Captain's Corner Audio: Types of Running Backs

The Buckeyes will need someone to step up at running back this year, and they have three candidates in Antonio Pittman, Erik Haw and Maurice Wells. Each brings a different style, but which style is best? In today's Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry Rudzinski debates power runners and scat backs.

The running back position will be an area of much focus this season for the Buckeyes. There's always plenty of talk about what type of running back is best for the OSU offense -- the big, power back or the smaller scat backs -- and in recent years, the Buckeyes have had both.

Which one is best, or is it best to have one of each? In today's Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry Rudzinski discusses the different types of backs and the advantages that come for each one. Today's file is just over 3 minutes. Click below to listen:

Captain's Corner Audio - 7/11/2005

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