Spring Practice Photos (4/23)

Evan got out to spring practice on the 23rd and took some great pictures. Take a look below:


WR Bam Childress heads out to practice
RB Maurice Clarett heads out to practice
Big Branden Joe heads out to practice.
Bryce Bishop makes his way out.
OL Adrien Clarke, who is injured right now, stretches over to the side.
OSU receivers are expected to make catches, but footballs aren't the only thing they have to catch as one drill they go through is to try and catch tennis balls as they are shot out of a machine.  Here Coach Daniels is the one doing the shooting...
The team lines up while one WR has to try to catch the balls.
It's Bam Childress' turn... he catches this tennis ball.
Another part of being an OSU receiver is you get to go up against your head coach in drills.  Here Coach Tressel is playing a little CB.
A couple of recruits were in attendance, one being Bobby Carpenter.  Bobby didn't quite get the hype that Mike D'Andrea did, but don't be surprised in the least if Bobby makes an impact this fall.
Nick Mangold was also in attendance (standing, blue shirt)
Coach Daniels is doing some coaching with Drew Carter in this pic.  Or maybe he's just asking "Why, oh why, didn't the Bengals trade down???"
Shane Olivea is another lineman who is trying to recover from injury... the sooner he recovers, the better!
Ivan Douglas will be a very important player on the O-line.  We'll get a good look at him in the spring game.
What role will Maurice Lee have... WR or DB?
And now for some action shots... Drew Carter goes up for a catch, but it looks like he's paying the price as Dustin Fox wraps him up.
FB Jack Tucker makes a catch
Drew Carter goes up to make a catch
Maurice Clarett goes up for this catch
Lydell Ross and Maurice Clarett will be catching passes on the same team in the spring game
Chris Vance (4) tries to make a play while being defended by Bobby Britton.

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