Schlichter, Connor Smith Discuss Camp

Two of the top prospects at OSU's first senior advanced camp session yesterday were OL Connor Smith of Cincinnati Colerain and QB Miles Schlichter of Washington Court House Miami Trace. We have updates on both today, including word from Smith on when he will be announcing a decision.

Most of the big names were expected at Saturday's senior advanced camp at Ohio State. But a few also showed up Friday, including Cincinnati Colerain offensive lineman Connor Smith, and Miami Trace quarterback Miles Schlichter.

"It's going good," Smith said Friday during a break. "I'm having a lot of fun; it was nice meeting with the coaches."

Smith seemed to be spending a lot of time speaking with head coach Jim Tressel and offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Jim Bollman.

"They're great guys; great people," Smith said. "I like them a lot."

Smith says OSU feels like home to him.

"Yeah, of course it does," he said. "I've grown up liking Ohio State, so I like being here a lot."

The one knock you hear from some recruits is that OSU's weight room is not up to par with a lot of the top programs. But Smith does not share in that assessment.

"I do like the facilities," he said. "They're doubling the size of their weight room and everything, so they're just going to be getting bigger and better."

The temperature was over 90 degrees in Columbus on Friday. But you didn't hear Smith whining about it.

"It's not too bad," he said. "I guess I'm just used to the heat for this time of the year."

Smith says OSU is his final stop this summer in terms of camps.

"Yeah, this is the last one," he said.

And, the question everyone wants to know: When will Smith make his decision?

"August 1," he said.

* As for Schlichter, he feels he put on a good performance Friday for all the coaches and scouts in attendance.

"I'm throwing real well today," Schlichter said. "I haven't thrown too many bad balls."

Every few minutes, a college coach would approach Schlichter. They seemed to enjoy what they were seeing.

"Yeah, a lot of them are coming up and saying hi and seeing how everything is going and just watching me throw," Schlichter said.

Schlichter might not land at OSU, but he is going to be a nice find for a MAC school, if he decides to go that route. Miami University is one school that he has his eyes on.

"Yeah, I like coach (Shane) Montgomery," Schlichter said. "He does a good job with the quarterbacks. Other than that, I'm open to just about anybody. I don't have a top five or anything like that. I'm open for a while."

Schlichter hopes the scholarship offers will begin rolling in soon.

"I went with the Glenville crew camping and the way it worked out was a lot of people wanted to see film and a lot of people wanted to wait a little bit and see what happened the rest of camp," he said. "But a lot of people liked me and they said good things should be happening soon."

Schlichter talked more about Ted Ginn's bus tour.

"It was all right," he said. "The bus ride was probably the worst thing. I don't like long bus rides. But it was a great opportunity. The kids from Glenville and Benedictine and Strongsville and a lot of other places up there in Cleveland, they're great kids. It was a great thing to do. I got to know a lot of people. Coach Ginn is a great man for doing stuff like that for kids."

And there's no break in the action for Schlichter. When you're trying to earn the scholarship offers you want, going around the country is a necessity.

"I leave here to go to Las Vegas for the Elite 11 tryout and then I fly back to Ohio to go to OU's camp," Schlichter said. "And then, from there, I'm going to go to Michigan State and that might be just about it."

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