Outstanding Florida Sophomore Checks Out OSU/Texas

Too early for a sophomore to be involved in recruiting? Not if he is as talented as offensive lineman Michael Brewster. The Orlando, Fla. product could become one of the top linemen in his class, if he isn't one of the top line prospects in Florida already. Brewster made the trip to Columbus to check out the OSU/Texas game and came away impressed with what he saw.

One of the top offensive line prospects in the country was in attendance at Ohio State for the Texas game on Saturday -- but he's not a senior, or even a junior.

Sophomore Michael Brewster of Orlando (Fla.) Lake Highland Prep is one of the more impressive offensive line prospects out there this year, and when projecting long-term potential, this analyst would take him over any offensive line prospect in the country. Brewster was impressed with what he saw at Ohio State.

"It was awesome," he said. "I have never been in a stadium like that. Electric. We came out of the recruiting room and I could feel it. I can understand how those players must have felt coming out into the stadium."

Brewster has also recently stopped by two other schools.

"I stopped by Northwestern," he said. "We were there in Chicago, my family and I. They asked me to stop by. I went to Florida but it was nothing like the visit to Ohio State. All I did was stop by and look around."

Brewster has kept in touch with OSU's coaching staff.

"I call coach Bollman regularly but Coach Hazell is the one recruiting me," Brewster said.

Despite Brewster already being active with recruiting, a decision will not be coming any time soon.

"I am going to wait until my senior year," he said. "I will take all my visits. I want to weigh all my options and make the best decision for me."

What will be the important factors in his decision?

"Strength program is going to be important," he said. "Coaches. I want a really nice campus. They (Ohio State) took me around to look at campus. It was awesome.

Even though Brewster lives in Florida, weather or distance does not seem to be something he is concerned about.

"Being in a big city is fine," he said. "I am from Kansas City so weather won't be a factor."

Brewster is 6-5 and lists his weight at 275 right now, and working out is one of his hobbies.

"I live in the weight room," he said. "I play basketball year round. I think it really helps me. It was my first sport. I just started playing football in 7th grade."

Brewster attends a small private school that fields only a handful of players.

"We are 0-3 right now," he said.

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