Chris Pool Chat Archive: Sept. 19 recruiting analyst Chris Pool stopped by subscribers-only chat today to talk some recruiting (and a little Buckeye football). A transcript of the chat is posted below.

ImBack45 (Sep 19, 2005 3:10:55 PM)
Hi Chris, any news on the qb williams from the chicago area? also with the success notre dame has had early on how has that changed things in the chicago area for iowa and others? thx.!

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:13:14 PM)
I spoke with Isiah at Soldier Field a few weeks ago and he told me that he planned on taking some visits but he was still committed to Illinois. He wants to make sure that Illinois is the right school for him. As far as Notre Dame and Chicago, it all depends on who the hot school is at the moment. Notre Dame did poor last year on the field and recruiting. Iowa was hot on the field and Ferentz was the hot name. Notre Dame is definitely doing well in Chicago this year but so is Illinois and Iowa won't get shut out.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:14:11 PM)
I think Williams would be a nice grab for Ohio State but if I were JT, I would go hard after Arvell Nelson.

redondo (Sep 19, 2005 3:13:50 PM)
Hi Chris - Thank you for stopping by and chatting. Would an Iowa win this Saturday change any recruit's mind or push any off the fence toward Iowa? If so, who? Thank you.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:15:01 PM)
Hi redondo, I don't think so. Recruits normaly don't let the outcome of one game have that much influence on which school they choose.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:15:40 PM)
The only one I thout was on the fence with Ohio State and Iowa was Moeller and he's no longer on that fence.

Kirk (Sep 19, 2005 3:15:04 PM)
Chris, what is your early assessment of Ron Zook's recruiting?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:17:16 PM)
Zook has done very well in Illinois and that's key. He has to recruit Illinois and the Chicago area well. The Chicago area is rich in talent and there's not really that loyalty to the state school like you'd see at Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa or Wisconsin for that matter. The prospects in Chicago and Illinois want to play for the big boys, that's why when Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan come calling, Illinois will have their work cut out for them.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:17:29 PM)
Which is why Turner was eventually fired. I hope this helps.

JimC (Sep 19, 2005 3:17:23 PM)
Hi Chris. How does it look for tOSU and Aaron Brown. Does he go to Va Tech? If so, who gets his scholarship to come to OSU?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:18:53 PM)
JimC. I can't begin to tell you where Aaron is going to end up. That's an honest answer. If you're going to look at in-state lineman. I'd like them to go after Bryant Browning, Bill Nagy or Jake Miller. All 3 are solid in my opinion.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 3:19:00 PM)
Chris, does USC really have a chance at stealing Small away from the Bucks? Do you see him going all the way over there to play when is friends are playing 2 hours from Cleveland? Thanks

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:21:44 PM)
buckgrad, I would say "Not a chance in the world" but that's what I said with Fred Davis.

redondo (Sep 19, 2005 3:21:48 PM)
Hi Chris - Does Pete Carroll and USC have any prospects in your area of coverage highly targeted? If so, who would they be?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:22:03 PM)
I just don't see Small going anywhere but Ohio State. Should be interesting at the All-American Bowl to see which hat he puts on

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:24:38 PM)
I know they like OL Ramone Johnson from Chicago a lot. They liked Justin Boren. But not as much as they have in the past few years.

Kirk (Sep 19, 2005 3:24:48 PM)
Chris, based on tapes and camps and anything else you've seen, what are a few players in Ohio that you feel are not getting the attention they deserve?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:27:49 PM)
OL Jake Miller, QB Arvell Nelson, RB Cameron Mobley, RB Jahmal Brown, OL/DL Bill Nagy, QB Ricky Stanzi, QB Aaron Opelt and I'm kind of surprised in the lack of interest in Reilly Lauer.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 19, 2005 3:27:54 PM)
What do you like about Aaron Brown. I saw him play against Shaker Hts and I'll see him again on Friday. What should I be looking for?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:29:43 PM)
BuckeyeDave, Long arms-great reach, he's athletic. I think Aaron's best football is ahead of him Dave. Aaron is just athletic. He can run.

calibuck (Sep 19, 2005 3:29:46 PM)
Chris...there is something that has been bothering me and quite frankly I have been fighting with myself on this and have been very reluctant to bring it up to anybody. But, here goes. Tressel has been able to recruit pretty good quarterbacks ((three Elite 11) and decent tailbacks. I know this is early and the jury is still out. But, I am seeing an early trend of lack of development and production on these two positions. Especially when you see comparable or lower rated recruits go to another school and become major players at that school and move on to the NFL. What are your thoughts?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:33:48 PM)
cali, I think this a very good question. All the QB's were highly sought after in high school. Tony Pittman sure looked good in high school. Maybe its lack of development, maybe its just bad luck. Ohio State has its pick of talent especially in Ohio, on paper they're picking the right players, but on the field, where it counts, the production has been down. I'm surprised with Ginn and the other top flight receivers and athletes that JT wouldn't go after a great QB for this class. If Ohio State could get a Matt Stafford or a Mitch Mustain...look out. Don't worry Chris Wells is coming!

JimC (Sep 19, 2005 3:33:58 PM)
Chris, What are the top 3 lineman in Ohio (Brown, Smith and Boren)? Or do you prefer someone else?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:37:16 PM)
Smith, Brown and Tilley. That's my opinion. Tilley and Aaron are about even. If I had to take one of them, I think I'd take Tilley because of the upside but I wouldn't mind having Aaron. See that's the question that Ohio State has to answer year in and year out. They can only take so many and Ohio State not only recruits Ohio but they can recruit nationally. If they are only going to take 3 linemen in this class. They have to decide on Ohio kids and then the rest of the nation and make a decision on which ones to offer. Tough decisions. I also like Nagy and Joe Thomas a ton. Thomas has been wrecking people this year.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 3:37:24 PM)
And the opposite of my Small question is, can OSU really steal Ausberry from USC? Do you see him going across the country to play when he can play for a pretty good team in his own state?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:38:52 PM)
I say that there's a chance. What Ohio State needs to do is get him in on an official visit. USC is going to be tough to beat.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:40:21 PM)
Andre Baskin would be a nice addition buckgad. he's a player

BuckeyeDave (Sep 19, 2005 3:39:02 PM)
What is your ideal height, weight, 40-time for a FS?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:41:13 PM)
I'd like my free safety to be 6-2 and between 200 and 210. and I want him to be able to fly. A legit 4.5 would be nice. He has to be able to help in coverage and fill the alley in the running game with no fear.

redondo (Sep 19, 2005 3:41:23 PM)
Hi Chris - What feedback, if any, do you get about OSU's style and execution of its offense? Is it off-putting to recruits or is that just a perception we lay folks have developed?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:43:28 PM)
redondo, Most of the talk that I hear from recruits on Ohio State is just the fact that its "OHIO STATE" Most recruits at this point aren't too concerened with lack of production at a certain position. Ausberry for instance is thinking..."Hey, I can go in there and help right away." Most recruits are thinking about "The Shoe" and "The Tradition" of Ohio State and all the crazed members of Bucknuts!

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:45:37 PM)
To go further redondo. Most of that kind of chatter that you're talking about usually comes from other coaching staffs when they make their weekly calls. "Did you see Ohio State's offense? You're not gonna see many balls over there."

osubuck1 (Sep 19, 2005 3:43:32 PM)
Any thoughts on what OSU does with the FB position in this class?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:47:08 PM)
Schmidt and Moline are committed and that leaves Minor osubuck. Good luck.

labuck (Sep 19, 2005 3:47:21 PM)
Where do you see the two Mission Viejo kids going next year? Word out here is C. Moline to UCLA and K. Reuland to USC. Do we have any shot to get them back to Columbus? I would love to have these two guys.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:48:57 PM)
labuck, Moline is committed to UCLA. Reuland's coach is a USC guy. I think a few of his son's actually played at SC. So they will be tough toe beat.

JimC (Sep 19, 2005 3:49:04 PM)
Will OSU offer a 2nd back in this class? Who would you recommend?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:51:34 PM)
Carlos Brown would be nice. I'd like to see them go after Delone Carter or Jahmal Brown. Both are going to be pretty good at the next level.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 3:51:41 PM)
Chris, what is your early top 5 team recruiting classes so far this year?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:53:11 PM)
buckgrad, I'm sorry I haven't even begun to look at team rankings yet. We're going to be doing that in February. I do like Ohio State's haul so far. Get Robert Rose, Ray Small and Thad Gibson and I'd think that every Ohio State fan would be ecstatic.

redondo (Sep 19, 2005 3:53:13 PM)
Hi Chris - From those still out there "on the board", who is the "must have" recruit for OSU in this class? Thank you.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:55:20 PM)
That's tough. A.J. Wallace or Ray Small. Both are difference makers. If your Ohio State, I think getting Aaron Brown is also very important.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 3:55:25 PM)
I think I can answer the lack of production of the offense, hire a young energetic O-coordinator and take the play calling out of Jims hands? Good idea?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:57:58 PM)
buckgrad, As long as that youn energetic O-coordinator realizes that he has Ted Ginn Jr. on his team and that he should touch the ball at least 15-20 times a game....That would be a great idea.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 3:59:22 PM)
Ted Ginn is the college version of Michael Vick. Just get the ball in Ginn's hands as much as possible. He could stress a defense to their bones.

marksgforce (Sep 19, 2005 3:58:03 PM)
Hi Chris ... Any chance with a good start to their season that UCLA can start winning head-to-head recruiting match ups with USC? Can anyone in the PAC 10 challenge their recruiting machine right now?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:00:55 PM)
I think USC would be giving points to a couple of teams in the NFL. They've got it going on full tilt right now. I was just watching a tape of their latest game and the color guy was talking about all the talent they had coming back next year.

labuck (Sep 19, 2005 4:01:04 PM)
There always seems to be a guy or two every year who moves way up the board due to his senior year performance. Area any kids like that coming out of no where that we should keep an eye on?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:03:05 PM)
Great question labuck. I haven't seen a whole lot of that yet. When you start to see that is November when seasons are winding down and you start hearing about this guy who just set a visit to Ohio State that you never heard of. You actually might see a lot of that this year because of all the early verbal commitments.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:03:54 PM)
I think Jake Miller and James Allison could be a couple of guys that everyone is talking about in December. I also like Cameron Mobley a lot.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:04:46 PM)
Arvell Nelson too. Once he gets that ACT score up

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 4:04:47 PM)
Chris, whats your read on Wallace? Is he a buckeye? Thanks

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:05:38 PM)
You might see a lot of schools go on Arvell when his test score returns in October

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:08:08 PM)
buckgrad, There's a good chance. A.J. had a good visit. He' s going to visit Florida State and just visited Nebraska. Miami, Florida and Oklahoma are still in it. A.J.'s in no hurry

redondo (Sep 19, 2005 4:08:12 PM)
Hi Chris - How many recruits would you guess OSU is seriously considering that they have kept under the radar from us one way or another?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:10:52 PM)
redondo - Ohio State has a few prospects that they have a close eye on that they really don't want anyone knowing about as does other schools around the country but with the age of the internet its getting harder and harder to keep things quiet. There's one kid in Ohio that Ohio State hasn't offered that I've been told they like a lot. Right now I'm not at liberty to say anything but at the end of the year, I'll give you that name.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 4:10:55 PM)
Did you get to see Malcolm Jenkins in hs at all? Are you suprised to see him jump so high on the OSU depth chart?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:13:08 PM)
Not surprised at all. Tough, hard-nosed football player who's very good in man-to-man coverage. He's going to be a good one.

labuck (Sep 19, 2005 4:13:11 PM)
I heard of this sophmore offensive lineman from Orlando FL that was in town for the Texas game on a visit. Do you know anything about him?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:14:25 PM)
No I don't labuck. sorry about that.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:15:00 PM)
If I were Ohio State, I'd make an early run at Josh Oglesby, a junior offensive lineman from Milwaukee, Wis. He's going to be very good. Several major D-1 offers already. No. 1. junior offensive lineman.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 4:15:45 PM)
How many Glenville players ink with OSU in Feb? And are there any juniors there we should keep an eye on for early offers? Thanks

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:18:11 PM)
Rose and Small. Nelson if they offer. Browning if they offer. I like Sturdivant a lot. I hope he makes it down to San Antonio in January for the combine. I'm anxious to see him work-out.

buckgrad (Sep 19, 2005 4:18:43 PM)
In your opinion where will Moeller play at OSU and how soon?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:21:18 PM)
Outside linebacker buckgrad. No doubt about it. He's going to be very productive. His motor is off the charts. I'm sure you'll see Tyler on special teams making plays as soon as next year. How soon he cracks the starting line-up will depend on how fast he picks up the system and who's in front of him. He's going to push the rest of the outside linebackers to be better that's for sure.

labuck (Sep 19, 2005 4:18:59 PM)
How do guys like Malcolm Jenkins and even AJ Hawk come into a program as three star players and pass the five star guys as well as the players already here? Is there a certain intangible these guys have that is hard to see in high school to for them to be rated so low by the scouts?

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:24:37 PM)
Yea labuck, it's called the "IT" factor. Some guys have it, some don't. Big difference from high school to college. Some pick up the game faster in college, develop faster and mature faster. Recruiting is all projection. Sure we as Recruiting-Analysts give rankings based on the ability of a prospect. Same goes for the colleges. They have to project the future. Where do we see A.J. Hawk in 2 or 3 years? Where do we see Tyler Moeller in 2 or 3 years. I had a conversation with a BCS head coach last year and when recruiting came up, he told that if he had 10 out of his 23 players he signed in February end up being productive for him, he considers that a successful recruiting class.

labuck (Sep 19, 2005 4:24:47 PM)
Thank you Chris for your time! Go Bucks!!

Kirk (Sep 19, 2005 4:25:20 PM)
All right guys, great chat. Chris, thanks for stopping by. Everyone I will try to get a transcript up before 5 pm. Go Bucks

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:25:28 PM)
Thanks Everyone.

Chris Pool (Sep 19, 2005 4:25:59 PM)
Thanks for having me Kirk. Take care everyone.

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