Housteau Chat Archive: Oct. 28

Gary Housteau stopped by this afternoon to chat with Bucknuts members about OSU football and recruiting. We have a transcript posted below.

JimC (Oct 28, 2005 1:03:52 PM)
Hi Gary, Any news on Hamby?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:10:33 PM)
The final week of the high school regular season is upon us and Ohio State is in the dome in Minneapolis this weekend. I'll be at Chris Wells final high school game tonight and at the McKinley-Massillon showdown tomorrow. The Bucks should do well in the dome and get a big victory against the Gophers. Anything on your mind...fire away!

JimC (Oct 28, 2005 1:13:29 PM)
Hi Gary, Any news on Hamby?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:13:30 PM)
Hi Jim C...my source tells me he indeed is out but I don't know the extent of it.

BuckFreak12 (Oct 28, 2005 1:19:13 PM)
Gary, i know losing our three linbackers seems like a blow to our defense for next season, but with the talent we seem to posses in our back-ups and even our recruits I think our defense will be quite good next season. Any thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:19:13 PM)
I agree with you BuckFreak12. The sad part, and I've said this many times, is that this defense deserves a much better offense than the one currently masquerading as one. How often will Ohio State ever have two guys like A.J. Hawk and Bobby Carpenter on the same unit. But on the other side of the ball, Ohio State has an offense that is the ridicule of the Big Ten if not the entire nation. It's sad that Ohio State has accepted such mediocrity from it's offense. Sad. But I do love the linebacking depth at OSU and they will be solid as a unit next year no matter who lines up.

JimC (Oct 28, 2005 1:21:39 PM)
Gary, Does this mean Frost gets more reps? Also, What is the plan for RT?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:21:39 PM)
Looks like Frost will get more reps but it looks like it's by default. It really doesn't matter because the tight end is not an integral member of this offense. If RT is referring to right tackle...I'll be happy with Boone learning the ropes now. Sims can play tackle at any time if needed.

MacAuley (Oct 28, 2005 1:22:41 PM)
I see this week as "The Irresistable Force vs The Immovable Object". I think Hawk and the Buckeye deense handle Maroney & Russell. Your thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:22:41 PM)
I can't see any team running on this defense. Not even a possibility. This is a great rush defense! A great defense period.

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:23:40 PM)
Hello and thanks for the question MacAuley!

qbatheart (Oct 28, 2005 1:29:38 PM)
With Troy being the obvious choice for next year, what do you think will happen with Zwick,Boekman and Schoenhoft. Will Zwick stay around and will Boeckman and Schoenhoft battle it out for backup?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:29:38 PM)
Zwick will remain at OSU and get his degree just as Jared remained at YSU and got his degree and now has a dental practice in the Columbus area. Smith obviously fits this offense better than Zwick, whatever that means. All's I know if a guy like Tony Gonzalez doesn't catch in three games, than that tells you something about either a: the quarterback or b: the person calling the plays! Ted Ginn should unlimited touches on this offense. Whose fault is that. A left tackle gets routinely beat on the run and pass...how does this happen? A defense makes a simple adjustment on a slant pass that goes for a touchdown (cause the same defense can't tackle) and the defense intercepts the same slant pass??? There's so many bad things about this offense that it's sad.

edbuck51 (Oct 28, 2005 1:35:04 PM)
GH. When JT was at YSU, did a freak out about road games like he is doing at OSU? He makes it sound like a road win is like winning the Super Bowl, and clams up painfully.

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:35:04 PM)
Not really edbuck... YSU always had a big road game with Kent State and you would hear the same talk about turnover margin and everything you hear him say now. That's just good sound coaching though. You always have to take care of the football, etc., on the road against a quality opponent. It's always a safety first approach. But most of the playoff games over the years were on the road and JT was always quite successful coaching in those games. In a four year span, JT teams won 15 out of 16 playoff games and three national titles. Almost all of them were on the road.

MacAuley (Oct 28, 2005 1:38:02 PM)
Gary - You're on a roll about Ohio St's offense today!

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:38:02 PM)
You know I watched the Buckeyes on TV for the first time in what seems like a long time last week and I couldn't believe some of the things I was watching! And that was only the first half! The apologists for this offense just kill me.

edbuck51 (Oct 28, 2005 1:41:03 PM)
You like McKinley over Massilon. Will you feel the same way if they meet in the playoffs?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:41:03 PM)
The only reason I like McKinley over Massillon tomorrow is because Massillon didn't do a whole lot for me when I watched them play Ignatius, and some of the people who know on our message boards have told me how much better this McKinley team is than last years, which I find hard to believe. So combining those two schools of thought, I give the edge to the home team in this game.

edbuck51 (Oct 28, 2005 1:45:15 PM)
Do you think the new Federal League is a better league, or are Boardman, Austintown and McKinley just not as good as they used to be? I miss Stark County football.

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:45:16 PM)
This question hits close to home because I played against Boardman and Fitch in my playing days and it's pretty painful to see these teams being so impotent over the recent years when they were such respected teams back when I played. No question Fitch and Boardman are down even though Fitch had a good year last year for once. Canton McKinley is thriving once again which is good for the league. But GlenOak is down, Lake is down, Perry is rotten, Jackson isn't quite Jackson this year and Hoover is down despite a decent record. I like Stark County football myself. We shall see how real McKinley is tomorrow. If they don't beat up on Massillon, I don't want to hear about it.

Guest (Oct 28, 2005 1:50:27 PM)
Gary, what do you think about Eric Haw. I realize he might be in the dog house, but I think we are really missing out on a good back. Especially since we are going to have the edition of chris wells next year. Do you think we will ever get to see this kid get a chance

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:50:27 PM)
BuckFreak12 asks about Erik Haw...and I for the life of me don't know why he isn't even getting a chance this year. I expected Pittman to do well this year - he's about the best thing going on this offense and he's underused. Go figure - but I expected Haw to challenge Pittman. For whatever reasons, he's buried so far under the dog house that he may never get out. I really don't know what to think about anything on offense any more. Other than the 3-8 year at YSU, I'm as down now on this offense as I've ever been in following Jim Tressel YSU and OSU. Can you just imagine how I was with a similar offense on a 3-8 team. Ugly!

MacAuley (Oct 28, 2005 1:54:08 PM)
(Formerly BuckeyeDave) Gary - what do you see as Cupito's strengths and weaknesses, especially in the passing game?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:54:08 PM)
He's from Ohio so that has to be his biggest strength! Smile! To be honest with you, I haven't seen Minnesota play this year other than some highlights so I can't really say. I know he has some nice targets (i.e. Ernie Wheelwright) to throw to and they have a good running game to help set up the passing game there. Boy Wheelwright was just tremendous in the North-South game a few years ago. I believe Brady Quinn and Ben Mauk may have been his quarterbacks that year! Wow! Correct me if I'm wrong.

redondo (Oct 28, 2005 1:56:52 PM)
Gary - How prevelant is text messaging between coaches and recruits, from what you see from the recruits perspective? How much of a tool is it for the OSU staff?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 1:56:53 PM)
I believe it's very much so redondo. I don't know the quiet periods and I probably should by now, but I know the recruits tell me that they get text messages and emails from the coaches all the time during certain periods. It's a very easy way to maintain communication if you ask me. I'm sure it's a big part of the recruiting process for OSU but I have no scientific proof to back that up. Kids do tell you about it though.

edbuck51 (Oct 28, 2005 2:02:58 PM)
How is it the offense seems to have one drive a game where they are unstoppable, and then the rest of the time they are clueless?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:02:58 PM)
There's some adage about a squirrel and a nut... but seriously to say this Ohio State team is offensively challenged is an understatement. But when your overriding philosophy is to play not to lose, this is what you get. The thing about it is JT knows what he does and what he believes in is successful. When you're objective is to kick the ball in some form on every offensive possession, be it punt field goal or extra point, you're playing under a philosophy that is prepared not to score touchdowns. The punt is truly the most important play of the game and as far as I know, Ted Ginn is not the punter nor is on the punt team for all I know. Ted Ginn with the ball should be the most important play on this team. There's no rhyme or reason on this offense and the spread is certainly not a way to spread the ball around in this offense.

marksgforce (Oct 28, 2005 2:05:01 PM)
Glenn Mason has done a GREAT job in tough coaching gigs -- Kent State, KU, and Minnesota. He's now in his mid 50s. Has he set himself up for one more promotion or do you think he finishes his career as a Gopher?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:05:01 PM)
Hi marksgforce...I would think that what you see with Mason is what you get. He recruits Ohio well and that's good enough to help him win some games up there. He might be a Buckeye at heart but his Minnesota is likely his permanent home.

marksgforce (Oct 28, 2005 2:07:51 PM)
Have you ever seen a true freshman come in an play CORNER, maybe the toughest position on D, the way Malcom Jenkins has? I've seen linebackers and safeties have instant impact, but can't remember a corner like Malcom (aka Omar). That kid has an ATTITUDE -- and I'm glad he's on our team!

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:07:51 PM)
I feel the same. He's a lock-down, big time, physically big cover corner that likes to hit you in the mouth when he gets a chance. I like the fact that his spot will be well-manned for the next couple of years. I think Andre Amos will eventually take over for Youboty on the other side so the corner positions are well taken care for some time to come.

pdm (Oct 28, 2005 2:11:39 PM)
Gary, Do you consider a 10-2 season this year a success for tOSU or disappointment as I feel considering the talent this team has?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:11:39 PM)
Hi pdm..with the once in a lifetime defensive personnel on this team and looking at the way this team lost both games this year, if they win out, I think it's a major disappointment to go 10 and 2. Penn State just shows up on the national scene after about a five year siesta and beats this Ohio State team? Sure Texas is really good this year but they played in the Horseshoe and shouldn't have left with a victory. Yeah with the Rosebowl on the line and the veteran talent on this team, I do consider 10-2 a disappointment.

Seabus (Oct 28, 2005 2:21:50 PM)
Gary, joining late here, but could you talk about your view of our RB recruiting over Tressel's tenure?? Specifically why we haven't had the 'pair and a spare' and why it appears we have three different 'types' of backs. You the man!!!!

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:21:50 PM)
Thanks Seabus...I really haven't figured out why the offense has been so void of talent at the RB position over the years. I think you have to start looking at the offense in general as opposed to the talent at the position. You can't argue a whole lot with the guys he brought in. Lydell Ross never panned out and he was a big time get. I was glad to see Mo Hall, but he didn't pan out either . Reecie was Reecie. JaJa Riley was a national recruit who left because he thought he had no opportunity. Pittman is going to be a good one. The jury is still out on Haw and Mo Wells. I don't know. Maybe when the offense is so predictable from a defensive standpoint, it's hard for any running back to succeed when he has to go against 8 guys in the box. Running the spread with Troy Smith is JT's way of taking that extra guy out of the box and now being able to run with a another running back at quarterback. When the quarterback has seven or eight TD's and your running back has didley...you tell me what that means? The Big Ten as a league couldn't be happier to see this offense at Ohio State. It's like Mr. Rogers versus the Big Ten!

Guest (Oct 28, 2005 2:27:26 PM)
Gary, I hear you talking about the offense. But from what I've gathered from you in previous chats, we should just except the offense for what it is. I'm not quoting you , but what I think you said went like this: JT is going to be here as long as he wants to be, and he will not hire an OC. You haven't changed your thoughts have you? I think when we have thunder and lightning next year things will be a lot different...hopefully :-)

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:27:26 PM)
rbuck...my stance on this offense in general has not changed in all of my years watching YSU and OSU. I'm not a koolaid drinker. The beat of my drum as been consistent through out. But you hit the nail on the head. JT knows that his basic principals win football games. You play not to lose and good things happen when you have a good defense and special teams on board. It is what it is. Until there is an offense that really stinks up the joint, and there's too much talent at OSU for that, then the offense will remain as it is. Look at the amount of national ridicule this single offense takes and nothing changes other than the personnel over the years. Things will go back to the reecie days of I formation with a fullback leading Chris Wells. And a two back set with Wells and Pittman.

edbuck51 (Oct 28, 2005 2:28:29 PM)
Will Warren Harding be better next year, or is Mr. McDaniels headed for trouble?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:28:29 PM)
Harding will be much better next year.

labsbeabmm (Oct 28, 2005 2:30:45 PM)
You don't want to cut off your nose to spite your face, but given Haw's stupid behavior I don't have a problem with him sitting for a year to see if he seriously wants to play for OSU

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:30:45 PM)
That must be the thinking labsbeabmm because there is no other logical explanation why Haw doesn't get a rep or doesn't travel, etc, etc. You know when he sees Gary Russell and all the other C-bus players on the tube this week that the situation is going to deteriorate further. He did get some action early in the season so that puzzles me.

marksgforce (Oct 28, 2005 2:33:21 PM)
Of the true freshmen, I would assume Jenkins has to be ranked #1 in immediate contribution and impact. Who would you rank #2 through #5? I haven't heard as much about Wilson in last two games -- is he still in there?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:33:21 PM)
If you're going by impact as players in the game then there is Jenkins and almost no one else. Boone, Wilson, Wells, O'Neal, 2 thru 5 are just about your only choices unless I'm missing someone?

edbuck51 (Oct 28, 2005 2:33:38 PM)
I never liked McKinley or Massilon, so a 0 - 0 tie is OK with me. Louisville just has to put away the Lions tonight and I'll be happy. How far do you see the Leopards going in the playoffs?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:33:38 PM)
Louisville is what region edbuck?

pdm (Oct 28, 2005 2:38:04 PM)
Gary, It is clear you are down on this offense ( you are not alone), how do you fix it for the long haul?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:38:04 PM)
It has to be a change of philosophy but it can still work. As far as I know the defense is under a mandate of don't get beat deep, keep everything in front of you. Bring in a coordinator and give him a mandate but give him freedom to design an offense that plays off the talents of the individuals. Whether you people realize this or not, Jim Tressel makes his talent conform to his offense, not the other way around. That's the whole problem. Bring the best offensive talent in and use it. Do you think the Clausen kid, for example, would give Ohio State the time of day? Not a chance. That isn't right. OSU should have a top ranked defense and offense every year! This is Ohio State!

Guest (Oct 28, 2005 2:39:09 PM)
Are there NCAA rules on text messaging? Certainly if the coach initiates the activity it is "contact".

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:39:09 PM)
Edbuck51...I don't know the rules but I believe that is the kind of "contact" that is allowable. I don't know that specifically but it sounds that way from talking with the palyers.

Guest (Oct 28, 2005 2:44:39 PM)
What does coach Ginn think about TGII not getting touches? Is the relationship with JT bulletproof? I know you say week in and week out that Ray Small is going to be a Buckeye, why would he want to? I think it would have been a major mistake for Dwayne Jarrett?? And by the way is Small still going to be a Buckeye?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:44:39 PM)
First of all TG Sr. and company all love Ohio State and his relationship with JT is bulletproof. Sure TG Sr. would love to see TGII but he's a coach and he understands that players have to do what the players have to do be it on offense or defense. There is no I in team and that mantra is none more prevalent (that's the second time I used that word today) than it is at Glenville. Sometimes I too ask myself why would a guy like Ray Small want to be a Buckeye, but that's just it, those guys want to be a Buckeye more importantly than they want to be thee man. They want to do well, don't get me wrong, but they do what they do well and believe that things will be fine because they're at Ohio State. And yes Small and Rose and Browning will all be Buckeyes!

MacAuley (Oct 28, 2005 2:46:06 PM)
There are some that say TGII is playing WR like he's afraid to take a hit. the few times I've watched him block from the WR position, he's looked aggressive. How are his tackling skills?

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:46:06 PM)
I saw him tackle quite aggressively when he had the opportunity in high school. I don't buy into that. Sure he wants to avoid contact so he don't get tackled not because he's afraid of contact. Nonsense.

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:52:08 PM)
Guys I'm going to call it a wrap now...sorry that I didn't get to the few remaining questions but I need to start preparing for my weekend. I am very excited to see Chris Wells play his last high school game tonight. I've been watching him play for three years now and I think he's a tremendous talent. Buchtel has a pretty good team with some good sophomores and juniors on their squad so I'm anxious to see what they're all about tonight. I also can't wait to be a part of the atmosphere at Fawcett Stadium tomorrow. No offense to Massillon's Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, but this game belongs at Fawcett tomorrow. I'm taking Buchtel over Garfield, McKinley over Massillon and St. Vincent-St. Mary- St. James over Youngstown Ursuline tomorrow night. Weather permitting that game at the Green Street stadium will culminate my weekend. They have the new turf this year so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Bucks beat Gophers in the dome! Have a great weekend.

MacAuley (Oct 28, 2005 2:53:23 PM)
O - H !!!

GaryHousteau (Oct 28, 2005 2:53:23 PM)
I- O!!

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