Duane Long Chat Archive: Oct. 3

Bucknuts recruiting analyst Duane Long stopped by chat today to discuss OSU football and recruiting. We have a transcript posted below.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 1:16:38 PM)
Did you see ND Saturday? I thought Purdue was supposed to be strong on defense this year? Will Wisky run the table?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:18:26 PM)
I watched the ND game until it became obvious that Purdue could not win. I think Purdue was supposed to be strong. I never thought that. They were going to be solid and did not have to play Ohio State and Wisconsin. I think Wisconsin can win out. Calhoun is outstanding and so is their line.

DantheMan (Oct 3, 2005 1:18:37 PM)
How is Chris Wells looking each week? Is he injury free at this point? Can you tell us what type of back he is: power, slashing, great speed, great balance? That type of thing.

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:20:47 PM)
Wells looks great. The fact that he has so little support makes his performance that much more impressive. He got dinged in game one but has shown no ill effects. He is all those things. That is what makes him the best back in the country. He is a quick footed slasher like a small back but will run over people when necessary.

hondo (Oct 3, 2005 1:20:51 PM)
Duane, Have you watched any PSU games this year? What are your thoughts going into this weekend with Ohio State?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:25:05 PM)
I think PSU is a much improved team but we have to look at where they have been. It is not a great Penn State team. It is a solid team. I think the Buckeyes have to play well. I did not think so at the begining of the year. I just put this one in the win column. Michael Robinson is much improved. He actually throws the ball this year. I think Derrick WIlliams is a special talent. They are solid at RB. I think they have a solid defense. That is all I can say for them. Penn State is solid. I think they come in highly motivated with an undefeated record and an opportunity to regain lost glory in a nationally televised night game. I think the Buckeye defense could be the best in the country and the offense we sawe against Iowa will be plenty to end this great Penn State run through the early part of the season.

Buckaroo (Oct 3, 2005 1:25:14 PM)
Duane, I'm not sure if my question went through...how concerned are you with the DL in the future. I know we will be fine next year, but how are we going to get any quality playing time for the younger players (Cotton, Abdullah and Denlinger) with five senior linemen returning?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:27:18 PM)
That is an issue that comes up every year. Playing so many close games does not allow for seasoning of youngsters. We need to see a few games that allow the kids game reps. If the offense plays like it did against Iowa in some later games I think we see alot of those kids. It is important.

ImBack45 (Oct 3, 2005 1:27:28 PM)
Hi Duane, ARe there any out of state offensive lineman we are recruiting? Whatever happened to Walton from Maryland who I know will be at the game Saturday? Thx.!

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:30:03 PM)
I am just not seeing kids showing alot of interest. I think maybe the fact that Smith, Brown and Boren were here in state, with a number of other borderline Ohio State caliber prospects put national recruiting into the background. They wanted to see how the home state kids looked first. I suspect we will see the staff try to make some headway now. I think Walton has always favored Penn State. I know fans got excited about him but I never got a good feeling about the Buckeyes chances with him.

me (Oct 3, 2005 1:30:15 PM)
read an item SI that made me question USC priorities in regards to education and matt leinharts maturity. he has one class this quarter and that is ballroom dancing. if osu did that i would be disgusted. does this cross the line into football factory and an embarrassment to their university in your mind?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:32:39 PM)
I think we have to look at the reality of the situation. Most of these kids are majoring in football. I think maybe the schools offering classes like this makes them accessories but as long as the NCAA allows one to do it all of them are going to so I am not going to take a shot at USC. We all remember basketweaving was a class here a few years ago.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 1:32:56 PM)
How is Devon Torrance progressing this year? I read where his team got beat by Louisville last weekend, and his name didn't show up in the highlights. Those are the kind of games he should be stepping up in.

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:33:37 PM)
He has zero support. None. He is getting killed but he is still the #1 or #2 player in Ohio in the class of 2007.

hondo (Oct 3, 2005 1:33:50 PM)
What is the latest on TIlley?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:34:53 PM)
The Buckeyes seem to be interested again. The kid has Buckeye roots. Both his mom and his late father were grads. He got a 20 on his test score. I always wondered if that was not part of the lack of interest.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 1:35:02 PM)
Do you think Gibson is out of the picture? The silence from OSU is defening.

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:38:08 PM)
Gibson is highly unlikely to be part of this class. I wondered when it looked like Michigan was backing off earlier. I thought maybe that was a sign they knew he was surely coming here. From what I am told now I think they accepted he was not going to make it in before Ohio State did. He is a major talent. Every year there are players that don't make it but last year and this year really hurt with Antwon Hight and now Gibson. LB is such a huge need and this kid is a better prospect than Prescott Burgess.

buckatborder (Oct 3, 2005 1:38:27 PM)
sorry if this has been asked, im late. Does Grant Schwartz get an offer?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:40:07 PM)
I am not hearing anything that makes me think he is going to get an offer. That said, this is the kind of kid JT offers. He is versatile and has the Buckeye roots. I think the safety depth is solid and next year there is a tremendous safety class. He may get an offer but I doubt it.

Buckaroo (Oct 3, 2005 1:40:20 PM)
What is the latest on Dexle from GA?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:41:45 PM)
There is no news. There won't be until he gets his grades in order. I think the same can be said of Greg Mathews from Florida, Robert Williams from Withrow and a couple of other kids.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 1:42:02 PM)
Any word on Ausberry's visit, and is there anything to report on Rueland?

buckatborder (Oct 3, 2005 1:42:05 PM)
What are our chances with Ausberry and Wallace?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:45:00 PM)
Nothing yet on Ausberry. The Orange County Register says Reuland has eliminated the Buckeyes. He says he is down to 6 and will tell everyone who they are soon. I like the Buckeyes chances with Wallace quite a bit. He already liked Ohio State then was blown away by his visit. I am hearing that Ausberry enjoyed his visit but I still think it highly unlikely he goes anywhere but USC.

Buckaroo (Oct 3, 2005 1:45:14 PM)
What is the class of 07s' strengths and weaknesses?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:47:23 PM)
It is a well rounded class actually. I need to see the receivers and the offensive linemen. I have alot of names of receivers but I am not hearing any buzz. I don't even have alot of names of OLs but they do develop late. We will see. I am not happy about what I am hearing right now.

hondo (Oct 3, 2005 1:47:40 PM)
Thomas says he still committed to Pitt. Do you think that changes since Ohio State offered?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:48:22 PM)
In time it could. I am not going to say I think it will.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 1:48:44 PM)
Any word on Henton's performance so far this year?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:49:53 PM)
He is in the same situation as Torrence. He is going to have a hard time looking good. He has one top receiver and little else to work with. I am not worried about him.

buckatborder (Oct 3, 2005 1:50:06 PM)
Im thinking we lost the kid from Tampa, cant remember his name but it may be Omar (LOL), anyway, is he most likely headed to UF? also, How serious is Derrell Johnsons injury from Mooney and does he get in this class.

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:51:04 PM)
I need a name on the kid from Tampa. I don't know who you are talking about.

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:51:37 PM)
Johnson can make it back this year. I really don't think his on the field performance is going to make or break him. He has to get his grades in order.

Buckaroo (Oct 3, 2005 1:51:52 PM)
From your sources, what can you tell us about the coaching staff and their targets this year. I thought we would be seeing more offers by now, especially after the first few weeks of HS games on the books and film review in. Do you personally have any concerns for this years class?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:55:34 PM)
I think under Peterson this is what we are going to see. It was this way last year. I think we will see this staff concentrate on a smaller number of kids. I was looking in the database just last night. There arw 19 kids with offers other than Reuland and Baskin who have eliminated the Buckeyes, and Gibson who is all but out of the picture because of grades. That does not include Browning and Adams. That is a very low number of offers. You have to hit a high number to fill out a class with those kinds of numbers. It makes me nervous. I would like to see a few more offers on the table.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 1:55:49 PM)
What are your thoughts on the off-week and how it will impact the game Saturday night? I hate off-weeks during the season. Teams almost always seem sluggish coming off an off weeek.

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:58:02 PM)
Ordinarily I would agree with you but this offense needed the practice. It was such a disjointed mess early because of Smiths suspension. He was not getting his reps. He was not going to be the game one starter. They had to go to Zwick. I think this week of practice under the circumstances was a good thing.

hamiltuckbuck (Oct 3, 2005 1:58:12 PM)
Duane, on the 07 class you remarked "I'm not happy about what I am hearing right now". Can you expand on that thought?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:58:41 PM)
On offensive linemen. I would like to have a few more names.

buckatborder (Oct 3, 2005 1:58:47 PM)
RB next year, who is your early pick?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 1:59:19 PM)
Too early to say. I want to see them first.

buckatborder (Oct 3, 2005 1:59:28 PM)
OK, the kid from tampa may not be from tampa. but his name is Bryan Thomas

hondo (Oct 3, 2005 1:59:32 PM)
Duane, are you hearing anything different on Aaron Brown or is he still likely VA Tech bound?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:00:05 PM)
I think he picks Va Tech on the 6th.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 2:00:42 PM)
I don't see Holmes or Youboty leaving early. What are your thoughts?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:02:14 PM)
I see both as out of here. Holmes is likely to be the top receiver in the draft. Youboty is likely top 3. When I spoke to him in high school he said the Buckeyes sending players at his position to the NFL is one of the things that got him interested in the Buckeyes.

trolley (Oct 3, 2005 2:02:19 PM)
Do you think the resurgence of PSU and ND will impact our future recruiting efforts - especially from Ohio kids?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:04:44 PM)
I think they will get their share but Michigan has not been down but Ohio State is still winning the majority of battles. Boren and Burgess are the only players from Ohio that the Buckeyes really went after during the Tressel era that Michigan won.

boulderbuck1 (Oct 3, 2005 2:05:10 PM)
duane, what are your feelings on where A.J. Wallace eventually ends up? I feel tOSU, but i keep hearing rumblings of Free Shoes University (FSU). Thanks

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:06:00 PM)
He liked the Buckeyes to begin with and had a great visit. I think the Buckeyes are odds on.

enonbuck11 (Oct 3, 2005 2:06:06 PM)
Whats up with LB M.Johnson from Cal. is it still his grades?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:06:46 PM)
It is grades.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 2:06:49 PM)
Why do you think Aaron Brown will pick VT? What do you think the Brown's are looking for that OSU doesn't offer them?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:08:21 PM)
He wants to play immediately. That can happen at Va Tech. It is unlikely here.

enonbuck11 (Oct 3, 2005 2:09:33 PM)
What do you know about Fields from Pa. are the buckeyes really waiting on his grades?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:10:05 PM)
I don't know anything about him. That is a new name to me.

edbuck51 (Oct 3, 2005 2:10:12 PM)
What do you think will come out of the off-week as far as recruiting news? Does this time out give the coaches some time to work on recruiting, or are they to wrapped up in the season to spend a lot of time on it now?

Kirk (Oct 3, 2005 2:10:52 PM)
edbuck51 asks "What do you think will come out of the off-week as far as recruiting news? Does this time out give the coaches some time to work on recruiting, or are they too wrapped up in the season to spend a lot of time on it now?"

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:12:19 PM)
There is little coming out right now. It is time to look at what is happening with this football team. There are no recruits coming in. You don't want them in. You want them here when there is a game.

enonbuck11 (Oct 3, 2005 2:12:21 PM)
What about Ray Fisher, I know he is small but any chance he is aBuckeye

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:12:43 PM)
Fisher is not in the mix.

Buckaroo (Oct 3, 2005 2:14:41 PM)
Have you talked with Lattimore ( the kid from Ill or IN)? Are there more offers coming in for his service that will sway him? Possibly a ND?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:15:13 PM)
I have not spoken to Larimore.

buckatborder (Oct 3, 2005 2:15:21 PM)
some are saying that Ray Small was under orders from Pete Carroll to say that he didnt really like the USC visit, so that he can keep it a secret and then commit to them. I think this is complete nonsense. You?

Duane (Oct 3, 2005 2:17:24 PM)
I don't believe anything like that. If he enjoyed his visit Carroll would want him crowing. Good players draw other good players. You want the good players saying things that make other good players want to be part of the class. Nonsense.

Kirk (Oct 3, 2005 2:21:31 PM)
Ok I guess if there are no more... we'll call it a day. Thanks everyone for showing up and sending in great questions. Thanks Duane and we'll see you next time.

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