Wells Shares Deep Relationship With Mother

Running back Chris Wells of Akron Garfield looks as intimidating physically as any high school football player you'll find. But underneath it all, Wells and his mother Paulette admit that Chris is a "mama's boy." The OSU commitment has a strong relationship with his mom, who couldn't be more excited that her son will be wearing the scarlet and gray. Bill Greene brings more today on the relationship between Ohio's top prospect and his mother. Click the link to read.

In Friday's scrimmage between Akron Garfield and Canal Fulton Northwest at the Rubber Bowl, Garfield running back Chris Wells was the best player on the field, as he usually is. Wells had a spectacular 70-yard touchdown run, along with several other nice runs (I've seen Wells play six times and he's had at least one touchdown run of 50 yards or more each time).

Naturally, the comparisons are being made between Wells and former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett. On the field, they are very similar, but off the field they are quite different.

"I don't put up with any attitude from Chris, or any of my kids," said Paulette Wells, Chris' mother. "He does his chores around the house just like all the kids. He does the dishes and cuts the grass.

"It would be fine with me if Ohio State puts him to work down there," she said with a laugh. "Maybe he could cut the grass for them or something like that. I like to see my kids busy."

It's highly doubtful that Chris Wells will be mowing grass at Ohio State, but there's no doubt Jim Tressel will have him working and staying busy. Chris is scheduled to graduate early from Akron Garfield and plans on reporting to Ohio State in January to start classes.

"Chris took courses this summer to make sure he could graduate early," Paulette Wells said. "I can't tell you how excited we are to have him going to Ohio State. There was some talk about Michigan -- not from me, (but) because Chris' uncle, Billy Taylor, played there in the seventies. But there wasn't too much talk about Michigan around me because most of my family are all Ohio State fans."

How big of an Ohio State fan is Paulette Wells? How about remodeling her home in scarlet and gray?

"Oh yes, we redid the house in scarlet and gray," she said. "We have new gray siding, and the awnings are red. Our roof is also red and gray. Chris went and did his room in the same colors."

When asked when she would be in Columbus, Paulette Wells said the family would be there on September 10 for the Texas game.

"Oh my, I can't wait for that game," she said. "The Texas game will be huge for the Buckeyes. I'm also excited for Garfield's season. We should be a lot better this year."

Paulette Wells' face lights up when she talks about all of her children, but Chris, or Beanie, as she calls him, holds a special place in her heart.

"He's been such a good boy, never causing my husband or myself any trouble," she said. "I probably shouldn't say this, but he's really a mama's boy at heart. The only thing is he drives us nuts by always bringing somebody home with him. It's nothing for me to get up in the morning and find two or three kids sleeping downstairs. Beanie has so many friends and he makes new friends easily. He's always happy and always smiling."

This would appear to be in direct contrast to Clarett who, by his own admission, didn't have many friends and didn't trust too many people. When asked about being a "mama's boy," Chris smiled and admitted his mother was right.

"I guess I am," said Wells. "My mom means a lot to me, as my whole family does. She's the boss for me."

There are eight children in the Wells' household these days, not counting anyone Chris might bring home, and as you might imagine, they go through food at an alarming rate.

"Oh my, you wouldn't believe," said Paulette Wells. "We go through two gallons of milk and four boxes of cereal a day. Beanie eats a box of cereal by himself every day. He loves his Frosted Flakes."

In closing, we asked Paulette Wells if she had any message for the Buckeye faithful.

"Well, just tell them how excited we are to be Buckeyes," she said. "Tell them to start counting the days, because Chris is coming. He's coming to Ohio State for one reason, and that's to win a championship. He didn't pick Ohio State for his individual stats. He chose Ohio State to be part of a championship team."

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