Spring Game Draft News

The spring game draft was held today... take a look at the results below.

The way the teams were selected was the team who won the coin flip got to pick a position, and then they got the first pick at that position.  It would alternate back to the other team as they picked the next player at that position, and then the other team would choose the first player from another position, and so on... Some players were assigned to teams by Coach Tressel, and injured players were drafted as well (note: we do not have the status of every player).

Here is how much of it went:

The Scarlet, coached by Bill Conley and led by seniors Donnie Nickey, Kenny Peterson, Cie Grant, Jack Tucker, and Chris Conwell, won the flip and selected DE Will Smith first.  The DE selection then went over to the Gray, who picked Steve Graef. 

Defensive Tackle then went, and the order went as follows: 1. Tim Anderson (Gray), 2. Marcus Green (Scarlet), 3. Fred Sturrup (Gray), 4. Sam Williams (Scarlet)

Sam LB - 1. Robert Reynolds (Scarlet), 2. Pat O'Neill (Gray)

Center - 1. Alex Stepanovich (Gray), 2. Andree Tyree (Scarlet)

X-Wide Receiver - 1. Chris Gamble (Scarlet), 2. Michael Jenkins (Gray), 3. Drew Carter (Scarlet), 4. John Hollins (Gray)

QB - 1. Craig Krenzel (Scarlet), 2. Scott McMullen (Gray)  (although QBs will play for both teams and will wear black jerseys)

OT - 1. Ivan Douglas (Gray)  2. John McLaughlin (Scarlet)

RG - 1. Bryce Bishop (Scarlet)  2. Steve Winner (Gray)

LCB - 1. Dustin Fox (Gray), 2. Bobby Britton (Scarlet)

S - 1. Will Allen (Scarlet), 2. Thomas Matthews (Gray)

LT - 1. Ryan Cook (Gray), 2. John Conroy (Scarlet)

RCB - 1. Harlen Jacobs (Scarlet), 2. Richard McNutt (Gray)  3. Steven Moore (Scarlet)  4. Mike Roberts (Gray)

WLB - 1. Marco Cooper (Gray)

RG - 1. Adam Olds (Scarlet), 2. Ben Nash (Gray)

TB - 1. Maurice Clarett (Gray), 2. Maurice Hall (Scarlet), 3. Lydell Ross (Gray), 4. JaJa Riley (Scarlet)

Z-WR - 1. Bam Childress (Scarlet), 2. Angelo Chattams (Gray), 3. Maurice Lee (Scarlet), 4. Jamal Luke (Gray)

K - 1. Mike Nugent (Gray), 2. Jeremy Uhlenhake (Scarlet), 3. Josh Huston (Gray)

TE - 1. Redgie Arden (Scarlet), 2. David Andrews (Gray)

FB - 1. Branden Joe (Gray), 2. Brandon Schnittker (Scarlet), 3. Nate Stead (Gray)

Here are a list of many of the players and what teams they are on (this is UNOFFICIAL and is not the spring game roster... not every player is accounted for here):


Head Coach: Bill Conley

S Donnie Nickey
DE Kenny Peterson
LB Cie Grant 
FB Jack Tucker
CB Chris Conwell

DE Will Smith
DT  Marcus Green
DT Sam Williams
SLB Robert Reynolds
C Andree Tyree
XWR Chris Gamble
XWR Drew Carter
QB Craig Krenzel
OT John McLaughlin
RG Bryce Bishop
LCB Bobby Britton
S Will Allen
LT John Conroy
RCB Harlen Jacobs
RCB Steven Moore
DB LeAndre Boone
RG Adam Olds
TB Maurice Hall
TB JaJa Riley
ZWR Bam Childress
ZWR Maurice Lee
K Jeremy Uhlenhake
P B.J. Sander
TE Redgie Arden
FB Brandon Schnittker

Injured: Jesse Kline, Simon Fraser, Ryan Hamby, Adrien Clarke



Head Coach: Tim Spencer

S Mike Doss
LB Matt Wilhelm
DT David Thompson
WR Chris Vance
P Andy Groom
OL Mike Stafford

DE Steve Graef
DT Tim Anderson
DT Fred Sturrup
SLB Pat O'Neill
C Alex Stepanovich
XWR Mike Jenkins
XWR John Hollins
QB Scott McMullen
OT Ivan Douglas
RG Steve Winner
LCB Dustin Fox
S Thomas Matthews
LT Ryan Cook
RCB Richard McNutt
RCB Mike Roberts
WLB Marco Cooper
RG - Ben Nash
TB Maurice Clarett
TB Lydell Ross
ZWR Angelo Chattams
ZWR Jamal Luke
K Mike Nugent
K Josh Huston
TE David Andrews
FB Brandon Joe
FB Nate Stead

Injured - Darrion Scott, Rob Harley, Ben Hartsock, Shane Olivea

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