A quick spring game preview

The spring game should not necessarily be taken as an indication of what kind of team OSU will have in the 2002 season, but it will be fun to watch the players get out there and show what they can do.  What should you watch for in tomorrow's spring game?  Here are some things of interest:

  • Defense dominating the line?  With the offensive line thin and injury-stricken, many expect the defensive linemen to put on a show on both teams.  A key battle will be the Scarlet's Will Smith, the top overall spring draft pick, going up against Ivan Douglas.  The walk-ons are also going to get a lot of action in this game.  The DL isn't at full strength either, but they will still have a notch up on the OL. 
  • Who's the QB?  We're going to get a big, long look at Craig Krenzel and Scott McMullen in this game.  Right now, Krenzel is still the projected #1, and we are going to get a chance to see next year's top two QBs get in lots of reps.  They will have plenty of targets to throw to...
  • The deep WR group against the corners  Coming into this season, some fans feel like the cornerbacks might be the biggest question mark.  They'll get tested tomorrow as both teams have some good receivers.  The Scarlet will have Drew Carter, Bam Childress, Chris Gamble, and Maurice Lee, and they'll do battle with the possible starting corners for next year in the Gray's Dustin Fox and Richard McNutt.  The Gray, on the other hand, will have the returning starters at WR in Chris Vance and Michael Jenkins along with Angelo Chattams and John Hollins, and two of the guys they'll be facing will be the Scarlet's Harlen Jacobs and Bobby Britton.  Look for the CBs to get a workout!
  • RB race heating up!  Fans have been talking a lot about the fact that true freshman Maurice Clarett was the first TB chosen and that expected starter Lydell Ross went third.  Who will steal the show in this game?  This is something that fans are really looking forward to -- a first glimpse at Clarett and a chance to see what the other backs have in store. 
  • Special teams!!!!!  Arrgh!  The special teams in last year's spring game were u-g-l-y, and they didn't have no alibi, they were ugly, flat-out ugly.  But with the special teams comes an interesting dilemma in that Mike Nugent and Josh Huston are on the same team.  It would have been fun to see the two duel on opposing teams.  However, everyone is just hoping to see the kicks go through the goal posts and the punts get off. 
  • First glimpses  This will be the first time that many fans get to see several of the younger scholarship players in action, like JaJa Riley, Redgie Arden (at TE!), Marcus Green, Ryan Cook, Adam Olds, LeAndre Boone, Andree Tyree, and others. 

It all takes place tomorrow.  Tickets are available at http://www.hangonsloopy.com

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