Photos from Spring Practice (4/9)

Evan the photographer was out at practice on 4/9, and he got a whole bunch of great pictures, and we have some of them for you today. Click on the small images to see a much larger image of the picture.

Tim Anderson.jpg (125566 bytes)  Tim Anderson heads out to practice

Coach Tressel on field.jpg (95784 bytes)  Coach Tressel keeps watch

Craig Krenzel throwing.jpg (103631 bytes)  Craig Krenzel lets one fly

Craig Krenzel.jpg (96655 bytes)  Krenzel about to make a pass

Scott McMullen.jpg (99765 bytes)  Scott McMullen

Coach Spencer.jpg (96274 bytes)  Coach Tim Spencer

jajariley.jpg (23972 bytes)  JaJa Riley

brandenjoe.jpg (37977 bytes)  Branden Joe

Brandon Schnittker.jpg (98390 bytes)  Brandon Schnittker

Maurice Clarett off field.jpg (113994 bytes)  Maurice Clarett

Maurice Clarett.jpg (94603 bytes)  Maurice Clarett

Adrien Clarke.jpg (105960 bytes)  Adrien Clarke

Team walking off the field.jpg (107678 bytes)  The team heads off the field

hambyfraser.jpg (121759 bytes)  Simon Fraser (75) and Ryan Hamby (80) share a laugh

Maurice Clarett after .jpg (103802 bytes)  Maurice Clarett flashes a smile

Coach Tressel.jpg (110936 bytes)  Coach Tressel jokes with Andy Groom

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