Oden, Mayo Visit with ESPN

With America's No. 1 player, Greg Oden, in the fold, Buckeye fans are hanging on his every word. Oden joined ESPNews for a Friday interview, along with Cincinnati North College Hill's OJ Mayo. In 2004-05, Mayo became the second sophomore in state history to win Ohio's Mr. Basketball Award (LeBron James). He is ranked as the nation's premier underclassman.

Greg Oden – the star 7-foot center from Indianapolis and Ohio State verbal commitment – and Cincinnati North College Hill's OJ Mayo joined ESPNews for a late Friday afternoon interview. Here are some highlights:

Oden on 7-footer Andrew Bynum being selected 10th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2005 NBA draft directly out of high school:

"He's a big guy. He must have a lot of potential."

Oden on his prospects of eventually going to the NBA:

"I don't know. First I want to go to college and when the time comes, we'll see."

Oden on what he can do that Bynum can't:

"I don't know. I've never really seen him play."

Mayo on what he thinks about when he sees high school players getting drafted in the first round:

"I've played against Gerald Green (selected 18th overall by Boston) and I did pretty good against him. I just need to get a lot stronger and mentally prepare myself for the NBA."

Mayo's thoughts on the new age minimum in the NBA:

"I was surprised. I guess it's just something that happened that has made collegiate basketball a lot more exciting."

Oden's thoughts on the new age minimum in the NBA:

"I kind of knew it was going to happen. But right after it, the first thing I thought about was committing to Ohio State."

Oden on how the new age minimum has impacted him personally:

"I really don't worry about it. I have another year of high school, so that's all I'm worried about."

Mayo on how the new age minimum will affect him:

"It really won't affect me, because the whole time I wanted to go to college (said it with a straight face; might be a good poker player as well). Right now, it's just going to be tough to narrow it down to one school, because I can only go to one. As of right now, my eyes are open and I'm just going to see what's best for me and my family."

Mayo on what schools he is in contact with:

"None right now. I'm just a sophomore, gonna be a junior, so I haven't had the chance to talk to any schools."

Mayo on how he will decide the best school for him:

"Just the fan base, the coaching staff, academically. And just how far it is from my home. I would like to have my mom and my siblings come watch me play."

Oden on his thoughts about playing in the NBA after his Ohio State days:

"I hope I can make it. And I hope I can make an impact on a team. I don't even care which team it is."

Oden on how many years he thinks he'll stay at Ohio State:

"I don't know. First off, I'm going to get my education. As for basketball, however it long it takes for me to be NBA ready (I, for some unknown reason, believe Oden will stay at OSU for two years. But everyone else in the country heard his previous statement and went, ‘Translation: one year.')."

Oden on what went into his decision to attend Ohio State:

"Just the distance, I love the coaches, the players. Plus, Mike (Conley Jr.) and Daequan Cook are going there."

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