Photo Gallery - Early Pictures From Hershey

Tuesday was actually the first day in pads for the Ohio squad during their paces for the Big 33 contest on Saturday night in Hershey, Pa. Bucknuts own Gary Housteau was unexpectedly in Hershey at just the right time and filed this initial photo session that was taken after the morning practice came to a conclusion.

Photo Gallery - Early Pictures In From Hershey.
Ohio State, once again, is well-represented with a solid contingent of All-Stars set to participate in the Big 33 contest.

Andre Amos pictured with his Buddy.

Brian Hartline with his Buddy.

Todd Denlinger with his Buddy.

Lawrence Wilson with his Buddy.

Brian Robiskie with his Buddy.

Rob Schoenhoft with his Buddy.

Austin Spitler with his Buddy.

And Andrew Moses posing with his Buddy.

Some other notables from Ohio involved in the Big 33 All-Star game:

Mario Manningham with his Buddy.

Curtis Smith with his Buddy.

And Javon Ringer with his Buddy.

Manningham was picked to race in a 40-yard dash against a longtime representative from the Buddy contingent, who started the race off with a 25-yard advantage.

The speedy Manningham made up some ground but couldn't quite catch his swiftly moving opponent at the finish line.

The future University of Michigan star was a good sport in defeat.

Before they left the practice field, the Ohio State guys got together for a group photo.

And that prompted the University of Cincinnati recruits to get into the act.

The same for Michigan.

And then Michigan State.

Bryan Williams, Ohio's lone Pitt representative, wasn't about to be outdone and made his own group photo.

But his celebration was quickly dampened by Tim Reed, the lone West Virginia representative from Ohio.

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