Captain's Corner: Random Thoughts

It's a quiet week at the Captain's Corner, so Jerry is checking in with a few quick thoughts on the upcoming season. Read on for more.

Football season is right around the corner. The Buckeyes are working hard and getting that nervous feeling that comes before every season. Just a few random thoughts…

· Will Pittman/Haw be enough? Will one of them step up or will both of them step up? I don't care if we have 5 great wide receivers or 15 great wide receivers; we need to run the ball. We need to set up the 2nd and 6 situations. We need to move the chains on 3rd and 1.

· Will Holmes be good or great? He has proven himself to me. I think Santonio is one of the elite players in the country. Ginn will get his attention, and Santonio needs to have an All-American type year. He has All-American potential, not just All-Big Ten potential. Santonio has to have a special season.

· How quickly will the offensive line gel? Yes, we know about Mangold and Simms. Boone? Datish? Barton? Downing? We don't have time to feel things out and get comfortable with Miami, Texas, SDSU, and Iowa right out of the chutes.

· Can we stay healthy? While we have the depth at receiver, quarterback, safety, linebacker, etc., we can not afford to get banged up. While the future looks extremely bright with our second-teamers, these players are not Holmes, Smith, Whitner, and Hawk at the present time. Those are the horses that will get us to Pasadena in 2005. Our key returners are on a different level when compared to our maturing and emerging youngsters.

Turnovers, special teams, and of course just catching a few breaks are probably more meaningful than those bullet points, but those questions need to be answered.

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