Brown Will Decide Oct. 6

The recruitment of Cincinnati Princeton's Aaron Brown has been interesting to say the least. Brown will make his final official visit this weekend to Purdue. He will then decide between the Boilermakers, Ohio State, Auburn, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech on Oct. 6. We caught up with Aaron's father, Geroge Brown, for the latest on the situation.

Cincinnati Princeton offensive lineman Aaron Brown will make his final official visit this weekend (Purdue) and will announce his decision on Oct. 6 at a press conference at his high school.

The 6-5, 300-pound Brown has already taken official visits to Auburn, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

"We went to Virginia Tech this past weekend and it was a good visit," said George Brown, Aaron's father. "Aaron got a chance to meet with the players and the coaches and find out about the depth chart. It went real well."

George Brown obviously stays extremely involved in his son's recruitment, but he says it will ultimately be Aaron's decision.

"He just needs to find the school that he feels the most comfortable," he said. "This will be 100 percent his decision on Oct. 6. I've helped him through the process. I told him he needed to pick five schools for his visits – and it took him two weeks to do that – but come Oct. 6, it will be his decision. It's all up to him. It's where he will have to spend the next three, four years of his life. Maybe five."

George Brown does not allow college coaches to speak to Aaron very much.

"First of all, I don't want him talking to any coaches if he didn't visit their school," he said. "Why waste the time? They had a year and half to try and talk to him, but now it's down to five. And of the five finalists, Aaron has not talked to any of the coaches from those schools since he's visited."

The Browns visited Ohio State on Sept. 10 for the Texas game. There have been rumblings that the visit did not go very well since they arrived in Columbus late and did not get a chance to experience all the perks of a normal recruiting visit.

"I wouldn't say we were not impressed," George Brown said. "We're familiar with Ohio State. We've been there before and we know what they have to offer. On the official visit a couple weeks ago, Aaron met with the coaches and players and went into the film room. It was a standard visit. (Offensive line coach Jim) Bollman broke down the position and how he thought Aaron would fit in."

Months ago, George Brown said Ohio State was the leader for his son's services. Has something changed since then, or are the Buckeyes still out in front?

"Aaron loves the Buckeyes and he always will," George said. "He's from Ohio. But if Ohio State is not the best fit for him – if that's not where he feels the most comfortable – then he will go somewhere else.

"I would say all five of the schools are pretty equal right now. But Aaron could wake up tomorrow and say, ‘I want to be a Tiger. I want to be a Buckeye. I want to be a Fighting Irish.' It's his call."

There have also been rumors of hard feelings between George Brown and Bollman regarding Aaron's recruitment.

"Well, Coach Bollman only called us about two or three times in the last year," Brown said. "But he did call me (Monday) night and we spoke for a while. And let me say this: the bottom line is that coaches come and go. If Aaron goes to Ohio State, or if Aaron goes to Virginia Tech or anywhere else, it will be because he wants to be a Buckeye, not because of the coaches.

"But I think when you're recruiting a top kid, the coaches should show him where he best fits in. I'm not saying Ohio State didn't do that."

Aaron Brown will graduate high school on Dec. 18 and will enroll at the college of his choice in January.

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