Small Already Has That Knack For Making Big Plays

Pick your poison. Ray Small is probably Glenville's most familiar receiving threat but he's certainly not the only one that opposing defenses will have to account for. Small will line up as a wide receiver this year but he'll get a few rushing attempts and he'll return some punts and kickoffs during the course of a game as well. Small has his recruiting list narrrowed down to five schools and Ohio State is still right there at the top.

Big things come in Small packages and that's certainly the case at Glenville High School this year, where Ray Small is likely to be one of the most exciting players in the entire state.

At 5-11, 175 pounds, Small has the kind of Ted Ginn Jr.-like ability that should make him one of the most sought after players in the entire country by the end of the season.

Although it's a down time in general with recruiting for everyone, Small has kept pretty busy from just checking his electronic devices periodically.

"As far as the recruiting goes, I mostly get text messages all day now, probably until September when they can call me," Small said. "That's pretty much it."

But he's narrowed his favorite list down to about five schools at this time.

"Ohio State, USC, Florida, LSU and North Carolina," Small said. "It's pretty much still open for right now and I might change it, you never know. But for right now that's pretty much my top five."

And if recent years are any indication, being a top recruit from Glenville automatically equates with occupying a spot in the current recruiting class at Ohio State. But like most of the other Tarblooders before him in his situation, Small is determined to check out some of what the rest of the country has to offer first.

"Ohio State is always up there. It never changes no matter what college I say that I like or whatever," Small said. "It's pretty much the same all the time."

Small's senior year is just about on course to mirror that of Ted Ginn Jr.'s sophomore season at OSU. Heavy on the offense with a little defense sprinkled in when needed, if any at all.

"Coach Ginn said I'll play a little bit of defense unless he needs me full-time," Small said. "But I'll play mostly on offense this year and on punt return and kick return."

Semantically, the speedy Small will be identified as a wide receiver in Glenville's offense but he'll have his hands on the ball on a few running plays as well.

"I'll be a receiver/running back type," said Small who was once a promising young running back when he first played at Lakewood St. Edward in his freshman year. "Basically I'll be a receiver in motion or a slot back, whatever you want to call it. I'll probably run a few stretches or something outside, but not too much."

Wide receiver is the position that he thinks he will play when he goes to college. Small honed his skills as a wide receiver during the college camping tour that he went on this summer.

"That's mostly the position that I work at," he said. "I feel that I can be better at receiver at the next level."

He's really fast and very elusive in the open field. Small ran a 4.25-second 40-yard dash time at a Nike camp he attended. And he's a pretty good route runner now as well.

"Most of it's speed and quickness," Small said. "And now I'm using a lot of the techniques that I learned from every camp that we went on. I pretty much have it down but there's still some stuff to learn because I'm still in high school. But I pretty much think at the next level I'll be a receiver."

Small hasn't quit running since Glenville's football season ended in a loss to Canton McKinley in the state semifinals last year. He was a member of the school's track team that won their third-consecutive state D-I title in the spring.

"We never stop running, so I'm pretty use to running," he said. "I'm as fast as I've ever been right now."

In fact Small thinks he's fast enough to beat a former Tarblooder teammate of his who is already regarded by some as one of the best players in all of college football this coming season.

"Right now I think I can get him," Small said referring to Ginn Jr. "He might get me in the 100 but in the 40 I think I can get him."

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