Lyons Still Hasn't Decided Between OSU and Miami

Just two recruiting seasons ago, Devon Lyons picked Ohio State over Miami and he has yet to crack the starting lineup for the Buckeyes. Devon's younger brother Wesley would really like to play early and he thinks he might have a better chance to do that at Miami. Does either school really have the edge? And will Lyons be camping at Ohio State this weekend?

When you consider the amount of times that Wesley Lyons Jr. has been to Ohio State over the past year and even this off-season already, it's not a big surprise to learn that he has not nor will he be attending any of the summer camp sessions at Ohio State.

Lyons will actually be attending a 7-on-7 passing camp with his Woodland Hills teammates at West Virginia this weekend.

"I was just at Ohio State last weekend helping my brother (Devon Lyons) move into his new place," Lyons said. "I watched some of the camp that was going on and I talked with Coach Daniels, Coach Tressel and Coach Hazell and I worked out some with Lorenzo Davis while I was there. (Davis) played for Tressel at Youngstown State and for the Steelers for a bit and he's a friend of my dad's. He was coaching at the camp."

With the offers that he has already secured, Lyons would rather not expose himself to any risk of an injury by attending any of the individual camps.

"The coaches, especially at Ohio State, know all about me by now," he said. "And there's always the chance of being injured by someone that's going all out at the camp still trying to make a big impression on the coaches."

Lyons has already made his impression on the schools that have the most interest in him, namely Ohio State and Miami.

"There's Florida, Oklahoma, Miami and Ohio State. Those are my four main schools," Lyons said. "Oklahoma has shown a lot of interest lately.

But out of the four, OSU and Miami are clearly his top two choices and one of them will most certainly be his final destination.

"The way that I'm looking at it now is that Miami has a few receiving positions open because they had a lot of guys leaving," Lyons said. "I think I could have a chance to play early there. And I like their coaches and I like the weather.

"At Ohio State, they have so many receivers there and I'm really looking for some early playing time. So I don't really know yet. I'm not really sure what I'll do right now."

There's no question that Miami is the more intriguing choice of the two for him but Lyons likes just about everything there is to like about Ohio State.

Over the course of the past year he's gotten know fellow Keystoners Rory Nicol and Kyle Mitchum pretty well, but Lyons knows most of the guys on the Buckeyes pretty well already.

"Devon's going to live with Albert Dukes and maybe Shaun Lane and they're all really nice" Lyons said. "And then there's guys like Santonio (Holmes) and Ted (Ginn) and they're all real cool. There's a lot of great people there."

But Lyons has also spoken regularly to Andrew Johnson and James Bryant from Pennsylvania that go to Miami.

"They say that Miami would be a great opportunity for me and they have small class sizes," Lyons said. "I grew up with Andrew and we played pee wee football together on up. Me and him and Ryan and my brother all grew up together."

But despite all the claims that Miami is the team to beat for his services, Lyons says that he honestly hasn't made that determination yet.

"I'm undecided at this time," he said. "I will take my visits and decide either after the season or sometime during the season. But it won't be at the beginning or before the season starts."

His off-season has literally flown by already and his schedule is pretty full in the coming weeks ahead.

"After this weekend at West Virginia, I'm going with my brother and my mother to South Carolina to celebrate the 4th of July and then my team has a passing camp the following week at Georgia Tech," Lyons said. "And on Aug. 8 our team goes away for our own camp to start the season and when we come back we start doubles."

But Lyons has already put a lot of work in to get ready and he's feeling good about his senior season. In addition to playing wide receiver on offense, Lyons will rep some at corner and safety on defense this year.

"I can tell I'm a lot faster in the 7-on7's. I can run past the DBs now," said Lyons who packs 206 pounds on to his 6-feet-6-inch frame now. Just for comparison sake, Lyons played at 185 pounds last season.. "My legs are a lot stronger now. I can squat 275 pounds for 12 reps. And I can catch the ball real well."

Lyons and Darrin Walls and some of his other teammates as well have all been working in a new quarterback real hard for next season. Walls, who is considered to be one of the top cornerback prospects in the entire country, will also play some at running back and in the slot on offense for the Wolverines. Walls is likely to choose between Michigan and Notre Dame.

"He was just at Notre Dame three weeks ago and then he went back two weeks ago," Lyons said. "So he's really interested in Notre Dame from what I can tell."

And what may be an even better indication of that is the fact that Walls now plays with Notre Dame in his NCAA College Football video game. He used to always play with Michigan.

So what team does Lyons use when he's playing the same game?

"When my brother was home in the spring I was Miami because he was Ohio State," he said. "Now I play with Ohio State."

It will be interesting to see if it plays out that same way for Lyons in the fall or not.

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