Glenville Duo Took First Official Visit To USC

It's was the first of five official visits that Robert Rose and Ray Small of Glenville High School will most likely take together and now the pair have something in which to compare their future visits to. Ohio State, the school that the two have been to the most often, is one of the remaining schools that they intend to visit. It's widely regarded that OSU is the school to beat in order to land the two Tarblooders and it doesn't seem as if their USC visit did anything to change that.

Top prep stars Robert Rose and Ray Small of Glenville High School, best friends off the field, plan to take most if not all of their official visits together.

The pair took their first planned visit together to the University of Southern California this past week after drubbing their week-four opponent, Cleveland East Tech, 59-0. Both Small and Rose, by the way, got into the end zone for the Tarblooders in that contest. Small's touchdown came on a short pass from Arvell Nelson while Rose was credited with a fumble recovery in the end zone off of a bad shot-gun snap to the opposing quarterback.

Rose, who was officially named to the East squad for the U.S. Army All-American game on Wednesday, wasn't exactly overwhelmed with the visit to Southern California.

"It was all right. It was kind of overrated," he said. "It wasn't really what I expected, but it was cool to see the city. Seeing Hollywood and seeing Manhattan Beach was probably the best part of the trip."

The two-time defending national champions were playing Arkansas.

"It wasn't such a big game but there were still a lot of people there and they were real pumped and enthused about the game and about their team," Rose said. "So it was an all-right atmosphere."

Rose and Small were both in Ohio Stadium the week before for the Ohio State-Texas game.

"No it didn't compare to that," Rose said. "Probably if they had a bigger game it would compare to that, but no it didn't really compare."

The home team was certainly impressive on the field but he expected them to be.

"Yeah I enjoyed the game. When you got athletes like Reggie Bush, Dwayne Jarrett and Matt Leinart how could you not enjoy it?" said Rose, who was hosted by Kyle Moore, a defensive end from Georgia. "It was a new and exciting experience."

Rose said that USC has recruited him as hard as anyone else has and he will continue to keep them in consideration.

"I left there with good intentions. I'm still undecided so it's not like I'm committed anywhere," he said. "They're still going to recruit me just like every body else is going to recruit me."

Noone will officially find out if Rose will pick USC or anyone else for that matter until he reaches in his bag and pulls out that one school's hat during the Army All-Star game. Rose intends to make his final decision public during that game in front of NBC nationally-televised audience.

"It's such an honor. I would never in a million years think that I would playing in the game," said Rose after he was recognized as a member of the team in front of the his school's student body at a morning pep assembly. "I remember seeing it on TV a couple of years ago and wishing that I was in the game and now it's a dream come true."

Rose has narrowed his choices of whose hat he might pull out down to Ohio State, USC, Florida, LSU and North Carolina. He's just not sure at this time of when the visits will take place.

"It just depends on how me and Ray feel. We're probably going to take all of our visits together so I really don't know," Rose said. "We just have to talk some coaches and figure it out."

Small, like Rose, didn't seem to be overly impressed with his first official visit either.

"It was a good trip as far as meeting the coaches and showing me around and stuff like that. It wasn't too bad," Small said. "I was expecting to go out there and have a ball but it really wasn't what I thought it would be. The game was real excellent but it wasn't what I thought."

Like Rose, Small enjoyed seeing Hollywood as much as anything else.

"The best thing about the whole trip was probably going to see Hollywood and all of that," Small said. "And then probably the game."

It's been well-documented that Small grew up a fan of the Trojans so this trip was really a big deal for him.

"As a kid, I was expecting everything out of USC and it wasn't what I expected," he said. "But it's a great school to be at."

It was reported on some Internet sites that Small was close to giving a committing to USC while he was on his visit but Small said that that was not the case at all.

"Never. I never even thought about committing because before I went out there in my head I know where I'm going," said Small, who was hosted on his visit by Patrick Turner, a wide receiver from Tennessee. "But you never know."

Admittedly, the whole recruiting process is starting to wear a little on Small who confirmed that offense is his "first love" but he would play defense at the next level if he was asked.

"It's kind of getting tiring but I've narrowed it down to five schools. I'm trying to go visit schools during the season so that I can see a couple of games," he said. "But I will say that probably my favorite school is going to be the last school (I visit)."

And it's likely that Rose will probably be on that visit with him. The two have pretty much admitted that they'll be attending the same school together.

"That's probably what we're going to do," Rose said. "We're probably going to be at the same school, more than likely."

Glenville, 4-0 and number one in their region, plays at Warren G. Harding on Saturday.

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