Captain's Corner Audio: Position Shifts

Some players may not take to kindly to position changes, but in this day and age, position shifts in college football are commonplace, and it might even be recommended to players that they learn how to play multiple positions. In today's Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry Rudzinski talks about why position shifts are important, not only for a team, but for a player's future. Click below to listen.

This time of year is a time for football teams to prepare for the upcoming season, but it is also a time for coaches to sort out what players fit best in what areas. Position changes will happen, and in today's Captain's Corner Audio, ex-OSU captain Jerry Rudzinski talks about the significance of those changes.

Today's Captain's Corner Audio runs around 2 minutes, 45 seconds. Click the link below to listen:

Captain's Corner Audio - 8/9/05

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