Offense Churns Forward With Win At Indiana

We share some comments from OSU offensive coordinator Jim Bollman and several players following the team's 41-10 win over Indiana. The Buckeyes piled up 478 yards total offense in the win with 240 on the ground and 238 through the air. Click this free link for more.

The Ohio State offense enjoyed one of its finest showings of the 2005 season in the 41-10 win over Indiana last Saturday.

OSU achieved near-perfect balance with 240 yards rushing (on 48 attempts), 238 yards passing and 478 yards total offense. The rushing and total yardage figures trailed those accumulated against Iowa, when the Buckeyes totaled 314 yards on the ground and 530 overall. The passing total was OSU's third-best of the season, falling behind 249 against Michigan State and 244 against Texas.

Here were comments from OSU offensive coordinator Jim Bollman and several players following the win:

Jim Bollman

* On OSU answering with a quick five-play, 79-yard scoring drive after IU cut the lead to 17-10 in the third quarter -- "We went right back down and it was like we got serious. We put the ball in there in five plays. That was good to see us respond that way."

* On the play of QB Troy Smith, who rushed for two touchdowns and threw for one -- "He certainly made some good throws and certainly made some good runs. But that touchdown on that drive coming back, that was a good run, no doubt about it."

* On OSU's overall offensive performance -- "The thing that sticks in my mind is our consistency and the things where we may have made some errors at some times. I don't want to take anything away from them. They did a good job, too. But there were some things we have to overcome, which we didn't."

Troy Smith, QB

* On how the option play is paying dividends -- "It's starting to work. Coach Tressel always says that if we can get the block on the field-side ‘backer we should be good."

* On tailback Antonio Pittman still not having a touchdown (Smith faked a pitch to Pittman on his 1-yard TD plunge) -- "That's kind of tough, but Pitt's the kind of player that after somebody scores a touchdown he's the first guy helping him up. That's why I like having him as a teammate. He's going to work hard and grind it out for you."

* On looking ahead toward Minnesota -- "The preparation for Minnesota starts immediately. First, we've got to go through the film and get ready for Minnesota. The command of the offense was present today. We got it going in the right direction today."

* On his interception at the goal line, where IU's Terry Porter cut off Santonio Holmes and made the pick -- "The immediate lesson I learned then was when it's not there, don't force it. I wish I could take that one back. But the cornerback made a great play. He cut Santonio off at the goal line.

"Within him not moving at the goal line, I shouldn't have gone that way. He's one of the best receivers on our team and I have faith in him. If I had a chance to do it again, I would look that way. But I wouldn't throw that way."

Antonio Pittman, TB

* On his 26-carry, 133-yard day -- "That's a great sign. That means your body is taking it. It's absorbing it. I'm not really worn down or anything after that."

Rob Sims, OG

* On Pittman's performance -- "It's nice to have a guy that's been with us all year and getting us 100-yard games week after week. I'm trying to get him (into the end zone). Every time we get down there and get close, I'm blocking as hard as I can. I think it will happen for him."

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