Looking at the Buckeyes in the draft with TFY

This Saturday and Sunday is the NFL draft, and every year, it is always fun to watch where the Buckeyes wind up going. Where will they go this year? We have brought in the draft experts for the Insiders.com -- TFY Draft Preview -- to provide some insight on this year's draft-eligible OSU players.

The NFL Draft is coming up this Saturday and Sunday, and it's time to break down where the draft-eligible Buckeyes could be selected.  To do that, we thought we would bring in one of the experts from the Insiders network, TFY Draft Preview.

TFY Draft Preview (located at http://nfldraft.theinsiders.com) is one of the best and most in-depth site on the Internet for NFL draft information. Right now, you can find everything you need to get ready for the upcoming NFL draft, from player rankings and bios to a three-round mock draft as well as a message board to ask your questions to the TFY experts.  Definitely check it out!!!

We asked about TFY Draft Preview about all the draft-eligible Buckeyes this year, and they broke it down with some great answers:

LeCharles Bentley has seen his stock rise quite a bit.  Where was he before the workouts, where is he projected to go now, and what has he done to make his stock rise so much?

TFY: I've always been a big fan of Bentley since scouting him as a sophomore.  His versatility and tenacity really drew me to him and is why teams are falling in love with him.  He's been rated as my number one center coming into the last two seasons.  The reasons he's moved from a late first day selection to a possible mid-second round choice was his Combine workout; not so much the running and lifting, but the way he surprised people with his ability to move in space and fluid footwork he displayed."

Right now, Tennessee in the second round is a distinct possibility and the Eagles are also eyeing him in that same frame.

Where will TE Darnell Sanders get drafted?  Was coming out a year early a mistake?

TFY: Sanders made a huge mistake and will pay for it on draft day.  Right now I have him projected as a fourth round choice. 

Athletically, he rates highly compared to the rest of the tight ends but he is an underdeveloped football player with minimal production numbers and even worse results when blocking.  He was never a big part of the OSU passing offense and seemingly gives half-hearted efforts when used as an in-line blocker. 

Were he a defensive lineman, someone would take a stab at him early in the draft, but not a tight end in a year that has excellent depth at the position.

Derek Ross is another player who came out a year early.  Where does he
stand right now?  Derek is a player who has had off-the-field issues.  How much does that hurt NFL draft status?

TFY: Ross is an opportunistic corner that made a lot of positive plays last year; the problem is when you break him down on film, he had almost as many lapses and blown coverages in the same breath. 

He has excellent corner size/speed numbers but needs to smooth off the rough edges to his game.  I think the "off the field" issues may be a bit overblown, but then again, I feel the same way about his overall football skills.  Right now, he could slide into the late second round to a team like the Jets or Niners.

What are your thoughts on Jonathan Wells?  Where does he figure to get

TFY: As with many Buckeye fans I was glad to see Wells finally breakout last season.  He is an impressive runner; not just his physical skills but also his running instincts, vision and he's not a bad receiver at all.

Had he run well at the combine he would've gone in the second round (though he plays much faster than his timed speed, which is the bottom line).  Right now I'd look for Wells to go in the third frame; a team like Baltimore that needs depth at the position, maybe the Raiders or even early in the frame to Dallas, an organization that really wants to take a young back in the draft's first day.

Overall I think Wells may just be "hitting his stride" and has a lot of potential at the next level as a big feature runner.

Is there any interest out there in Steve Bellisari?

TFY: Not to my knowledge; most definitely not as a signal caller.

-What do you think of Jamar Martin?  Where does he stand?

TFY: Martin is a pure lead fullback and a hard-nosed blue-collar type.  That said, his skills when the ball is in his hands are minimal, he is very stiff and not a great athlete.  I don't think he'll be drafted but will get a chance in camp.

-Courtland Bullard is a player who might be a bit of a sleeper.  What are
your thoughts on him, and kind of draft position will he have?

TFY: Bullard is an enigma and the best way to describe him is "great athlete but average football player."

I scouted him heavily as a sophomore and was "wowed" by the raw skills I saw on film in '99 but he never really progressed as a football player and just does not make a lot of plays or show great consistency.  He is big, fast and can run for a linebacker, but must step up the tempo.

-There are a few other players -- OL Tyson Walter, DE Tim Cheatwood, and DT
Mike Collins -- who may get looks.  Do you think any of them will get

TFY: Walter has some injury concerns and then there's always that situation with the Bentley lawsuit, which had a lot of people scratching their heads and questioning his toughness.  He will get into camp and may stick as a practice squad player.

Cheatwood reminds me of Rodney Bailey in size and scope and has that same type of ability to play over tackle in a three-four.

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