Top Junior Prospects Enjoy OSU/Texas Experience

Three of Ohio's top juniors were in attendance at Ohio State when the Buckeyes played Texas on Sept. 10. Each one is rated as one of the top ten prospects in Ohio for the class of 2007, and each was impressed by the trip to OSU. Could all three wind up in Ohio State uniforms some day?

The Ohio State-Texas game was huge for Ohio State from a recruiting standpoint. Many of the top players in the country were in attendance as Ohio State's guests. Three of the top juniors in Ohio were among the invited guests.

Running back Brian Gamble and defensive back Andrew Dailey of Massillon, as well as Canton South DB/RB Devon Torrence, spent the day in Columbus and shared their thoughts on their experience.

Gamble, a running back, is one of the reasons Massillon has started the season undefeated after four games. This was his first recruiting visit and he was quite impressed.

"The atmosphere was just crazy," said Gamble. "I've never seen anything that big. It was a great game between two great teams. A.J. Hawk impressed me the most. I wish Ohio State could have pulled it out.

"Coach Tressel spoke to us before the game. He knew we played the night before and he knew about the score of our game. That really impressed me. I was surprised he knew who I was."

When asked his thoughts about Ohio State, Gamble was very enthusiastic in his praise of the school.

"Before the Texas game, I was considering Ohio State but they weren't number one for me," said Gamble. "Now after being there and seeing them play, it makes me want to play there. Devon Jordan is from my school and he told me Ohio State was the place for me. The walk to the stadium was awesome with people shouting my name and telling me to come to Ohio State. If they invite me to another game I'd go. I've always favored Miami of Florida, but now I have to say I'd pick Ohio State."

Andrew Dailey, also from Massillon, echoed Gamble's sentiments. Dailey is ranked as one of the top players in the state by Ohio High magazine.

"It was amazing being there," said Dailey. "The people were super nice to us. It was great talking to Jim Tressel. He knew how our season was going and spent some time with us in the recruiting room.

"I want to go back and spend more time at Ohio State. Devon Jordan told me to call him and set up a time to go and stay with him. I want to see the campus and the weight room."

When asked what schools he favored, Dailey mentioned a few that have caught his attention.

"Right now, I'd say Ohio State and Notre Dame are my favorites," said Dailey. "I'll be going to Notre Dame for the Tennessee or Southern Cal game. Oklahoma and South Carolina have invited me to come and visit."

Devon Torrence is the top junior in the state according to Ohio High magazine. He has been invited to attend every home game by Ohio State.

"I've been to games at Ohio State before but this game was so different," said Torrence. " The game was so fast, much faster than high school games. It was great talking to Jim Tressel. I also talked with coach Hazel a lot. I was rooting for Ohio State and I was really disappointed in the end."

When asked if he had a list of favorite schools he was quick to name his list. Torrence has received mail from nearly every top program in the country and most of them have invited him for a visit.

"Some days I get 30-40 letters," said Torrence. "I've been invited to Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan, Duke and Stanford just this week. I'll probably go to Michigan for a game and I might go to Michigan State. I'll be at most of the Ohio State home games.

"I talk to Coach Bollman pretty often. Ohio State is my favorite by far. Seeing the Texas game made me want to go there even more. The fans are amazing and they were shouting at me that they want me there. I just feel like that's where I belong."

Although Ohio State lost the game to Texas, it appears they made quite an impression on these Stark County juniors. All of these players figure to be national recruits in 2007.

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