Bucknuts Radio Excerpts: Joel Pennington (Pt. 2)

In the second installment of a new feature called Bucknuts Radio Excerpts, we have part two of a very interesting interview from a recent Bucknuts Radio Hour with Joel Pennington, who wrote a book called "The Ten-Year War", which details this period in the OSU/UM rivalry. In today's segment, Joel talks with Steve Helwagen about the memorable games from the second half of that ten-year era. Click the link for more.

Each week, we air the Bucknuts Radio Hour on 16 radio stations across the state of Ohio as well an ad-free version online each Wednesday afternoon. We want to highlight various sections of each show so more people can take a listen.

Today, we have part two of an interview with Joel Pennington, who will be releasing a book called "The Ten-Year War: Ten Classic Games Between Bo and Woody" which looks back at the Ohio State/Michigan football rivalry between 1969 and 1978. In the first part of the interview, Joel covered the first few games of the Ten Year War, and in today's segment, we are on to the second half of the era. 

Click below to listen:

Bucknuts Radio Excerpt - Joel Pennington

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