Captain's Corner Audio: Playoff Still Needed

Everyone is talking about the exciting day of football that took place this Saturday... some have even said it is evidence that a playoff is not needed as it could diminish the excitement of the regular season. Not so, says Jerry Rudzinski in today's Captain's Corner Audio. Jerry discusses the need for a playoff even after Saturday's dramatic games.

You hear talk every year about the need for a college football playoff, and this year has been no exception. But Saturday's exciting games caused some to say that a playoff would diminish the importance and excitement of big regular season matchups like the ones that took place this weekend.

Does this mean that a playoff is not needed? Ex-OSU captain Jerry Rudzinski talks about that in today's Captain's Corner Audio.

Today's Captain's Corner Audio runs over 2 minutes. Click below to listen:

Captain's Corner Audio: 10/17

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