Helwagen Chat: Aug. 12 Archive

Here are excerpts from Steve Helwagen's Chat session from Friday afternoon. He conducts these Chat sessions each week for Bucknuts.com subscribers. Remember, Bill Conley will Chat at 3 p.m. Monday and OSU assistant basketball coach John Groce will Chat at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

JimC (Aug 12, 2005 3:09:42 PM)
Hi Steve, How are the new coaches fitting in (Beckman)?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:10:38 PM)
The DBs like their new coaches well enough, I understand. This is a nice development. I thought Tucker was really good. But after Dantonio left, he was alone coaching 4 DBs and a nickel back. This way they really can narrow it down and teach on every play. I think that will be a huge bonus.

murfinatl (Aug 12, 2005 3:10:45 PM)
Steve, appreciate the chat. With Homan in, and if Gibson commits, do we need more LBs?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:11:40 PM)
Good question. The numbers are somewhere in the middle there, especially if Lenix is able to get in for the winter as hoped and planned. I think if they have a chance to get a great one from OOS or Moeller from Colerain, who they also like, then maybe they do it.

JimC (Aug 12, 2005 3:11:45 PM)
Will Ashley enroll in Dec/Winter quarter?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:13:04 PM)
I have not talked to him. If there is a new development with him, I have not heard it. I did hear he would be a Prop at USC or maybe he was denied admissions. I assume his plan now is to get his academics in order, maybe re-test in the fall and go in somewhere by spring ball. But if it's OSU, that would be good. They obviously wanted him through signing day last year and they need big help at DT with Maupin out and Green leaving.

murfinatl (Aug 12, 2005 3:13:19 PM)
From the Picture Day photos Boone is physicaly impressive. We have heard he is a special talen. Is he good enough to crack the 2 deep during the first half of the year, or is that asking too much of a lineman?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:14:12 PM)
I watched him in the all-star game in Cols. and was extremely impressed. Saw him for a few brief minutes on Monday and he looked good there, too. If this move of Sims to guard (in place of Datish) so Rehring can start is true, then Boone may be in the two-deep within a matter of days.

redondo (Aug 12, 2005 3:14:27 PM)
Hi Steve - News this week was that Incarnato quit the Notre Dame team. When an athletic scholarship player quits the team, given that the player wants to stay at that school does he/she retain the scholarship for any period of time, or do they relinquish the schollie at the time they quit? When does that Schollie revert back to a vacancy the team can re-issue? Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:16:07 PM)
Good question. All depends on the circumstances. Rarely does a player who just quits a team keep his full ride. They may let them finish that academic year and then say he's on his own. With this happening before school even started, my guess it's the coach's call. The staff may also hold out hope (like Robert Smith in 91) that the player will agree to come back, so they coddle him a bit. ...

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:17:40 PM)
Another way to handle this is the medical waiver. Some kids like Backes are driven by injury to give up the sport. In that case, he keeps the scholarship and it immediately reverts back for the school to re-issue it. If Incarnato is quitting over a spat with Weis and no injuries are involved, he may be on his own for paying for school at ND. The football program will certainly want to re-issue that scholarship if it's true that he will never play there again.

osubuck1 (Aug 12, 2005 3:18:04 PM)
no ryan palmer in the recent Ohio top 50. Do you agree with that?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:19:25 PM)
Those were Scout's rankings. From what I know, Palmer is still a possibility for an OSU offer. Duane Long has him at No. 17. I know he had early offers from Minnesota and Marshall, maybe more since then. I did not read Bill Greene's story on GlenOak on the front page.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:19:49 PM)
Although I'm sure it is a great article (ha ha), it's just been pretty hectic around here lately.

JimC (Aug 12, 2005 3:19:54 PM)
Any news on the medical red-shirts for Turano and D'Andrea? If Turano gets another year, will he be the punter this year?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:20:37 PM)
D'Andrea said he hopes to know within a month. Turano's case was so bleak it sounds like somebody at OSU never got around to appealing it. I could be wrong. I would not hold out hope there.

murfinatl (Aug 12, 2005 3:20:45 PM)
Do you think Aston coming in as a preferred walk-on is the reason Anderson Russell has moved to defense? Do you see Aston spending any time on the field this year?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:21:08 PM)
I doubt it. Between Pittman, Haw, Wells, Schnittker, I think they've got the group who will play this year.

redondo (Aug 12, 2005 3:21:15 PM)
Hi Steve - I sensed some angst over the future state of the D-line. Is this in some way a recruiting shortcoming?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:22:21 PM)
No, they do have some bodies in the pipeline with Abdallah and Cotton and Denlinger and maybe Ryan Williams and then possibly a Robert Rose (Duane sees him as a DT in 2-3 years) coming in. But with Maupin gone and Green gone after this year and Pitcock after next year, they probly do need 1-2 good DTs in this class.

BuckeyeDave (Aug 12, 2005 3:26:03 PM)
How many starters do you see Ohio St losing after this year and how do the prospects for replacing them look?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:26:36 PM)
They haven't even played a game yet in 2005 and we're worried about 2006? That's OK, that's what we're here for -- that kind of in-depth analysis (ha ha). ...

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:28:28 PM)
OK, offensively, they would lose FB Schnittker, TE Hamby, C Mangold and LT or LG Sims. Johnson would replace Schnittker, Nicol and Frost replace Hamby, Cordle replaces Mangold and Boone or Datish or Mitchum or Person or somebody would replace Sims. I think they're in good shape there. Of course, Holmes could also leave for the pros a year early, but they have Hall, Gonzalez, Dukes and others right there waiting. Ginn, as Reecie proved, can't go nowhere. ...

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:29:43 PM)
The offense looks good. The defense, not so good. They'd lose DE Kudla, DT Green, all 3 LBs, FS Salley, CB Everett and maybe even CB Youboty a year early to the pros. That's as many as 8 guys leaving. ...

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:31:41 PM)
Their replacements would appear to be: DE Patterson, Wilson, Worthington or Gholston, DT Patterson or Penton or Cotton or Abdallah, OLBs Freeman and Terry, MLB D'Andrea (if he's back) or Hoobler, FS Nick patterson (everybody loves him) or Mitchell (if he goes for his doctorate ... ha ha), CB O'Neal (could be this year anyway) or Amos or Lane or Underwood or Welch. There are bodies there, but that's too many guys to break in during one year.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:32:38 PM)
With Smith and Ginn back to power the ship, I'd say a nine- or 10-win season is a possibility. Playing at Texas will be hard. having Michigan at home in '06 would help.

redondo (Aug 12, 2005 3:32:41 PM)
Hi Steve - One of my layperson's impressions of last year's team was that perhaps at least one loss could be attributed to a first year D Coordinator growing into and learning the position. I guess I could see that happening again, but I may be just a voice in the wilderness. What are your thoughts? Can the talent and experience of this year's team overcome a learning curve, or do you not see a learning curve?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:35:05 PM)
I think you make a good point. They had no idea what to do with Iowa. I was told one team insider knew that result was going to happen before it did. NW was also a funny joke. They converted about 10 third-and-10's. OSU is not supposed to be a proving ground, and it would be short-sighted to put everything at Snyder's feet. They were beat up against Purdue, so they didn't have a full complement of DBs (Fox and Salley sat that one out, I believe). But I like Heacock. He is a veteran. He's seen it all. Beckman will be a big aide in that regard, too. He did a nice job at BGSU.

osudrinker (Aug 12, 2005 3:35:35 PM)
From the way Ginn has been talking it seems that everyone is not seeing all of the ways he will be used this season. Do you see them saving a lot of formations offensively and defensively for the Texas game with Ginn the primary player?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:37:46 PM)
Man, you can see right through the smokescreen, huh? That's my gut feeling too. Watching that Alamo Bowl reinforced my thoughts that he really needs 15 touches a game (5 runs, 5 catches and 5 returns perhaps) to get the 2-4 chances he needs to turn a game. Some may depend on how Zwick does in the opener and whether they think Smith's head is right to go right in there vs. Texas as to how much they lean on Ted. But I agree. He's the number one offensive weapon, perhaps, in all of college football. I think they'll find ways to get him involved as much as they can.

shortnorfBUCK (Aug 12, 2005 3:42:27 PM)
Hey Steve - does anyone on the team stand out as having developed physically the most during the offseason?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:43:15 PM)
Man, Vernon Gholston looked like a beast to me. Troy Smith added 10 pounds. He may be running over small LBs and DBs this year in the open field. Jimmy Cordle came in around 270 and is now around 300. It is a fit group. Everybody bought in.

JimC (Aug 12, 2005 3:43:18 PM)
Will Cordle get red-shirted this year?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:43:45 PM)
No, doesn't look like it. They will be grooming him to replace Mangold and also to give Mangold some rest. They really liked Cordle in the spring, Bollman said.

mulder (Aug 12, 2005 3:43:54 PM)
How do you see Roy Hall being used? If not a TE, he seems to be more of an H-back or something along those lines. Is there some way to get him creatively involved?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:44:58 PM)
If Ted has to play a lot on defense, maybe that's an opening for Dukes or Hall. Hall would be more of a SE or, as you say, an H-back or flex TE. He has so much athletic ability, but he needs to strive for a consistent effort, I guess.

mulder (Aug 12, 2005 3:45:03 PM)
How much playing time do you see for Ben Person and Kyle Mitchum? These guys seem almost forgotten.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:46:07 PM)
Yeah, they do. There seems to be more buzz for the true freshmen Cordle and Boone than for those redshirts. I know the coaches love the depth they have, though. If they're among the 7-8 best, I think they'll get time. Didn't look good that they weren't in the 2-deep after spring, but that may have just been a message from Bollman to them for them to step it up.

mulder (Aug 12, 2005 3:47:36 PM)
How does Marcel Frost look? Is this his breakout year?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:48:43 PM)
Possibly, the role of the TE was diminshed with the spread late last year. My guess is they will try and go back to the I-formation at times. I liked what I saw of Frost in the spring. He just needs to put it all together. Funny that he and Hall came from the same school (Brush) and you can say just about the same thing on both of them.

shortnorfBUCK (Aug 12, 2005 3:49:01 PM)
Who of the redshirt freshmen would you predict will step up the most this year? Every year it seems like we forget about the guys who redshirted, but a couple always surface with meaningful minutes.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:50:42 PM)
Key redshirts: Haw at TB has to play some at least, Dukes at flanker but it is a crowded WR corps, Trapasso obviously at punter, Nick Patterson backup at safety, Alex Barrow at DE, maybe one of those OL (Person, Mitchum or Skinner).

BuckeyeDave (Aug 12, 2005 3:50:51 PM)
Who is most likley to redshirt this season?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:53:26 PM)
Tressel noted it's usually 50-50 for those who play and those who RS. This is strictly a guess. I think O'Neal, Amos, Hartline, Wells, Cordle, Boone, Worthington, Wilson play. Jenkins, Schoenhoft, Pettrey, Washington, Laurinaitis, Russell, Spitler, Robiskie, Williams and Denlinger redshirt. Just a guess.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:55:04 PM)
Keep in mind, this is a moderated Chat. All questions come to me and I post them as I come up to them and prepare to answer them.

DaytonBuckeye (Aug 12, 2005 3:56:35 PM)
Steve, I work with Andre Amos's Aunt her at the corporate center for Lenscrafters in Cincinnati. She told me that she received a call from him and the coaches told him he was definately going to see some playing time on the field this year. He thought he was going to red shirt and was shocked when the coaches told him he will see the field pending on practice of course. GO BUCKS! She gives me weekly update on how he is doing.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:57:38 PM)
He really played well at CB in the 2 all-star games. He could be another 2-way player before it's all said and done. The kid competes. He contained Manningham in the Ohio game, then had an INT and 4-5 breakups in the Big 33. I think that caught the coaches' eyes.

osudrinker (Aug 12, 2005 3:57:51 PM)
Iam big fan of players to redshirt. The problem I see is that every recruit wants to play early, especially the great ones. If you start reshirt almost all the freshman I think it sends a messege to all prospects that you can't play until atleast a year down the road. Does this hurt some of the big programs like OSU to reshirt 4 star type players out of high school?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 3:59:26 PM)
Oh, I don't know. I think coaches make the best decisions they can for the kid, his future and for what is best for the team in that given year. If they start worrying about "sending a message" by RS decisions, that's getting too deep, I think. It helps that they had 1 of the most dynamic freshmen in the country last year with Ginn and he put them back on the map nationally down the stretch. That told recruits from California toFla. you can play at OSU as a freshman if you're a great one like Ted.

shortnorfBUCK (Aug 12, 2005 3:59:50 PM)
Did all the incoming freshmen come "as advertised" matching up to their supposed height and weight listed during their recruitment?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:01:00 PM)
I really can't answer that. I have not stopped to correlate one list with the other. They all passed the look test to me. Hartline may be a larger version of Anthony Gonzalez. Wilson and Worthington and Boone are nice looking athletes. Take the roster for what it's worth -- Cordle is listed at 275 and says he is now 300.

bucks4fun (Aug 12, 2005 4:05:35 PM)
Hi Steve, any more to report on a Bucknuts tailgate party for the Texas game?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:08:11 PM)
We are working on the plans for it. There will be an announcement and space will be limited. I imagine it will be open for the first group of people who respond. My guess is we'll allow subscribers to bring one guest. This will not be made open to the public (i.e. nonsubscribers). Only those who get an RSVP from us will get the exact time and location, etc. and go on the guest list to receive food or drinks at the event. Sorry it has to be that way, but we can't exactly entertain 8,000 people, either. It will be a nice event, I'm sure. My hope is we give subscribers as much as a one-week notice before we tell them where to apply for access to the event.

mulder (Aug 12, 2005 4:08:40 PM)
Do you have any recruiting tidbits for us - anything to whet our appetites for what may happen in the next couple of months?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:09:29 PM)
No, this is a quiet time almost once kids start practicing. They don't come up to watch practice. The next big burst will be for the opener and the Texas game, I imagine.Duane has a nice story on the front page about an LB they apparently have offered from Fla.

JimC (Aug 12, 2005 4:14:13 PM)
When does OSU start mailing the tics out?

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:14:59 PM)
I dunno. I got my tickets for the Sept. 25 Loggins and Messina concert already. Great seats, too (ha ha). My guess is any time, especially for the opener with Miami. Single-game tickets may come later on.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:16:39 PM)
Anything else today????

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:18:30 PM)
Those of you on monthly subscriptions, you may consider upgrading to annual. By doing so you get one-year free of The Sporting News and the book Ohio State Unforgettables. If you do it by Monday, you'll be on the mailing list for the October issue, which contains GREAT Dave Biddle features on Bobby Carpenter and Connor Smith and much more.

JimC (Aug 12, 2005 4:18:40 PM)
Steve, What do you think of Tressel's responses to the media. He seems very confident and direct in his answers.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:19:45 PM)
Yes, I think he is quite pleased with the physical progress of his team and the leadership he is seeing from the seniors and people like Santonio Holmes. I think he is letting himself dream that he has another 2002 on his hands. Hey, they won it in 1954 and then did it again 3 years later in 1957. Lightning could strike twice.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:20:42 PM)
Guys, I'll also put in a plug for Bill Conley's Chat on Monday at 3 p.m. and assistant basketball coach John Groce at 9 p.m. Tuesday -- two great events.

SteveHelwagen (Aug 12, 2005 4:20:54 PM)
If there is nothing else, I am going to run.

osudrinker (Aug 12, 2005 4:20:57 PM)
thanks Steve

Guest (Aug 12, 2005 4:21:00 PM)
Thanks Steve. GO BUCKS!!!

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