A not-so-educated NFL Mock Draft

The NFL draft is coming up, and everyone is getting their mock drafts ready... here is one person's uneducated guess. And after you read it, try not to mock this mock draft too much.

I enjoy the NFL draft. Many don't understand the appeal of the NFL draft, but like college football recruiting, it all has to do with the fun of watching player movement between teams and who the new faces will be on your favorite team. I've never tried this before though. Today I am attempting to give you a look at what may (not) happen in the first round of this year's draft. Here we go...

1. Houston Texans - David Carr, QB, Fresno State -- Well, I'm guaranteed at least getting one right since the Texans have already said that Carr is their man.  I like the pick.  When I saw Carr play a couple times last year, I thought he had the best stuff of any QB in college.  I was pretty stunned to see this was the same guy that had such a rough time against Ohio State.  He has a couple of question marks, but I like his potential.  He doesn't have the most potential of any player in the draft, but if you are going to start a franchise, taking the top QB is a good start.

2. Carolina Panthers - Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina -- Word is that the Panthers haven't decided who to take yet, and there's even rumors that Peppers could drop past this pick and Quentin Jammer could go here.  Peppers is not completely there yet, but he has superstar potential.

3.  Detroit Lions - Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas -- From the things I've seen, it seems to be either Jammer or Joey Harrington.  Even though taking Harrington makes more sense to me, I'm guessing they like Mike McMahon as their future QB.  A trade down is a possibility here.

4.  Buffalo Bills - Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee -- I have no clue what the Bills are going to do although it doesn't look like they'll take a quarterback.  Haynesworth is a guy with a lot of potential who has really seen his stock soar.  Potential is the key word there.

5. San Diego Chargers - Mike Williams, OL, Texas -- The pick here seems to be an OL... it will be either Williams or Miami's Bryant McKinnie.  Williams is a huge man who is a definite top ten pick, but he also has injury issues.  

6. Dallas Cowboys - William Green, RB, Boston College -- Here's your first surprise of the draft.  William Green is not rated this highly, but there are lots of rumors floating around that the Cowboys are in love with him.  Maybe they will trade down and still be able to get him. 

7. Minnesota Vikings - Bryant McKinnie, OL, Miami (FL) -- The Vikings can do a lot of things here, but taking the mammoth McKinnie is a great choice as he will give any team a potential mainstay on the offensive line for many years.  He still needs a little work, but man, is he huge (6-9, 340)!

8. Kansas City Chiefs - Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina -- Word is that the Chiefs are looking to draft defense this year, and he's one of the highest rated players left.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma -- Best player left on the board.  The Jags are most likely hoping someone else slips here.  There are also starting to be whispers about Jacksonville looking at a RB.

10. Cincinnati Bengals - Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon -- Will Cincy go with another QB from Oregon?  If Harrington is still on the board and Drew Bledsoe is not traded to the Bengals, it might make a lot of sense.  The Bengals need a quarterback, and he's the best one left after Carr.  But is he that franchise guy?  Is he the guy that can help the Bengals rise from the depths?  Or should they go after someone else?  There are some decisions that need to be made here for sure.  There's also a rumor that the Bengals might be considering TE Jeremy Shockey here. Harrington's a good pick, but I think the Bengals should stay put and only pick him if he falls to 10.

11. Indianapolis Colts - Phillip Buchannon, CB, Miami (FL) -- A fine choice to continue building the Colts' defense.  Roy Williams could also slip here, but Buchannon is a talent who should help right away.

12. Arizona Cardinals - Charles Grant, DE, Georgia -- An early-entry whose stock has really soared, Grant is now projected to go in this area.  He didn't put up great numbers during the season, but that apparently doesn't matter.

13. New Orleans Saints - Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin -- The Saints need WR help, and Donte Stallworth is a big possibility if he is still on the board, but they also need help on the defensive line, so if a DT is available, I think they should grab one since WR help will be available when they pick next...

14. Tennessee Titans - John Henderson, DT, Tennessee -- Henderson may have made a mistake by staying in school another year; he was projected to be a top three pick after his junior season.  Injuries have helped drive his stock down.

15. New York Giants - Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami (FL) -- Most think that Shockey will be the Giants' pick unless someone else grabs him first. 

16. Cleveland Browns - Levi Jones, OL, Arizona State -- I'm going out on a limb here, but the Browns' brass has a history of keeping people guessing when it comes to their picks.  Most are guessing a RB, and with T.J. Duckett available, that could very well be the pick.  But I just have a hunch that they are looking to improve the line first. Jones is a player whose stock has risen, and he's arguably the highest-rated offensive lineman left here. There are a lot of things the Browns could do here though.  There are whispers that Ashley Lelie might even be getting looks, and I wonder if Donte Stallworth would be hard to turn down if he is still left.  Will an OL be the way they go?  I am not sure, but I'm just not 100% convinced that they are going to take one of the RBs. Also, don't be surprised if they go DT if someone like John Henderson happens to fall here despite the fact that they need offensive help and they went DT last year.

17. Atlanta Falcons - Donte Stallworth, WR, Tennessee -- The Falcons lost a coin flip with the Browns for the 16th and 17th pick, but in my model, it doesn't matter as a top 10-caliber pick falls into their lap.

18. Washington Redskins - Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida -- Visor Boy seems to be wanting to have a reunion of Gator offensive stars in Washington.  Other players would make more sense, and I think it would be a stretch if he picked Gaffney over Lelie like I have here, but using the logic of all the UF players he has brought in to Washington, I am hesitant to believe Spurrier will pass on one of his own.

19. Denver Broncos - Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawaii -- A real nice prospect who may have the most potential of any of the WRs. Injuries are an issue, but physical tools are not. I personally like his potential better than Stallworth if he's healthy. He's got the build and speed of a feature WR.

20. Seattle Seahawks - Daniel Graham, TE, Colorado -- Many folks are projecting this great TE prospect to go here.  Not a bad pick at all for #20.

21. Oakland Raiders - Napoleon Harris, LB, Northwestern -- Word is the Raiders are looking for defense, and Harris, this year's top LB prospect, seems a natural to go here. Many think the Raiders will take him either here or at #23.

22. New York Jets - Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida -- The Jets appear to be in the market for a CB.  Rumph is a possibility here, but Sheppard is the highest CB left on the board.

23. Oakland Raiders - Kalimba Edwards, DE, South Carolina -- The Raiders stick with defense and choose the outstanding Edwards to help th

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