to change for me because the burn is still there."

And the Ohio State staff as well Ted Ginn Sr. will monitor his progress regularly in the interim.

"They're (OSU staff) going to have full contact with me," Lenix said. "And Ginn already got everything planned for me. He's going to be on me like I still go to Glenville. I just have to make it happen."

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