Big 33 Video: Highlights of Ohio State Players

As is often the case, a group of Ohio State-bound football players made their presence known in Saturday's Big 33 game. The main performers for this year's group included MVP Rob Schoenhoft, wide receiver Brian Hartline, cornerback Andre Amos, and linebacker Austin Spitler. We have several minutes of video clips for you today of the top plays from the group of Buckeye players in this game. Video footage courtesy of the Ohio News Network WHTM ABC 27 Harrisburg (Pa.).

In part two of our video feature from the Big 33 game, we have a look at the key plays made during the game by the OSU-bound participants. Quarterback Rob Schoenhoft was the game's MVP, while several other Buckeyes made a big impact. 

Jersey numbers of OSU-bound players: 4 - CB Andre Amos; 12  - QB Rob Schoenhoft; 15 - WR Brian Hartline; 51 - LB Austin Spitler; 56 - OL Andrew Moses; 80 - WR Brian Robiskie; 84 - DE Lawrence Wilson; 92 - DL Todd Denlinger

  • Clip 1 features some fine passing from Rob Schoenhoft, catches from Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline, and Austin Spitler and Andre Amos on defense 
  • Clip 2 features an interview with Rob Schoenhoft as well as some defensive plays by Amos and Spitler
  • Clip 3 features a long pass play from Schoenhoft to Hartline along with some commentary on Hartline by ex-NFL and Penn State QB Todd Blackledge, some passes defensed by Andre Amos, and a fumble recovery by Lawrence Wilson
  • Clip 4 features Blackledge's thoughts on Schoenhoft, plus more defense from Andre Amos (an interception), Austin Spitler and Lawrence Wilson and a look at Brian Hartline and Brian Robiskie
  • Clip 5 features a commentary from Blackledge on Brian Hartline, as well as the key plays at the end of the game, including Lawrence Wilson's big sack. The clip ends with Rob Schoenhoft's MVP presentation.

To watch the videos, you will need Microsoft Media Player. Click here to here download the most recent version of Media Player. Click below to view the videos:

Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4 | Clip 5

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