Other Wayzata Linebacker Also Likes Ohio State

Last season James Laurinaitis of Wayzata High School in Plymouth, MN earned the chance to become a member of the Ohio State football Buckeyes and this year it's Tommy Becker, Laurinaitis' fellow linebacker in the middle of their defense, who certainly wouldn't mind earning a chance to come to Ohio after this year if things would work out that way.

Although he might be better known right now as the guy who played linebacker alongside James Laurinaitis in the middle of the defense at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, MN, Tommy Becker attended Ohio State's senior camp hoping to make a favorable impression on the same coaching staff that recruited his former Trojan teammate last season.

"Ohio State is one of my top five choices," said Becker, who went on to list Minnesota, Iowa State, Michigan State and Oklahoma as the four others. "Growing up I've always been a Buckeye fan and a fan of the Big Ten. My brother lives in Columbus and I also have a connection with my teammate last year, playing linebacker next to James Laurinaitis who committed here last year. But the Buckeyes and Minnesota have always been my two favorite."

As of now, Minnesota is one of his three offers along with Iowa State and Eastern Michigan, but he's not really sure of what the situation is for him with Ohio State.

"I know that they're interested in me," Becker said. "Doc Tressel was at my school during the month of May and then I received a phone call from them in June, so we'll see what happens."

Becker had a great relationship playing together with Laurinaitis in high school and he wouldn't mind having the same opportunity some day at the college level if that opportunity presented itself.

"I learned a lot from James and I know that he learned a lot from me and we pushed each other really hard," he said. "I think that's what helped make our defense great last year because we both were great athletes and we pushed each other hard. I know he's going to have a great career here and I'm going to go off and have a great career somewhere else or maybe here. But he's a talented player."

At 6-1 ½ and 240 pounds, his measurements recorded at OSU's camp, Becker is a pretty talented individual in his own right. Last season he had 139 tackles on a 12-2 team that was the state's AAAAA runner up. Wayzata lost to the same Minnetonka team during the regular season and in the state championship.

"I like to make big plays and I like to make big hits," Becker said. "I'm a hard-nosed blue-collar kind of guy. I bring the swagger to the table and the defense kind of feeds off of me."

With Laurinaitis no longer at his side, Becker will have to step his own game up a notch in his senior campaign but he knows that he's ready for it.

"It's a different team and a new look so we're going to move on," Becker said. "James was last year and this is this year so we're going to try to do some better things this year than we did last year. We want to win the state championship, no doubt. That's what we're going for. We were second in the state last year and we're looking to take it all this year."

And individually, Becker has no specific time frame in mind to decide on which school he will eventually attend, be it Ohio State or any other university, after high school.

"I really don't know. I feel like I could commit tomorrow or I could wait until the end of the season," he said. "I'm just going to make a decision when it feels right. I'm pretty much open to anything right now but Ohio State is a school that I'm definitely interested in."

Becker, who said that A.J. Hawk is currently his favorite Ohio State player - no offense to Laurinaitis of course, saw the OSU campus for the very first time when he came to camp.

"This is my first time here at Ohio State," he said. "It's amazing. It's a great campus. I'm going to go on a campus tour with Doc Tressel right now."

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