Photo Gallery - Kirk Herbstreit Challenge

Colerain, who was written off by many after a loss in week one to St. Xavier, played a physical football game on both sides of the ball and defeated the defending big school state champion of Texas, 27-12. The Cardinals jumped out to 14-0 first-quarter lead and never looked back. Kirk Herbstreit and a cast of other famous athletes/celebrities were on hand to help kick off the featured game in the inaugural edition of the McDonald's Ohio vs. USA Kirk Herbstreit Challenge.

Photo Gallery - Kirk Herbstreit Challenge '05, Colerain vs. Tyler Lee

What started out as a dream of Kirk Herbstreit's came to fruition as Friday Night Lights - Ohio Style!

Earl Campbell and Archie Griffin were the honorary captains for their respective home-state teams.

Nick Lachey was on hand to help kick off the innaugural event.

Lachey was practicing for the official coin toss in this photo.

Lee captains

Colerain captains

Herbstreit was introduced at midfield... was Lachey.

The game's lead official was originally from the Cincinnati area as Lachey is.

Lee had their loyal fan following.

Colerain's Trammell Williams is about to emerge from this hole to race for a 28-yard touchdown run.

Williams had 83 yards on 16 carries and this one touchdown to start the scoring in the game.

Lee quarterback Preston Hill trips on one of lineman while pulling away from under center...

...and Tyler Moeller is about to land on Hill for a sack.

Colerain quarterback Gary Pride had 130 rushing yards on 21 carries and one touchdown run of 41 yards.

Hill pitches to running back Jason Williams right before he gets leveled by Moeller.

Williams had 88 yards on 19 carries.

Pride had the unenviable task of replacing Dominic Goodman under center. Pride was 0-1 passing.

Guard Connor Smith helped Colerain rush for 332 yards on 53 carries.

Hill was 16-24 passing for 187 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 INTs.

Jonathan Williams had 4 catches for 52 yards and one 40-yard TD.

Jason Williams also had 5 catches for 42 yards.

Moeller gets a foot in the face after flushing Hill out of the pocket.

Moeller was all over the field on defense for Colerain.

Don Nehlen was presented with a lifetime achievement award at halftime.

Lachey signed autographs and posed for pictures with his fans throughout the game.

Final score!

They sure know how to celebrate at Colerain.

Kerry Coombs celebrated his 44th birthday with the victory.

Moeller still claims that he hasn't made his decision yet between Ohio State, Iowa and Miami of Ohio!

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