Rowell Qualified and Ready for Action at Iowa

According to Chris Rowell, he is academically qualified.

Class of 2005 signee Chris Rowell has taken the ACT on multiple occasions in order to solidify his qualifying for college at Iowa this fall. He even studied for several hours a week in preparation for the SAT test he took a few weeks ago.

Rowell recently learned that he didn't need all of that extra work, as his improved work in the classroom paved the way for his qualification into Iowa.

"Yeah, I made it," an excited Rowell told on Wednesday. "Turns out that I didn't even need an improved test score, as the classes that I retook this spring, I did real well in those and that pretty much was all that I needed to do."

Rowell had told us this past winter that he was taking the standardized tests over ‘just in case' his core grade point average would need a better test score.

Prior to his learning of qualifying at Iowa, Rowell ventured to Iowa City with future teammate and fellow Cleveland area native Trey Stross to work out with the Hawkeyes for a few weeks.

"I am in Iowa City right now, and have been here for a week or so with Trey," Rowell said. "It has been great to get to meet everyone, and to be a part of the team. Now that I have qualified, it has made it even more enjoyable."

As has been a consistent theme when talking with Rowell, he once again cited the people of Iowa City as a breath of fresh air compared to how things are back home.

"Everyone in this town has just been so welcoming and it just feels like a place that you would want to call home. I am real glad that I get to do that for the next four or five years."

The 6-foot-1, 175-pound Rowell will likely play corner or safety for Iowa, with safety being the safest bet.

When covering Rowell last fall and winter, two common attributes accompanied his name: speed and hitting prowess.

He hopes to be able to make an impact on special teams early in his career and work his way up the ladder.

"Like I told you before, I am coming here to pay my dues, but that does not mean I am not going to give it all that I have from day one. I am doing that right now. I want to play. I am not thinking about a redshirt right now, but if that happens, I know the coaches have the best things in mind for me and my career. But I am not just going to come in here with that thought. I want to play."

Rowell will be returning to the Cleveland area shortly and will rejoin his teammates when they report for camp in August.

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